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Qexpo Speedmapping 3: Tilted
"A very controversial level..."

You'll see why this 5 monster box map deserves it's own news thread - negke strikes again :)
Negke For President! 
This gave me a mild headache. Truly does what it says on the tin. Save before the very finish... 
This, As Usual...
#2427 posted by the silent [] on 2008/09/02 09:28:43 a work of pure genius.

Conveys such an uncomfortable feeling all the way...

Great work, Negke!

I was curious about who would have taken up the challenge of the "tilted" theme. I guessed right... 
I Actually Started.. 
A surf map in the vein of counterstrike (it's more fun than it sounds) but didn't have time to finish.

Negke's map was unexpectedly simple (no progs.dat tricks or mini-mods to be found here) but fulfils its purpose admirably. 
It's just great, though too short. I need mmoore ) 
That was terrifying. 
Well, Thanks 
Though I think the map is not much fun to play. Originally, it was supposed to be tilted on a second axis, as well, but I immediately changed my mind upon seeing what happened to the textures then. Even this single 45 degree rotation (which usually works fine in Quake) was frustrating enough. After a while, I gave up trying to seal the hundreds of microleaks.

Too bad nobody else gave this theme a try. Apart from a regular map with slightly tilted walls, the initial three ideas I had were either this, messing with the player's viewangle (teleport_destination thing), or going for that 2unlimited video. ;) 
Good stuff :)
Thankfully I hadn't comsumed any alcohol. I couldn't stop giggling all the way to the exit jump.. (which took me about 6 attempts)
I'm glad you found it frustrating bc I doubt I could handle a bigger version without an aspirin.

Thanks. :)

Thanks to the Ke! The jumping at start reminded me of PK wallclimbing, which was fun, and the later parts made me feel quite dizzy.

first run: 
Loved It 
at first I thought you had messed with the players view angle, rather than tilted the whole map, so movement at 1st felt very strange indeed! I soon worked it out though, this is a great little concept map it was interesting to look at the architecture in a new way once you realised you could effectively walk up walls.

Maybe a bit too gimmicky for a full map but it sure would be interesting to try :) 
I wanted to participate, but too much other work, sorry. 
I Played Smqe08c_negke 
I threw up all over myself, and heaved for a few minutes after that, clutching the corners of my desk in a desperate attempt to keep myself from tearing loose from my moorings and spinning off into infinity. Once the vertigo passed, I found myself kneeling, tears streaming down my cheeks.

I barely made it into work and I've been shaking all day. I can't keep food down. I've begun to drop things, and to trip. They keep telling me I look terrible and it's all right if I just go, but I don't want to - not back to that room, not back to that screen.

I might be tempted to look again, and I can't be sure of what will happen when I do. 
very controversial level, not for everybody:). originality at cost of gameplay? did not work for me this time, srry. but good to see you trying new approaches. 
i just played this. Neg: how many times did you have to adjust the angle of the tilt?

i couldn't make the end jump after about five goes so just hari-karied :P 
The Monsters Are Surreal 
when you gave them .angles, they actually spin around on different axes when they would normally only rotate on the vertical axis. the first time i was watching this knight pivot all over the place... felt like i was tripping. :P 
Nice concept, I've only seen it in a couple of other games, ever.

Usually as a collapsed tunnel or an underwater area.

The lava was good - telling the player which way down was. And killing them as a further reminder - two birds with one stone.

Actually gave me a headache. 
This Map Is Evil 
It undermines everything I have ever disbelieved in. There is no Quake.

This map left me a gibbering wretch drenched in my own poop, urine and vomit, begging for change on a side walk and using up the last several minutes of my cell service to text this warning to others just before spinning off into the gray void . . .

seriously, though, wow dude. Just wow. 
Maybe That's How Escher Felt 
Not sure what you mean. It's all 45 degrees, or "0 0 45". 
I Fell... 
... and i can't get up!
btw: where is "up" again?
fun thing! 
Now I Know What Spiderman Feels Like 
That was intense. It really felt like trying to climb a climbing wall or something. You see a space a few feet in front and aim for it, but u don't quite know how u can get there. u just have to weave around.

Very well done. 
still don't know how I have managed to get through this map. You totally confused me. Amazing map. 
I guess this map was basically what I expected, still fun though. Bit dark, really. 
Bump For Ionous 
Way to have consistent thread titles/icons Shambler. 
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