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Q1DM: Doomed By Zaka
Zaka (schloss, skull, dad, etc) released a new duel map:

First pieces of this map were done maybe 2 years ago. I worked on it and then forgot about it so many times. Now I am satisfied even with the looks so I am releasing it. Can be a fast full forward map but also very tactical. Hard to compare with any map I think. Quite Traditional item set: MH, RA, YA, GA, 2 RL, LG, GL, and SSG + SNG on every spawn point. 6 spawn points. Textures are from Doom3, but I have done quite alot of rework on them. Feedback appreciated, especially about gameplay.


screenshots (bloom warning):



[edit: no shit about the bloom warning homie...looks good underneath though!]
Proper Screenies Please 
Get Yer Bloom Out For The Lads 
for the lads 
Well, Homie :) 
Kudos for mentioning it here, that's throwing it to the wolves.

I'll post some non-gameplay feedback tommorow. 
Sorry Spirit, I thought it was an outsider for some reason. 
I'm drunk. 
Hey Me Too! 
what engine were those screenshots taken in? 
Dark Places 
no way :p ezquake the best qw client noobs...

nice map Zaka i will play it for sure one of these days in a server :) love the air jump to gl or rl :) look like skull...

but skull is more then a map ;) is pure art and fun gameplay ;) 
Lol @ Dark Places Remark 
if you want triple digits framerate i'd rather not use that

EZQuake ftw! 
...looks pretty cool in game (i.e. in normal GLQuake). The textures work well, look really Quake. Base style revolution time??

Looks an unusual map for duel gameplay. Very accessible Quad, hmmm....(do Duel players usually have power-ups off). 
yes shamby in 1on1 powerups are always off 
The texturing theme and brushwork fit well together, and look simple but not plain - perfect for DM.

I did find a brush misalignment on a ramp - the one that's next to the trigger_push. Half the time if you try and walk down it you get stuck.

Sp version? ;) 
It's On The Servers - 28008 - 28006 - 27503 - 27503 - 28508 - 28504 
Quite a nice map.
Quite doom2 style.
Quite cramped and many-routed. Played with someone on suomicom, we were about the same level so it was nice...

Some strategy started panning out after a few games, when I figured out a few routes from YA to RA.

-The central corridor with the depression in the wall is the shortest route
-If you go via the cellar you can get the mega there
-You can go via top route attacking from above. Use the small platform near RA for getting to it.

It's interesting with the cramped geometry and lotsa covers. You even get ssg kills at times versus an rl enemy because of that. 
wow.. another incredible zaka map... perfect 
Just found this thread. Added a screenshot without bloom effect. I kinda just found bloom in ezquake and got excited:) (yes ezquake is the engine im using).

ijed: "brush misalignment on a ramp" wtf? Never seen or heard of that one before and could not get stuck in it when I tried. Are you sure your engine is not broken?:)

Players seem to like the map. And not only the kenya loving noobs:) Although some complain about the crampedness (lack of space), but the same people like dm4. Go figure! 
And the new screenshot is here: 
In AguirRe's Nehahra engine as I remember. If it's getting proper playtime instead of just a quick sp runthrough and nobody's noticed a problem then there isn't one, seems odd though. 
It's Great 
There's lotsa small architecture that features in gameplay. Lots of decisions to make where to move constantly, and lots of predictions and guesses you have to quickly make about the enemy's moves.

It's the anti-Q3 which has only big geometry and hence dull gameplay. (Couple that with very slow movement and rocket speed...) 
nice lighting and layout. could have done with more detail in places, but pretty cool. 
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