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SpaceHulk256 Mapping Competition (cancelled)
Quake - Space Hulk 256
Level Design Competition
June till SP Day QExpo 2008

You are the slipgate warrior. You've travelled for what seems forever,
in search of that one gate that will take you...home. This time round
you seem to have landed on a floating fortress under attack; both
insurgents and defenders ignore their animosity long enough to rid the
battle ground of your presence. They will fight each other if goaded,
but mostly they want to kill YOU!

OK, get amongst it!

Inspired by:
- Quake (thanks Id)
- the IK Base texture set (thanks Fingers)
- the 100 brush competition concept (thanks Aardappel et al)
- the (out of print) board game Space Hulk (thanks Games Workshop)
- the release of the Quoth2 upgrade (thanks Kell, necros and Preach)
I can now announce the Quake - Space Hulk 256 Level Design Competition

Your Motivation:
Space Hulk the board game:

The Limits:
- the -game option is 'quoth' with the quoth2upgrade installed
- each level will contain no more than 256 brushes
- these brushes will be clothed only in textures from:
-- the IKBASE.wad and,
-- the hulk_xtra.wad
- it's in space, so:
-- use the sky textures in hulk_xtra.wad and,
-- signal the 'stars' or 'void' skybox in the worldspawn
- enemy is limited to fiend, enforcer, defender, pyro and eliminator
- the level must include three "safe" coop starts
- the level must have all difficulty levels implemented
- the level must be playable at reasonable framerate in fitzquake 0.80
- the level must exit to 'start'.

- please send a .zip containing:
-- a level 4 vised, fully lit .bsp named 'sh256_yournick.bsp'
-- a matching .map for brush number checking
-- a matching .txt thanking those who helped you and explaining the
mission/gameplay type
- please send to spacehulk256 *at* gmail *dot* com
- submission must arrive prior to the end of QExpo2008 day 1.

- Paul 'distrans' Brosche

- Scragbait
- ?
- ?

Judging Criteria:
- use of the 256 brushes,
- quality of the resulting architecture and atmosphere,
- use of Quoth(2) functionality
- gameplay.

- 1st == 'fiend' maquette by David McKenna
- 2nd == Quake symbol by Spirit?
- 3rd and below == kudos
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Well Maybe If Anyone Had Released A Decent Map Since 1998 This Wouldn 
't have been such a problem. 
Maby who should go map to make one to make that happened 
didn�t Nehahra had decent maps? errr i saw lots of then! 

I apologize if I piss people off. I'm just very confident in my opinions and I express them in an up-front manner. I'll quiet down a little if it's irritating people. 
I am still working on my map as well. My target is 11:59pm UK time on Sunday night.

It still gives me a serious case of "holy shit" to realise that I will have made this map in less than 3 weeks, from planning to release... 
Bloody Hell 
will people just calm down and do what they want. 
That's exactly what I am doing... 
I thought we could bundle them up and release at the same time - mine is more or less done but I'm not bothered to wait, lets me try and shift the polys about some more.

SpaceHulk256 turtle pack, I was thinking for a name. Bit of a misnomer so maybe leave the turtle bit out.


Bloody Hell . . . calm down

Yeah, ok. 
You're not very anonymous are you...

No point flouncing off Func_ if you're just going to come back and join in the arguments...

Maps are good. Mappers are good. Discussion about mapping is good. Word. 
(yes, I felt that was valid enough to replace the normal Hmm)

Firstly, 'old school' doesn't refer the time you've been playing Quake but this 'forum' (or the various generation of it) specifically, some (a lot in fact) of the people here have been posting for a decade or more. There's always been a fairly high level of sarcasm/bitterness/piss taking, if you can't deal with that then you're probably better off finding another forum rather than trying to get people to change their ways. Some people like the sarcy humour ;p

Secondly, you're talking about Q1 mapping here, yes, it is what originally spawned QBoard (and that strange EF thing I've heard of), but frankly the game/'community' is so old now that that's hardly it's primary focus, yes, a lot of us still enjoy mapping (if not releasing finished work), but that's not the only thing that brings people here. There is a lot of intelligent discussion at times, far more so that a lot of forums, but that is ruined if people have to continually tread on egg shells for fear of offending someone's excessively sensitive sensibilities. Grow some thicker skin, it's a generally useful life skill I assure you.

Whatever. Maybe it's just me, right?

For sharing your work and having discussions about it. It should NOT be the REASON why you make maps but rather it should be the outlet for getting them into the hands of people who might appreciate them.

I'll quiet down a little if it's irritating people.

No point flouncing off Func_ if you're just going to come back and join in the arguments...
I thought that was the point of func?

Maps are good. Mappers are good. Discussion about mapping is good. Word.

Oh, and I spent at least 15 minutes staring out the window trying to remember the name of QMap. Damn you Frib. 
I think that nonentity has a good ethic.

I dont take it personally when people say unpleasant things on func. I'll never get to meet any of you people, so it would be silly to take any of it personally! It's good to talk to people who share an interest/passion for a game which I play!

Also I was pretty dumbfounded by the fact that anybody actually played my maps at all! Let alone post their opinions about them, and HELP ME LEARN HOW TO MAP BETTER.

And I dont think people should have to tip-toe around other people because they are scared someone might take it to heart!

I hope nobody takes any of my posting too seriously because it was never supposed to be very serious! Well maybe some of my early posts were a bit heartfelt, but I definately feel I have said things on this messageboard which are complete rubbish!

I like all of ye olde characters..... 
Bla Bla Bla 
ye Shambler i was nasty :\ i�m acting like a kid, but i�m so fucking pissed off :|

i still think people should cooperate more each other.

I suggest that you don't wait. I'm not sure if I can finish in 4 days. I haven't even started on the lighting yet... 
I'll probably post in saturday or sunday then. 
How about a nice cup of tea??

Being pissed off is all well and good but I'm not sure what it's all about. Maybe I've missed something but I still think it's a good community here. 
maby stress of having a small baby at home had some influence... :\ i�m to much fucking tired 
#108 wasnt directed at your discussion btw, just realised it could have been read that way. 
It's all good, don't worry... 
<sip Dj> 
As opposed to the stress of having a large baby at home? 
#116 / #117 

Trinca can come round here for a nice cup of tea anytime, and keep me company in some of the darker, more sinister hours of loneliness ans solitary confinement.

Mmm-waha. Mmm-wahahaha. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! 
Errrr yes that could be it. 
Sorry, Was Delerious At Time Of Posting 
infact I just chuckled again, re-reading it.

i love you 
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