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Two Quoth2 Q1SP Maps, Ne_lend, Ne_doom
Both these maps were near-complete but due to something or other, never got finished.

They're done now for QExpo. Both maps require Quoth2 to run properly so make sure you've got that setup.

ne_lend - "The Living End": Meant to be played first. Large rtGnosis map.

ne_doom - "Elder World Waystation": Automatically loads after ne_lend. Medium-sized IKBase map.

Screenshots + Download:

(File is uploaded on Shub-Hub-- thanks Spirit! Couldn't get it to upload onto my QExpo booth for some reason.)
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Yeah :)
w(hy)tf not? 
Yeah Yeah 
I'm being willfully ignorant not having (and using) quicksave buttons, but that's my right as a semi-retarded product of my generation! 
Here, I Went One Better 
Thanks for the help Shambler, I refined the script somewhat... here's what I have now:

alias sham1 "say Shambler; bind F6 sham2"
alias sham2 "say loves; bind F6 sham3"
alias sham3 "say the; bind F6 sham4"
alias sham4 "say cock; bind F6 sham1"

bind "F6" "sham1" 
cunt :P 
where do I get the ne_tower level pls? I like screenshots a lot but do not see any download link. is the level finished already? can you send it to me to please? THANKS a lot. 

The link to the qexpo page is at the top of this one, go there and click 'download both maps'. 
I'm a dunce.

Haven't finished my morning coffee yet.

I checked Quaddicted and it doesn't appear to be there. 
That Might Have Something To Do With... 
...the fact that he hasn't finished it yet? 
Coffee Finished 
Repeat: dunce :P 
Also Consume Water 
coffee - water - coffee - water - coffee - water and so on

So you dont pee yourself to death! 
Way Ahead Of You 
And I'll stop spamming this thread now. 
Sorry If I Wasn't Clear On The Site, 
i'm still working on it and plan to have it done by the end of qexpo :)

i don't want to update the booth just for that though because it'll put it on the updated booth list for nothing. 
I'm doing these based on my memory of playing them from about a week ago. Both maps played on normal.

ne_lend: A nice map. Somewhat linear, though. My first runthrough had floor open up on me after the shamblers leaving me no chance to get nail ammo, and that put me on the back foot for the rest of the map, although I did manage to get most of th way through before dying in the finale. Once I did complete the map, I found the ending slightly disappointing; would've been nice to have something more after opening the door. Would recommend either playing this at either your usual skill level, or one lower.

ne_doom: The harder of the 2 maps. Start is interesting (with having someone follow you through), however someone in #qexpo discovered that he was easily telefraggable. A much harder progression, due to gaunts being a slightly tougher enemy than would be expected so early in a map. The jump to the silver key switch is difficult (and back feels harder), and then a nasty edie trap (very nasty if you're not expecting it) will probably end your attempt fairly quickly (unless you enter that area backwards, that is :-P ). After going up the tower, it's not obvious how to disable the trap at the top, and the trap renders the fiends somewhat useless, except as warnings. The ending is also tough, although it probably needs to be to retain a difficulty progression. Would recommend playing this map one skill level below usual. 
2 New Reviews: 
both these maps now reviewed at my site: 
Hi there :)

Today was playing again this great map )my top 3 map)and found a bug

zomgggg a bug in Necros maps? :) almost impossible :)

But still one of my favorit!

U rock Necros :) 
i hate those light fixtures. they were such a cheesy way of putting in lights. they don't integrate with the surrounding brushwork at all. 
that's what happens when you hire Strogg contractors to install the lighting in your ancient castle... 
Sock just to let you know...

my favorit map in terms of gameplay this is a BLAST (ne_lend)

maby to many nails but is a dawn furious fun map with great visuals. 
Sock is probably getting exhausted! 
then we will stop playing Quake for the next 10 years :) in 2020 he will return ;) 
then "HE"

sorry :� my english still suck hard 
Just A Random Reminder 
this was my #1 vote for map of the year when it came out. This is the kind of map I want to play, and play more of. Basically, clone necros. 
Awesome stuff. Just heard about this from Daz's latest video and so instead of watching that I thought I'd play the thing myself. Played on Easy, because I'm a big simpering fanny, but I still had a brilliant time.

These maps are mega atmospheric and awesome!

ne_lend has probably got the biggest concentration of ambushes I've seen in a single map - in fact I think every encounter was some sort of arse-puckering ambush - and I liked it; I felt like I was being toyed with by some playfully malevolent Quake Lord, who could erase me from existance in an instant if he really wanted to, but instead he decided to bat me around a bit with his paws like a cat playing with a mouse - except this cat's paws are made of Shamblers. Shamblers with Vorelings sellotaped to their nipples.

ne_doom was a very unique-looking and interesting epilogue to this release and I loved the continuity with the slipgate (hellknight following me through to push my shit in), as well as all the cool and eldritch moving and rotating thingies. 
ne_tower follows ne_doom, so maybe try that next. 
indeed it does - I will be posting my thoughts on that at some point :} 
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