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Map. Play. Die (new Q1SP From Speedy)
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you feeling ok? all these releases.

screenshots look good, back later with comments. 
Good map, but had a pretty hard time with it. Kept running out of ammo, didn't get nail gun the first time through, etc etc. It does reward exploration, which is a good idea and overall the map is well executed, but a perhaps you should have given a little attention to the main route for better overall balance.

I rate this as a lesbian teacher and two naughty Catholic girls that need to be spanked. 
Yeah Speedy 
did you lose a job or a girlfriend, or find a God or something?

Looks cool. 
i've finished it with a 3rd attempt on skill3,
one of the best levs of 2008, nice work 
Nice map ! I want to see more like this ! 
I thought it was very very dark. Which often made it hard to see the enemies. Anyways it was great fun.

firstrun on skill 1 
cool i will play it when i return from holidays...

after all spy make coments on other people maps... 
this map is a piece of art, nice spd 
How Fitting. 
A dark, depressing map that sucks made by
a dark, depressing man that sucks. 
the map doesn't suck but there is far too little ammo in the end part. It was impossible to me (skill 1), had to godmode. And I did find most secrets (which were cool).

I like the architecture and style, it's not traditional but still the scale feels right and nice.

Not many maps have been done with the CR8 set am I right?

coupling shamblers and lifts and no ammo just results in a no win situation. 
Another Release 
wow, haven't even played cogs yet, more later. 
Me Loves Speedy 
ok ok ok didn�t resisted and moved the Quake that i have in my pen drive do my wife�s computer!!!

P.S -> please don�t say anything to her...

simply amazing in game play and in visuals i don�t think is that hard... died in my first run on hard with only 2 monsters left...

since i�m away from home and i don�t have Quaddicted account password had to upload to my older page!

P.S2-> please more Speedy

P.S3-> Fuck Off czg 
ops forgot... this was my first run on Hard 
the version i played (very recent, might be the same), was, albeit hard, quite beatable on hard skill. Almost beat it on the first try, but died on the last spawn :( 
Cool Map ! 
Great map. I love it ! I played it in nightmare and God mode, though (I always play this way since I'm a freakin' bastard anyway).

More maps, man ! Gimme more ! 
I didn't find it too hard on skill 1. Never ran out of ammo either, not even remotely. Exploration pays off, but the map is not that non-linear and the off-route areas (items) aren't really hidden. 
2 Tries 

unfortunately, i had 'c' bound to impulse 9 and accidentally hit it during my first run which screwed everything up.

when i played the second time, it was a lot easier, but i think i would have been ok the first time.

i realised a little late what kind of map this was. i wasn't really conserving ammo at the beginning, but i thought it was pretty cool. the ring saved me a crap-ton of ammo and work though, basically allowing me to bypass 2 ogres and the fiend, and making the final 2 tarbabies easy as well as the last vore.

the ending with the two doors was wierd though... it was like "oh... ok, if you say so..."

anyway, yeah, i found it a tad dark at times, but i play with a crt so that's probably why. but aside from the dimness, the lighting itself it well done. nice subtle colours (except for the last two doors 9_9 ) i liked all the exploration too. it wasn't a big deal to backtrack either, for health kits i saved and such. although that 1 secret is annoying, and i was able to get the armour by jumping without going into the secret itself. 

Recorded in AGLQuake, sorry spds. I know you said a coloured lighting engine, and I actually downloaded Fitzquake to give this a try, but I didn't like the visual look of it, so I stuck with what I knew (it looked pretty good as a normal Quake-looking map anyway).

Errr, anyway, that's a demo. 20 minutes of tedium, enjoy. 
Another Demo

19:45, skill 1, 63/65 kills, 3/5 secrets.

Plenty of inane trickjumping and generally doing things the hard way.

I took it pretty carefully and didn't really find it at all hard. 
Oh Yeah And... 
I enjoyed it, I like exploring. Also found it a little dark. 
Good Map 
(Explorer's Hat for Icon)

I played skill 2 and found it to be just fine. Not really that hard and supplies held up.

I like to explore so I enjoyed this map. I also liked the visual theme. I uncovered all 5 secrets without too much trouble.

I'd enjoy more maps like this. 
Gg Speeds 
Another nice release. I also ran out of ammo a bunch, as I missed the nailgun the first time through also. Making it more visibly obvious through the window would have made the section where you pick it up a really strong introduction to how this map wanted you to get items/stuff. (The red cast of the lighting on weapons tended to just make them darker and harder to see anyway).

A valuable experiment. I really hope we start seeing more stuff like this - quake that needs to be played in ways other than classical straightforward quake. 
I ran out of ammo a lot and died but I apparently suck at exploring. I will say that this is maybe the first Quake map I've seen where I liked the colored lighting. It seemed to work well. 
Good Stuff 
I like the look and gameplay. I think it was a good idea to have the 'exploring' bits not be a whole new path but always visible to encourage detours. That way you cant really complain about choosing the wrong path and skipping over stuff so not having ammo (although I see some people did exactly this). oh well, i liked it. 
Liked the feeling, the look, the "almost everything at the same level of height" gameplay and loved the alternate routes to gain ammo-weaps-health.

Here is the first run on skill 1

Please, I want more to explore!!! after I'll found out all the secrets in this one :)-- 
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