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Q1SP: Skinny Norris
Another vertical map. The tallest Quake map ever made.

Originally started for the 768/Vertical competion last year though only recently completed, this map stays true to the rules of keeping all brushfaces and entities inside a base of 768*768 units with unlimited vertical height and without using player teleportation.

Most notable features are a somewhat unusual texture theme and the choice between two indepentent routes half-way through the map: puzzles or traps.
(Note: while the traps section is pretty straight forward, the puzzles section might, depending your secret-finding skill and patience, become frustrating easily. Be sure to read the hints in the text file!)


such as Fitzquake 0.85, Bengt Jardrup's enhanced GL/Win/Nehquake, or Darkplaces (more information in the text file).
I hope it's not too dark for anyone, but if it is, please increase the brightness with the corresponding slider in the options menu.


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Skill 1

That's a very intersting level. I like the way how the selection is done, by first requiring a key, and then by killtargeting trigger_push when it's pressed. Some of the puzzles were fairly easy, and some of them weren't. I spent 10 minutes in the lightning room, and another 5 in the laser room. The other puzzles were pretty reasonable. I especially liked the last one.

As for combat: it felt very tight at times, especially on health. In the room of vorelings area, I did go down to 7 health before grabbing a 25, and then shotgun-dodging an ogre around a wall. The LG trap by there is nicely done, but easily avoided if you think before diving in.

The shotgun section at the beginning is nice, although the GA should possibly be in an easier to get position, and a drole that early with only SG and NG weapons would be unfair in open space. The stats above are from my second run. My first ended under the hatch, trying to get out of the water to escape a spawn. And, damn, you use those things a lot...

End combat was good. I don't understand why the fallen rangers had grenades in their packs (did I miss a secret GL?), but the SNG and ammo they gave was very useful. After the gug fell, I was feeling a little like I'd used too much ammo on it, so the quad was a welcome sight. The final shambler fell just as the quad ended, which was a relief. I was trying to conserve nails while quadding, and in the heat of battle, forgot I had the SNG when the shambler came. So I fired as many nails as I could before quad ran out, and then switched to deliver an SSG knockout.

Recommended skill setting: Either your usual, or one less than usual. 
Freaky level - I'll post a 1st run later. Died at the SK :P

So far I like the abstract theme, and the gtood use of quoth features like buttons on lifts and rotating doors (ok that hipnotic but you know what I mean)

More later:D :D 
In the maze room, I was looking for a singular secret thingy to open the door - I'd see the light at first (only using fullbright when I was stumped) but dismissed it because there were two light sections.

My combat experiences were very similar to what Lardy described.

And yes I was refusing to cheat out of sheer stubborness ;) 
After watching your demo, I have to say that you are a fucking moron...

Not because of your inability to solve the puzzles, or your inability to see that the lights were uneven after staring at them for nearly 15 minutes, or your unwillingness to use the LG (apart from at the end), but because of this:

have i missed the ssg?

What the fuck is your problem with letting the mapper decide for you which weapons you should have by now??? Why can't you just accept the fact that a weapon that you wrongly believe is necessary isn't being given to you yet? 
Calm down! You are putting some thoughts into a text of which you could not possibly know the true meaning/background. Wondering if one missed a weapon is a reasonable thought, in my e2m1rmx map I as the mapper was pretty worried that players would miss the grenade launcher (so I added a spotlight and on some skills too much other ammo). 
If The Content Of Func_msgboard Were A Bodily Fluid 
it'd be the "vitriolic humour" 
If The Content Of LardArse's Post Was A Bodily Fluid 
It would be diarrhoea.

