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Q1SP - Dorghael Arhlannen
My debut map using ikwhite textures. Requires QUOTH.


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I remembered this from the screenshot thread, and was excited to play it. Nice job!
The details - the moon shining in through a skylight, the vorelings on the ceiling, etc. gave it a kind of creepy/surreal feel.
I enjoyed the gameplay; putting the powerups behind the breakable was cool. It made me panic a bit because I would run out of ammo, but then instead of die, I just had to break open some walls :)
Overall, great job, looking forward to future maps you make! 
Just One Concern... 
.. is it really your first Quake map ? I have some doubts there ;) 
Sidhe actually is the reincarnation of killjoy who then was a fake name of Iikka Ker�nen who again was Neil Manke's alias for when he did not masquerade as John Romero.

Beautiful style and execution. All the eye candy details are amazing. That zombie ("mummy") skin is just fantastic!

Here is my "firstrun" (well, I knew most of it from beta testing) and a nightmare 100% secrets, 4 monsters missing demo. Somehow my movement felt accelerated, I am not sure if and why, heh. 
Awesome 1st Effort! 
With some obvious flaws, though...

While architecture is very nice and detailed, brush-wise, A little more variation in colors would ceratinly have helped the atmosphere IMHO. Everything is so washed out... I think this worked better in Avanipaala, due to the less dark environment.

Game play is a bit on and off, with scarce ammo if you don't make the right route choices (that you get to grasp on at least the 2nd run through) and some repetitive situations, some more variety in monster choice would have helped.

Some awkward mapping choices, as for example blocking the way to the keys areas after you use them(making it impossible to save the RA for the final) and leaving the final arena open, making final showdown super easy, due to the capability of shooting down the vermis from safe spots out of its reach.

All in all, i'd rate this 6,5/10, was it not a 1st release. I'll give it a 8,5/10 all things considered.

If this is a first release, the second will be waaay better than Marcher Fortress. Can't wait to see it! 
oK play it again, i didn�t had last quoth stuff now everythink runs fine... gameplay is also fun just think some variacion in monsters could make the map much better!!!

thks man! very enjoyble map^!

p.s-> more please :) 
Oh, By The Way... 
... Anyone has an idea of why Fitzquake(Mac osx) does not load the sky tex and the zombie skin?

The Silent 
You sure you ran this map with Quoth 2_1? 
The zombie skin requires that you have the most up to date version of quoth, including the 2.1 patch released last week. Visit to grab the 2.0 to 2.1 patch. 
Well, Thanks, Guys. 
... Me is so dumb...

Dloaded Quoth 2.1. Everything's in place now.

(I do have an excuse, tho... I thought I downloaded and installed the patch, but found out I did not.)

For all the feedback.

JPL: Yes it is my first completed and released map. I have, however, spent a fair amount ( read: 'Lots' ) of time 'sketching' in Radiant, probably more than most people at their first release. 
It explains then why the map is so good for a first map: I'm really impressed by your "newbie" mapping skill
I wanna see more now: Go map ! ;) 
Lun, Pro Tip: Txt File ;) 
that's where I saw it asshole 
Then you rock and I misinterpreted your post. 
Very Interesting Map 
The architecture and details together with texturing were very good. The level was interesting to look at and it had it's unique style. Very good effort in creating something new.
Gameplay was simple and a mixed bag of fast action and easy zombie killing. Adding some fiends would have helped I think. I had no problems with ammo at any moment but was very surprised at the end. I still don't know how to deal with the final monster. Shutting the door to the final arena as requested by the silent would be evil. I thought also that the layout was too plain and symetrical but maybe there is some idea behind it.
All in all an interesting and unusuall map. Keep it up.
Skill 2 demo (died at the end): 
Nightmare 100% Secrets, 44/49 Kills. 
Not very interesting, nor very well played demo. Good to kill 10 minutes at lunch break.

I suck. So sue me. 
Good Map 
great theme, architecture was very unrealesque and well pulled off, although it did get in the way of movement quite often. Lighting is also top notch.

Gameplay's decent, although I dont quite get the end after you kill the vermis, you get a MH and then exit? Also, I think the layout was only average, far too 2d for the most part and a bit repetitive. 
Nitin, To Make The Most Out Of MH... 
...the only way is watch my demo ;) Contains spoilers, tho... 
Seems some of you haven't met a Vermis before, you weirdoes, how many damn Quouth maps has it been in already.

Interesting map. Wasn't so sure about it on first acquaintances but I like it more after a replay. I definitely appreciate the unusual and progressive gameplay theme, it gives it a different feel and balance. The end arena is a bit funny with the potential for trouble if ammo has to be collected later on. Destructable walls were used well. Overall it's pretty cool and fairly refreshing. 
First Run I Think 
Finally Played This... 
nice work, this is a classy map. good, interesting light fixtures and not just the same one used everywhere -- there were like 4-5 types it seemed. Geometry overall seemed simple, but was refined, good architectural bits and details. Felt old-school because of the textures, and the low monster count. nice use of breakables. 
yeah cool mate. by the time i got to the first shambler i too had run out of shells, so resorted to gl. but then noticed afterwards the breakables. end monster was appropriate for a small map - not TOO difficult, but a good challenge with limited ammo. i just got to the top level and lobbed grenades into him, he couldn't hit me from up there. i also just ran past all the zombies that spawned in the dungeon, therefore missing the shambler that's spawns aswell.

i was never a fan of these textures. they're drab and bland imo, so you need very good architecture to make up for it. the layout and detailing is okay in this map, but nothing spectacular. with better textures, i look forward to your next map - it's sure to be good! 
Played It! ^_^ 
yay ikwhite! i love the consistency even though it got a tad bit monotonous. the glowing shard light sources rock, btw. i don't know if i've seen something like that in q1sp before, tbh.

i didn't have an ammo problem, plenty of shells grenades and nails before entering the vermis room.

i think my only beef with this map is with the vermis arena. if you take the left path, you are at a severe disadvantage: there is no cover and only the lg and 30 hp.
either you try to fight down there and probably die (without the dps output of the sng, ng and ssg are very slow. without cover, gl is not as easy a proposition).
the kicker is there are two ways up to the second tier, but both are sub-optimal for completely different reasons.

1. run back out of the arena and take the right fork.
this sucks cause you're taken right out of combat and showcasing the vermis' major drawback-- it's stuck in a pit.
2. get picked up by the vermis and thrown onto the second tier.
this is actually a kick-ass idea! the problem is that if you enter on the first tier, you probably won't have time to identify that method and put it into practice. (this is exactly what happened to me. i got the LG and then noticed the height of the second tier. i tried once, but i bounced off and the second time he just killed me. if i had had time, i would have noticed that i needed to be thrown into the doorway.)

i would definately have locked the doorways upon entering the arena and provided temporary cover on the ground floor-- maybe in the form of slowly lowering pillars or something that would eventually disappear into the floor. give the player a chance to figure out how to get to the second floor and then do it in one shot(hopefully).

anyway, it's just that disparity. when i tried again, going the right fork, it was extremely easy.

in any case, i really like the atmosphere the map has. the start where there really aren't many monsters was great. good tension building. i think the silence in the corridors was a good idea. maybe a bit too quiet, but i just like ambient sounds, myself. :P

cheers for the map! 
at first i tought there wasnt much to skip, turned out to be about half:)

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