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Remix Quake Mapping Challenge Pack Released
After an unusually short delay for a mapping pack, finally here it is! In one short sentence: Quake Maps remade/remixed in one way or another.

Drool over the screenshots:

Grab the pack:

Get a headache watching the source files:

-Take care of your body fluids (top AND bottom ones).
-Fribbles, you might want to quicksave a lot!
-Willem's map is balanced as it would be played after the other e3 maps.
-You could put the maps into id1/maps/ if you want. But then you cannot use the fancy-schmancy start map (do not put that into id1/maps/...).

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Nice job finding the coop start room. I admire your stubbornness! Thanks for the laughter. :)

(I did want to put a texture up there that reads "this is where coop players start" from below, but then I was done and tired with the map.) 
I Did Wonder 
Why that wasn't tagged a secret... 
Good Work Guys! 
Had much fun with the pack.

Though lacking a polish, Spirit's rmx is still Quakey. Too bad Willem's one is unfinished, the little details here and there really added a lot. Speed's still strong with the industrial theme, however, I agree that it's a bit underpopulated and spacey. Ricky's coloured lights are lovely as always, gameplay gets a bit hectic at times tho' - and I hate those spawns! As for Zwiffle's; well, I didn't like the custom texturing much, and the lack of atmospheric lighting (as in the original) made it seem a bit bland, tho' the gameplay is absolutely the best of the pack - congrats.

Here's the pack of my first-runs: 
spirit's - nice variation on the theme, pretty good map with some nifty areas visually but definiely could do with more detailing for polish. Fun map though.

spd's - ran out of ammo on normal twice, had to godmode both times. Otherwise its quite well done, nice visuals and definitely a very good extrapolation of the original.

ricky's - already commented previously when released individually, probably the best inthe pack too.

zwiffle's - nice looks, the main room especially but I didnt like the ameplay, more to do with the original which is what I guessed this is based of. Tied second best with spd's.

willem - would have liked to see the finished version, this is too similar to the original. 
Why no Thunderbolt? 
ok, finally play then!

1st demos

didn�t made a ricky demo becouse i beta test it!!!

winner... wel i think both speedy and ricky win i love the layput of both maps but speedy had a great gameplay :) love it!!!

zwiffle :\ fuck i died in this noob map :( bastart i dont love you anymore :(

Willem's always new of come next map was realy easy... only at start was hard becouse i didn�t had any amo... after that was peace of cake! i think the most fun part of map was the water secret.

Spirit map was fun :) also a litle easy but was a fun blast!

good job guys!!!

p.s-> speedy please nooooooooooooooooooo we need more maps from you... take a small rest ;) and comenback soon! 
OT: how do I export the console content to txt file pls? (to be able to read maplist of 300 maps on server shown in console by /maps command). thanks, srry for OT 
condump only dumps the current buffer, not the entire history. To increase the buffer size, run fitzquake with -consize 128 (or higher.) This is the size in kilobytes, with 64 being default for fitzquake. 
by the time you quit the game to read the text file, you might as well just browse your maps dir in windows explorer :) 
That Would Be Usefull For 
doing progs trickery and using entity numbers for the "target" key.

If I had known that when i was making thehand I would have tried harder to get the lighting working in the underground section. In the end I settled for lazers. :| 
Don't Forget 
Good old -condebug command line option. 
Next 3 
Willem/E3M4 - nice tweaks to the architecture, but, err, that's it?? Not really taking advantage of the full joys of rmxing...

Ricky/E4M1 - really taking advantage of the full joys of rmxing!! Very good map, very stylishly done. Great example of the genre. Felt a bit large in some places. Solid, tough gameplay. Remembering the map layout helped. I managed to totally waste the quad, yay. Was going well and then got trapped by two fiends BEFORE taking the mega-health, doh.

Zwiffle/E4M7 - like the style, a great visual enhancement of the theme. THIS is what Episode4 was really getting at, but never acheived - a sense of horror and dislocation. Good solid gameplay again, steadily challenging but fun the way through. I missed having spawn tho. 
E3M4 very easy without adding weapons, of course. 
E4m1rmx First Play 
On skill 3, almost made it!

(played with joequake).

Didn't find any secrets, had fun! 
Thans For The Demos Guys 
mwh - fucking good effort!
shambler - thanks man

would like to thank Speeds for the textures - aren't they fab!!

check out the spoilers demo peeps if you wanna see how to get those secrets - I tried to sort fo leave them where they were but developed them/re-hid the triggers...

all the same it seems you can burn through this map at a great rate of knots!! there are two Quads, a Pentegram and the LG :P

the LG and the pentegram make for interesting underwater prospects... 
Maps Done, Whee!

some of these are a little short on ammo... i had to work on my axing skills. :P maybe they are meant to be played with previous ammo/weapons or something.

i beat them all except e4m7, that ending was retarded. not because it's overly difficult, just tiring to have to keep running around and around.

overall quality was pretty darn good, speeds' map i think had the best technical brushwork but i liked the take on e4m7. good use of colour in e4m1. e3m4, i think captured the original feel well and the secret area is pretty sweet. e2m1 is good, but it felt haphazard at times and it felt almost like a completely new map.

thanks for the evening of quakery guys. :) 
Answering Ricky's Challenge!

3:57 109/109 5/5

Not easy! The improvement comes mostly from plain faster play I think, though there's some better ammo thinking (don't quad shaft enforcers when you want their cells!) and an easy tf.

The mechanisms for opening the secrets were a bit opaque, particularly the shaft one. But it's still a great map. 
anyone fancy reuploading this somewhere? 
Let my map stay dead! Or at the very least reupload with my map taken out! 
just a case of removing a few letters i see :) thanks all the same. not been keeping up with new releases for the past year and a half or so; just gone on a bit of a downloading spree

zwiffle, speaking of remakes, were you still doing e2m2rq? 
Not that I've given up on it, but I got stifled trying to come up with something I was satisfied with and put it on the backburner for a while. 

I just rewatched Shambler's demo on my map. Haha, I am so sorry. Cunt! 
oh my. 
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