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QuakeEd 3.1 (build 102) *New Level Editor For Quake*
Before I explain everything here, I need to upload the file (preferably to Shub-Hub), but according to the rules there, I need a password to do so.

If someone would be kind enough to provide it, I can upload the file and then complete this post.

Thanks, in advance.
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QE3 (link above) can create spheres. 
Is there a problem in compilation? It's a VC++6.0a project, if that helps any.

No, I know, but getting code to compile is one of those things that magically causes endless problems only for me. I spent most of a weekend trying to get q3map2 to compile, and after spending most of that time trying every incremental version of pnglib I could find for the particular 0.001 level version that ttimo has on his hard drive that actually fucking works I had grown so furious I went outside and killed a family of squirrels.

Anyway, I'd rather contribute code to you and keep the editor centralized than split off my own editor.

Complete source map file specs: 
or 72?

Heh - thats sounds bad - a 72 sided one?!! That's what fucked me up last time :P 
Whats Wrong With Spheres? 
I mean, I can't think of any practical use for spheres in maps, but why not? 
QBSP bleeds tears of blood when you feed it spheres. 
I made a bowl once (32 total sides), with some slime and a spiked corpse in the middle and couldn't get it to compile with wandering vertex syndrome, which caused crap in vis. 
You Can Get Away With A "corner" 
or 1 8th of a sphere. Done that loads of times!!
You can have func_illusionary spheres, even func_wall spheres.

Also I can't see Quake having any problems with a 16 sided sphere. But you can't really call that a sphere, can you..... 
16 is possible, 72 is not. I really wouldn't use anything above 12, though something like 28 sides is the limit before it crashes (which reminds me, I need to put in a check so it won't craash). 
I Just Compiled A Map 
for the sake of experimentation which had 62 faces. It was a sphere with 62 faces!!! Compiled fully no probs!

Still, It gets messy when you start to add other stuff around it.

I mean using AguirRe's tools you can compile maps for Q1 with LOADS of curves. But you dont have to stick many in before vis takes 10 years....

That's the only problem I see with it! 
What Use Is A Sphere? 
Where is a Sphere's place in a world of Crates? What can the lowly Sphere do that a Crate cannot do more effeciently?

Harken to me, my brothers. Let us not be taken from our holy traditions, lest we be driven mad by our temptations of substance over style. Our lord God created the world in 6 days, it is no coincidence the mighty Crate is 6 sides! 
CZG's Helix - the one with the disclaimer on the tutorial.

I layered helix' to make a smoother surface and it worked, a nice curving helix, but as soon as more stuff was added the geometry started going nuts - a brush added or removed and the helix would transform one of its brushes into a spike, or remove some of its faces. 
"Still, It gets messy when you start to add other stuff around it. "

Well, that's really the crux of the issue now isn't it? :) 
I once made a map that was just a sphere with nothing else around it and it compiled fine 
I Once 
Made a map that was a load of balls. 
Ok, Everyone... 
I'll be gone for a while, hoping to be back in a week or so. Please continue to post or email any bugs/problems encountered and/or things you would like to see added. This is just a hobby for me but I'll do my best to update as quickly as possible.

And thanks again for those who are showing interest. Any and all feedback is appreciated. 

When you get back, here's a download link to grab the latest version of ToeTag AND the source code:

Another New Old Editor Resurrected 
Wow, Tread! Cool to see new Quake stuff being developed...

One thing I'll critique - that's a sucky texture browser. Lots of wasted space there. 
Ogier's texture browser any day.
Worldcraft has a nice one. You can look at them both in original size or forced to a certain size, there's an instant filter by name command too as well as the "all textures" and "used ones" and you can have all wads in the same list. And you can alter the brightness at which they are shown. 
ToeTags sorts them by width/height and then packs them together as closely as it can so you can get the most on screen as possible. It has a name filter, an "in use" filter, and a zoom control. No brightness though. That's a cool feature idea... 
The WC Texture Brightness 
applies to the 3d textured view too. Also alphabetical texture ordering has some advantages in some cases, so it could be a nice option to have. 
On The Subject Of Old Editors 
anyone remember Deathmatch Maker for Quake? I cannot believe that was a commercial product. Wins the award for the most inept level editor ever devised. The grid was in units of ten ffs (with no option to change), and it didn't even have a working texture browser, you just had to go by the names of the textures if I recall.

The icing on the cake was that it shipped with the tagline "The only level editor authorised by id software". What the christ. 
I still use TexMex - does the job as long as I don't provoke it's tantrums by using the detail view. 
The grid was in units of ten ffs (with no option to change)

dear lord. that sounds terrible!

qED was my first editor (from the guys that made QME).. that was pretty poor. no clipping or vertex editing, no clone function (unless you manually copy & paste), the skew function was shabby and inaccurate and it was nigh on impossible to select in the 3d view. plus it had a habit of messing up verticies when you tried to import any non-basic brushes in via a .map file 
I believe QMD summarized my views on that editor quite nicely... 
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