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Who Most Old-School Here?
I can't really claim to being particularly Old-School, I used to play Quake in 1997 on a P133 with 16mb RAM and Windows 95. I think. It was a long time ago. Err, it WAS a long time ago! I have only one map which I managed to salvage from some floppys, which I will never post, it's got three rooms and a corridor, and loads of trigger_once messages which make me laugh!

But really I only entered into this community last year! And my only other experience of mapping was for Witchaven 2, using the Duke Nukem Build engine.

(Gratuatous shots)

Hehe - I actually bought my copy of Quake and Witchaven 2 at the same time, from Cash Converters. I remember at the time pretty much all of the mods and tools I had came from PC game magazine CDs. And to think I downloaded the Bioshock demo the other day, just to see how my PC handled it (!)

Hehe - Anyhoo, I know some of you guys must have some pretty cool more public old-school tie-ins n' stuff. Reminisce / fight about it here!

Also somebody should be eventually humiliated / named as the most old school Quaker here!

(a true old school person would never post on a thread like this ?)
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Frib is the most oldschool
Vondur is the oldest (58)
Shambler is the oldest female (13) 
Oh Yeah 
The Witchaven 2 shots are not my maps. My maps sucked! It was just meant to remind people of the olden days, when dinosaurs ruled the earth and my dad was a young boy.... 
The Oldest Of The Old School 
are all working in german IT now 
Duke Nukem - to much fucking time ago...

Doom2 - to much fucking time ago...

Quake Dm from fev.1997 untill 2002
Quake Single Player 2002/2008 
You can just about claim to be nu-skool, lol.

CZG is probably right (apart from the female bit....he's been after my ring too many times). I think Bal is pretty old skool too.

(Old skool for the community that is, rather than gaming). 
Ah, summer again... 
What am I, chopped liver? YOU SAID YOU LOVED ME! 
OK, Well What Would You Say Comprises Old School 
Are there two categories here? Or more? (refering to being old-school that is, not age) 
I am definitely not the MOST old-school person here, I have been a regular to different QMap/Qboard/etc iterations and #terrafusion since 1998. 
I would you are only old-school if your mind is..... It is like music, if you find it "too loud", it's because you're too old...

Anyway, I played Doom, Doom2, and Quake on its release in the 90ies, so am I old school ? I don't know, maybe mapping for Quake make me old school, though... I don't think I am old-school, and clearly I don't care: I just want a have fun in mapping and playing other mappers' maps ! 
I go back as far as Quake/Quake2. I didn't really start playing games until a year before Quake 2 was released. I sort of considered gamers as socially retarded losers, until I started playing games myself - that was when it dawned on me that I was also a socially retarded loser.

Even then, it was many years after that before I bothered having a go at mapping. 
Fairly old school because I still play and make maps for Quake 1. 
What czg and Lun said (Sleep still posts occaisionally tho, but he works with headshot iirc)

I thought Sham was fairly old timey tho, I'm sure you were reviewing before I discovered worldcraft.

Scampie is surprisingly old timey too, damn shrimp has been around forever. (And iirc was the one who posted the QBoard is dying thread ;)

Anyway, this thread is somewhat pointless epeening (and given I think it spawned from a post I made, I'm very, very sorry), the only useful thing I can think of is; does anyone have archives of QBoard/PnF/QMap lying around? I know that the QBoard archive was uploaded by headshot a while back, but then it disappeared again :(

Oh, and Willem = Taskmaster? 
Yeah, Taskmaster. 
That was too fast a reply man, go work on Gears2 and send me a copy kthxbai. Completed the first one too many times to replay now :(

(Oh, and less caves pls ;)

But yeh, in that case Willem is scarily old school too. 
Frib and Shambler have been 'here' the longest.

And yes, I did post that thread. I also did this: 
kek, think I missed that at the time, genius.

From that screen tho, does the QMap cafe press store still exist? I still want a mug 
Well Old... 
...programming my first game on a Sinclair ZX81 with 1K of RAM: vertical scroller using letters of the alphabet as falling 'spaceships'

...using Prestel 
Quake Didn't Start Mapping 
until '03. Mapped for Thief in '01. Did some machinima for Deus Ex (thanks Willem, UnrealEd 2 was very helpful for that) in between. Before that, back in the 80's when I had an Amiga and an Atari ST, there were few commercially available games, but there were magazines available at the time with pages of game code. I would type in the code only to find that most games ran too slow to be fun. With that problem in hand I taught myself assembly to eek out some speed in that shit. One game was a Time Bandits clone. Quite amusing. 
Also, I Recall 
when Wolfenstein came out, I was heavily into fantasy RPG's like Ultima 4&5&6. I had an elitist attitude towards shooters at the time, and regarded them as being too simplistic. 


Was a tie between that and the standard logo mug, but I like the idea of getting a mug with a domain that is now camped by a sales page 
Ahh, Qmap 
it brings a tear to the eye! :)

I got my 1st pc in 1996 and got connected to the net in 97' ish I think.

I think duke nukem 3d was the first thing I ever installed on my pc, then Quake of course, and only in that order because I had the duke 3d disks on me at the time the pc arrived :)

Yeah, floppy disks, I am old-skool! 
Scampie you fucking legend, I've been wanting a replacement Electric Fish mousepad for ages and I couldn't remember where the hell that site was...

And look at that "who's who" shirt! (Go for the larger image option, choose the back and then go ZOOM IN... !) 
Oh God That's Creepy. That Is So Creepy. 
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