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Q1SP - Dorghael Arhlannen
My debut map using ikwhite textures. Requires QUOTH.


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I Like The Take In The Shots... 
enhances the lighting. Gotta try it. 
Looks Interesting 
lighting this properly would have been a real challenge. 
Good Fun 
Love the visual style, some the lamps and doors were very nice to look at, even though they were blocking my path :)

I liked the gameplay also, it felt very exploratory and the enemies were placed in a very natural way that didn't feel set up at all.

Sadly I died at the arena type thing, I thought I had seen everything in quoth but that thing was new to me, and totally awesome. It also ripped my head off :)

I also suck because I forgot to record a 1st run demo... Very sorry about that as they are good fun to watch :(

Congrats on your 1st release, it is very good! 
Umm... Ow! 
The map felt good to play in. Weapon progression was unusual, to say the least. There deosn't seem to be enough ammo to kill the shamblers without resorting to inferior methods (GL, axe).

The ending was "holy shit"-inducing, being my first ever encounter of that type. Combined with very little ammo and only 40 or so health meant that the ending was inevitable. And who the hell would've thought to put a secret there?

Also, I could hear the spikeshooter logic gates, which was slightly offputting, even after noclipping around to see what was gonig on...

It was an interesting experience, though. For only using a lmiited number of different monsters, it worked well, and added to the cohesiveness of the experience. 
Requires Quoth 
thanks for mentioning that though 
well played!!! didn�t record a 1� demo becouse i got stuck in silver key door :\ were were RA arghhhh had to noclip to get out!


I love the brushwork and the lights very nice feeling! just dind�t like much the gameplay but is a fantastic first release!!!

/me want more :) 
Yes, Twas Fun 
ikwhite always looked so grainy and dithered, never much cared for it that way, but the aesthetic of this map is neat.

Yeah, I also had to pour grenades into the basement shamblers and axe one to death ... good thing I had found the RA.

Now make an ikbase map like everyone else! :) 
Yes, Sorry... 
...forgot to mention it needs the latest Quoth update. Could a moderator please add that to my original post?

Thanks for the responses so far. 
Nice Little Map 
Excellent work for a first release. Wall details and crystal lamps were cool. 4/5 secrets, including signature one. A bit the easy side but that was ok because I had to play it on a laptop which is somewhat awkward.

Lun, pro tip: txt file ;) 
That's a nice way to start Sunday.

Interesting map, had a floating asthetic that's pretty rare to see.

The vorelings could have been knights and some of the shamblers fiends, for me.

Now that's a secret ;)

Nice change of pace from the norm. Keep mapping. 
Nice Looking Map 
I'll have a try at hopefully constructive criticizm:

- some triggers have a quite long delay, it's easy to miss something
- alot of rooms look repetitive, was a bit confusing to navigate first time
- as someone said, lighting could be better
- monstercount: only 45/49, unless I missed something (with all secrets ofcourse)

demos: 1st run ~20 min and two speedruns ~3 min

Thanks for the nice sunday treat Sidhe, look forward to more from you (next sunday ? hehe). 
This Map Was 
fun, i died on the first time, but then i found all the ammos i had missed, and on that last think i thought it was a shub at first and was strting to look for the tele or somthing ;) 
After Dark, I'll Definitely Give This One A Go 
Shots Look Sweet 
i love the ikblue/white textures. remember Avanipaala Praasaada? ^_^ 
A Nice First Effort 
Very atmospheric, with the white textures, cold moon above, very nice aesthetic. Even if the layout wasn't particularly exciting, the actual brushwork and lighting was very well executed.

Rather easy. I found that at the end, in the arena, you won't get hit from the upper platform. It would have been vastly more difficult had I not found the weapon in the secret area.

Took me about 10 minutes, didn't die once, 45/49 kills. Only found 3/5 secrets, so wondering if monsters hid within.

Great work for a first release. 
what others said;
Very nice details touch, very good lightning effects, maybe more monsters would have been better, it would have increased gameplay..
Anyway, very good first map. I'll look forward to next release.
Keep it up ! 
Oh So Nice! 
This map was wery good looking, some wery nice doors and lamps.

As said above there wasn't enough ammo to kill both shamblers, at least for me that is! 8-)

But that dosn't matter when the rest of the map looks and plays that good.
Loved the snow on the stairs in the end that was a nice thing.

I really look forward to more maps from you! 
Weird (spoilers) 
Weird. Map is fucking cool!!! You know I dont never think I seen a vermis before, or those freaky zombies. Must have missed out on a good secret, but I found 4. Seemed to be missing a few kills....

2 demos, 1st and 2nd run. My first encounter with a vermis people - fucker nailed me. Didnt let it happen again tho. 2nd time round he chucked me up in thuh air a couple of times, but I fried his ass!!!

The map is very cool. Excellent use of breakables, makes for good exploration! Love the brushwork - the very thin skirtings and angular decorations all over. Lighting was also smart - very eerie map! Very surreal - felt very Quakey - almost like a new style, or at least a style I have never seen before.... 
I remembered this from the screenshot thread, and was excited to play it. Nice job!
The details - the moon shining in through a skylight, the vorelings on the ceiling, etc. gave it a kind of creepy/surreal feel.
I enjoyed the gameplay; putting the powerups behind the breakable was cool. It made me panic a bit because I would run out of ammo, but then instead of die, I just had to break open some walls :)
Overall, great job, looking forward to future maps you make! 
Just One Concern... 
.. is it really your first Quake map ? I have some doubts there ;) 
Sidhe actually is the reincarnation of killjoy who then was a fake name of Iikka Ker�nen who again was Neil Manke's alias for when he did not masquerade as John Romero.

Beautiful style and execution. All the eye candy details are amazing. That zombie ("mummy") skin is just fantastic!

Here is my "firstrun" (well, I knew most of it from beta testing) and a nightmare 100% secrets, 4 monsters missing demo. Somehow my movement felt accelerated, I am not sure if and why, heh. 
Awesome 1st Effort! 
With some obvious flaws, though...

While architecture is very nice and detailed, brush-wise, A little more variation in colors would ceratinly have helped the atmosphere IMHO. Everything is so washed out... I think this worked better in Avanipaala, due to the less dark environment.

Game play is a bit on and off, with scarce ammo if you don't make the right route choices (that you get to grasp on at least the 2nd run through) and some repetitive situations, some more variety in monster choice would have helped.

Some awkward mapping choices, as for example blocking the way to the keys areas after you use them(making it impossible to save the RA for the final) and leaving the final arena open, making final showdown super easy, due to the capability of shooting down the vermis from safe spots out of its reach.

All in all, i'd rate this 6,5/10, was it not a 1st release. I'll give it a 8,5/10 all things considered.

If this is a first release, the second will be waaay better than Marcher Fortress. Can't wait to see it! 
oK play it again, i didn�t had last quoth stuff now everythink runs fine... gameplay is also fun just think some variacion in monsters could make the map much better!!!

thks man! very enjoyble map^!

p.s-> more please :) 
Oh, By The Way... 
... Anyone has an idea of why Fitzquake(Mac osx) does not load the sky tex and the zombie skin?

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