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Who Most Old-School Here?
I can't really claim to being particularly Old-School, I used to play Quake in 1997 on a P133 with 16mb RAM and Windows 95. I think. It was a long time ago. Err, it WAS a long time ago! I have only one map which I managed to salvage from some floppys, which I will never post, it's got three rooms and a corridor, and loads of trigger_once messages which make me laugh!

But really I only entered into this community last year! And my only other experience of mapping was for Witchaven 2, using the Duke Nukem Build engine.

(Gratuatous shots)

Hehe - I actually bought my copy of Quake and Witchaven 2 at the same time, from Cash Converters. I remember at the time pretty much all of the mods and tools I had came from PC game magazine CDs. And to think I downloaded the Bioshock demo the other day, just to see how my PC handled it (!)

Hehe - Anyhoo, I know some of you guys must have some pretty cool more public old-school tie-ins n' stuff. Reminisce / fight about it here!

Also somebody should be eventually humiliated / named as the most old school Quaker here!

(a true old school person would never post on a thread like this ?)
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I made a couple crappy Q1SP maps in 1997, but soon gave up. I didn't go back to Quake until after Heretic II died. I still remember when Shambler refused to review my first version of Phantasmal Garrison back in 1999. heh. I can see why too. 

That Fish Thing 
Frib gets the prize for The Most Old School, because he made the Electric Fish board.

That lead on to Qboard, which turned to Qmap, which (after a few versions) eventually lead to func. You can see Frib's board as the first iteration of the current community.

Even before the Fish board though, I think the community was mostly centered around review sites (and actual Quake servers), including crash, Matt Sefton and Talon.

And I don't see how Willem counts, seeing as he changed his nick and all. Yeah. 
vigil you forget peej n frib which was our site before qmap 
But it wasn't a forum as such. 
Frib, you are a fucking legend. I mean, seriously... 100+ hours in TF2 as an engineer? 
Vigil, you forgot Ramshackle. 
No love for MPQ? I hate you all! 
my first released map was in 97, so i guess that makes me pretty old school. Though i didn't really join the qboard/qmap community until it was hosted at, which makes me kind of late to this group. Before that I was part of the THRED mailing list, which was basically an email version of the type of community we have here (mapping help, beta testing, general bullshit, etc.) 
My First Maps Were For Loderunner (1983), Bitches 
(I'm old.) 
Was great. Regenerating bricks - says it all.

What were the bad guys supposed to be again? Cyborgs? I think it was either that or Dr Who Cybermen where I first heard the concept. 
You are only as old as the youngest woman who lets you bang her which makes me about 26 at the present time :) 
And I don't see how Willem counts, seeing as he changed his nick and all. Yeah.


Started posting at the Electric Fish messageboard and then followed the discussions through their various iterations to here.

I'm always surprised by how many of the same names are still in #terrafusion 
Lets See 
i was downloading stuff off SPQ (matt sefton's site) and talon's after quake came out. Then once spq sort of closed down after q2 and unreal came out I left. Then came back after somehow stumbling onto shambler's site and basically downloading a few years worth of levels :)

still here. 
Ya Bro 
haha yeah i remember spq, talons, crash. awoq and awoq2 were my favs. still have all those website archived on my comp :D

lol tronyn, yeah shambler refused to review my first release too, he said he was offended i even suggested he'd review it. i held a grudge ever since, lol, even though looking back now it was a piece of shit episode. i can't believe some guys put out such good first releases - it took me a good dozen or so maps before i actually started doing anything good.

that was way back in 98, though i do remember playing carmen sandiago and spear of destiny :D 
Did you get my mail? If not please send me one so I can send to the right address (tried that one[Kona]
What's with Ethereal Hell? 
Yeah Aye 
negke: i know mate, where the bloody hell is my website? i just clicked it today and it's gone! it could have been like this for the last 6 months for all i know. i better email telefragged...

spirit: um, yeah, that's one of my email addys. it should work aye. maybe send it again?

hmmm i just logged in for the first time since 2004, hehe. 
now go make a speedmap [Kona] :)to the Quake aniversary!!! 
Im a fan of your work. Carved in flesh and Guncotton are my faves!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!! :P

PS What Trinca said... 
pjw was literally mapping before I was born. -_-;; 
Is your father. 
Holy Shit 
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