P.S. I believe I stared at everything BUT the lights for 15 minutes. And yes I'm very glad I saved the LG until the end. 
Negke - yep, i heard that vore spawn, but i never saw it. i think it just fell through the floor. same thing happened in the end battle, i heard the tarbaby spawn, but they never appeared. i just downloaded the latest dp, and they did appear, so obviously my earlier version was too buggy. i think it was dated 2005, so no wonder :P

anyway, decent map, although i'm more for hardcore action over puzzles, i'm sure there will be many that enjoy it. i mostly enjoyed the fantastic attention to detail and subtle variety in design in each area. earlier on some of the gameplay was annoying, mostly because those floating snot creatures and little headcrabs i don't really enjoy fighting, but the ending way great. somehow left about 15 monsters behind? maybe because of the old dp.

it was rather cramped, so i can't help but wonder what this level could have been like if you weren't restricting yourself in any way, and had made some of the areas bigger for more fights and had SOME outdoor/horizontal areas. 
Cruel Map 
I took the puzzle route, wasn't as frustrating as I thought, though the 'hints' should be in the topic - you may need more brightness and don't need to backtrack to find the solutions.

The combat got me annoyed occasionally, not just for the crampt horizontal scale (not your fault) but the occassional clipping on the floros and various bits of detail. There was alot that could have used a clipbrush or turning to illusionary. But complaining about bumping into stuff in a 768x2 map is pretty sad.

Interesting concepts and great architecture, as usual. 
I don't know... I haven't written my thoughs out yet on the remix maps, but I did like that you didn't include the nailgun. I'll expand on this when I do my post there. 
- Aguirequake and Darkplaces both feel really laggy and uncomfortable to me
- The quoth monsters annoy me
- You seem to have approached the 768 challenge by just making the map cramped as hell
- Were you trying to use all 5 texture wads?

Tried it, got past a few of the lifts that crush you with overhanging shit, up the tiny tiny stairs to the chamber where there's no room to fight two knights with the shotgun, and was slowly bitten to death by vorelings that bit me once each as I killed them in turn. I really just felt no desire to continue after that. 
oh btw i recorded a demo aswell. it was supposed to be nightmare, but i think it might be skill 2 instead. ah well. did the puzzle route, so you may be interested in how i solved the puzzles. didn't realise there were hints in the txt!!!
47mins total i think. its only 12mb though so i'm not sure if the whole thing recorded. 
I've been looking forward to this all Qexpo and it certainly lived up to my expectations. It conjures up the atmosphere of a Quakeified Old Curiosity Shop to me, with its eclectic textures and busy, claustrophobic brushwork. I died a few times on Skill 3, but I think that's to be expected really. Ammo distribution left me very short around the button guarding vores, but that just added to the tension.

I took the trap route, which not many other people appear to have done? I'll try puzzles after work this evening. 
So, Lun... had fun then?? 
rats... i didn't realise it would only work in a future version of fitzquake. :S

i guess i'll wait then, heh 
I'm So Ahead Of My Time 
Sorry for the confusion that Fitz line created.

Everybody seems to miss the SNG on the way to the path button room... 
I Dont Get It?!??! 
I mean you could only use Fitzquake if you were using a Mac. Unless you're using Windows but just hate DP and AGlQuake. Although the 8-8-8 build of Darkplaces seems less buggy to me ATM.
But the thing is only 0.8 version of FitzQuake has been ported to the Mac, so even when a new version is released Mac users still wont be able to play engine limit breaking maps until 0.85 has been ported.....

So Necros - which is it? 
Mac Users Can't Do Shit. 
Take it from me.

I'm one of them. And I'm missing half the Qexpo fun. 
Fitz SDL Hack 
Wouldn't it be possible to "simply" hack some increased values into SleepwalkR's SDL version? 
That Depends 
what limits have been breached? 
Uhm, All Of Them 
vis leafs
Uh... And... 
... how does one do to force Fitz to increase the limits?

I'm a total dummy, mind you, so if someone can write down the exact sintax and numbers to be used...

You can easily set some limits higher in the source code, but those are too many of the "evil" ones that require understanding. 
metlslime is working on a new version of FitzQuake, that would support higher value as mentionned in post #33.

metlslime told me that it would be possible that his new engine version could be ready before end of QExpo, but I'm not sure about the status there.

Maybe metlslime could comment on this, and provide more infos ;) 
negke make another version :) breack the map in two :p 
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