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LunDM1; Who Wants An Orange Whip?
Nobody was really playing it so I fixed up the last of the little issues and I'm declaring it finished.

Screens/flavor text:
[ ]

[ ]
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Havent Played It Yet 
but ran through it, look nice. Very lun3dm4 layout wise though. 
Great Map! 
I played the last beta a couple of times with Electro (did he send you a demo?) and it was a lot of fun! I haven't checked the release version yet, but I assume not too much has changed, so on with the comments...

Given that the layout is based on that CPMA map of yours (and the fact that it is so open) it was somewhat familiar already, and pretty easy to navigate. It also meant that we weren't forced into rigid, predefined routes and paths, which made the battles fairly unpredictable and provided many amusing moments.

The mega area is gold, we naturally gravitated towards it, and since there's so many approaches to it there was a good variety in the battles for the MH (including several swan dives into the lava on my part).

The r_speeds are actually surprisingly low given the very open layout of the map. I guess it was quite cleverly constructed in that the middle section occludes a lot from view at any given point in the map, so you're never rendering it all at once.

My only complaints with the last beta were that there was not quite enough health in easily accessible places. There was probably enough health around if you added it all up, but you had to work for it. I would have maybe added some near the SNG and maybe in a few other high traffic areas, so you could find it easily when you needed it. Oh, and you're a real bastard for lowering those arches on the top level and denying the bunnyhopping :(

I've gotta go check the new version out now... 
Says "LUN3DM4" 
but ran through it, look nice. Very lun3dm4 layout wise though.

Isn't it a remake of that? 
Yeah, It's Lun3dm4 
inertia, my method of reusing old readmes and just changing relevant information has finally caught up with me


although you and grindspire are the only two people on earth who read readme's anyway. 
I never fixed that hom error that spirit found, but it's invisible unless you die in that corner, and I've rebuilt everything around it twice to no effect, so it seemed kind of moot. 
This is true, speaking of which, the link to the .txt on the map's page is 404'd 
Nevermind, works now. That 404 page didn't lie, you really do check the logs. 
I Know That Feeling ... 
"This was one of those projects begat of that special kind of boredom where one needs to be creative and productive"

Wow, I know that feeling well. I wish you did this for Q3 but it looks cool from the screenshots.

Damn Lun, I found a misaligned texture. :(
jk! I know you love that shit heheh.

Great work on the map, good to finally see it out there. I'll still send you the demo of Sir. Fribbles and I playing just so you can have some laffs maybe. 
there's a q3 map cooking also :) 
It's Now On Some European Qw Servers 
anyone want frogbots for it? or is waste of time? 
let's play tonite
short guide what commands to type while on server:
Orange Whip? Orange Whip? 
3 Orange Whips. 
Be Proud, Lun... 
they only do that to maps they like. 
I'm not sure you have to be happy seeing the ... "result".... bleuargh... 
lmao @ glquake purists 
But is being liked by....ummm...them....a good thing??

#21 - I'd say LMAO at map-ruining freaks with no sense of taste nor aesthetics....but it's more pitiable than funny, really. 
Had A Look At This Map 
No multiplayer, just a quick run around. Very pretty, proportionate and aesthetically pleasing!!! 
They Play My Map, Shamb 
so yes.

^__^, whoever ye may be, bear in mind we put as much thought into the look of a map as the way it plays. If you're concerned solely with the latter, that's fine with me, and honestly that is the harder part of designing a map so it's nice to know the map stands on those merits alone, but for us we tend to look at shots like that and go "... sigh." 
This map is in the map pool for the Ignition Tournament!

Ignition is a Quakeworld tournament for those who are on the same level of skill as a rookie, probably less than 6 months of play in most cases. This is more of a guideline than a requirement, it's of course impossible to have such a measurement (the measurement is made my playing vs rookies in #qwrookie).
The goal is to introduce new players to this fantastic game, and by playing equal opponents it's supposed to make QW a more enjoyable game for those who are very recent to the game.
Having fun is the main goal, whine is best left at home and not put into the server while you play.

Come and signup if you suck at QW and love playing it. 
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