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Community Sinking?! What Can We Do?
Community sinking?! What can we do?

Ok, i�m pretty sick of all these complain and bla bla bla everybody hating each other and what are we getting?

[Kona], Distrans, SPD and many others are simply going away�

What can be done?

1- More people comments the mappers maps and if there is something we don�t like about the map there are many ways to show it instead of killing the people�s will(more positivism).

2- No more community map pack please!!! Always give crap.

3- Contests no delay even if is only one map.

I still think that the bigger machine to make us map is people comments and first runs demos.

So are we going to make something?

Or in the next 10 year we will be playing others fucking games and still with the same negative way of being in life?

I�m not a good example but at least i try.

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Xen's Back!!!! 
OMG Quake community lives again, panic over. 
Maybe JPL is also RPG with an elaborately french disguise? 
I Hacked Into The Intertubes And Found A Video Of Trinca Playing Mario 
lol Kinn i just play Quake i think is CZG

at least this crapy threath help tp find the lost diamond! 
Wonder how much acid he dropped before playing. 
That Explains It, 
must be the brown 
What Can We Do ??? 
It is simple: stop whining and GO MAP !!! 
i�m mapping :p

my bosses are all out today ;) 8 hours of mapping hehehe 
Ever since Zan left the community, things have gone to shit. 
Zanashi the flying monkey or whatever the fuck he used to call himself... never been the same since he left. 
dont remenber seen a map from him...

URL please!!! 
Shorty has the right idea. I said the same thing when Lun posted the QBoard links.

Although we do have inertia now... That's almost the same 
Aah Haha 
laffo 9000 
Huh, What? 
Wait, I still post...I dunno what you are talking about Lun?

My dog's name is Bailey and she likes ice cubes! 
Anyone have some chives hanging around? 
no no no. You just don't get Zan. He was kinda like a more annoying version of interia, and somehow, did even less! 
Don't worry Trinca, he wasn't as annoying as you, you're still the champion in that category. 
Also Trinca: 
Personaly i think is time for these threaths to be forgotten in history... people guys let then die!!! 
This Was... 
... the sentence of the day :P 
hmm i'm not leaving, i already left like 6 years ago, lol. i do sometimes pop up on here for a cpl weeks once every 6 months, just to see what's been happening :)

same here xen/rj. too much time spent in wc for what was always just a time-consuming hobby. if i could take it all back now, i definitely would.

quake will never die though! 
"if i could take it all back now, i definitely would."

at least u didn�t spent that time with sex,drugs and alcool!

so... it was already a good thing :p

now go map 
I'm glad you didnt/cant. Your maps inspired me!!
So did it get you anywhere? Did you make maps with the intention of it leading on to a job in the industry of computer games?

Giant pink Fiends are cool though!!!!

I get what I want out of mapping - relaxation. Detatchment from real life!!! I'm slowing down with my mapping a bit. Or more like "not pushing myself as hard to continue". Just map when and only when I'm in the mood for it!

Although I do tend to find that once a project gets well underway it is hard to put it down, especially if you know exactly what needs to be done. 
same here xen/rj. too much time spent in wc for what was always just a time-consuming hobby. if i could take it all back now, i definitely would.

heh, at least you had a shitload of decent releases to show for it :)

by my last count, eight years' worth of mapping has yielded two standalone SP maps, three DM maps, two 100-brush maps and a speed-chain-map. four of the standalones were little more than refined speedmaps, with the other being an id remake. i can barely count the contributions to SoE as Tronyn practically remade everything i laid down!

i wouldn't still do it if i didn't enjoy it but without solid, completed, playable results.. it has a tendancy to end up feeling like one massive exercise in procrastination 
cheers guys.

yeah true that, even if you don't release anything, just making maps for yourself is satisfying. it's making architecture in quake that i really loved. it's friggin addictive and fun!

nope i never had any intention of getting a job in mapping. i think that would take the enjoyment out of it.

rj: u should be mapping right now! :D 
Seven years, a 100-brush map that shouldn't have been released, a mediocre Lost Chapters map, a decent turtle map.

Oh yeah, and roughly 100 maps that only have one or two rooms completed.

And I still don't regret it, the thousands of hours spent with rare finished product. Even if I almost never finish anything, I have fun fooling around and building stuff that will never be completed. Though I am working on something I still feel something for after a week, so maybe it will see liht of day. 
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