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SMQE08D: Teleporter Madness
Here are the results of the fourth QExpo 2008 speedmapping event:
6 SP maps by adamllis, HeadThump, Lunaran, Omus, Sielwolf and Spirit


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OK - This Is Going To Be Interesting! 
Cool theme - also Sielwolf - you made a map? didnt know you were a mapper!
Will report back later!!! 
Who can kill Vore with her own explosives on Spirit's map? 
zomggg Sielwolf lost is virginity!!!

will play when get home!

since you bitches diidn�t wait for me, i had to make more then 500 brushes on tchak :) today was a good day of mapping :p 
so like all lunaran speedmaps this one was more like a full afternoonmap. I had to polish my terrible idea.

and if anyone wants proof that it's beatable and not just bullshit:
Watch as I:
- try to clear the map methodically, accidentally back into a teleporter, and cause all hell to break loose!
- get lost even though I built the damn thing!
- not hit anything with the grenade launcher!
- spoil all the secrets!
- give the viewer motion sickness with my twitching! 
I like Lunaran's map architecturally, though THEY keep coming in too vast numbers and layout is very confusing because of the teleporters and repeating areas. Lunaran's is the highlight of this speedmap-pack nevertheless, I'd suggest picking up pieces of nice architecture from it and create proper map merging them. I find other maps too crappy, srry. 
On One Hand 
I find other maps too crappy, srry.

I agree with you. I haven't played the other maps yet, but I know mine is pretty crappy. However, this is the part that concerns me, if we func_boarders are not on the same page in understanding what a speedmap is and what it is not then what is the point of making speedmaps as they can only deflate what ever reputation we have as mappers if we adhere to the rules implied (make a map in a short amount of time usually with a guiding theme) and the intended audience is actually expecting something else? 
Are you even able to produce a non-shitty map without a time limit? 
o.k play then all, favorit was luns map must replay it to beat the bastard!!!

Spirit was hilarious!!!

sielwolf was pure voreball fun with lots of hords zomggg extra fun!

adamllis :\ was fucking hard and dark :\ must try again also becouse i died real fast!

Omus nice idear... :) but i didn�t make it!

Ht really weardooooo :\ fall out of map :p HT stop smoking grass or drinking :)

there it goes my first demos!

thks guys :p

p.s-> next time wait for me :( i wanted to make one :( 
Um, Yes 
please don't compare the proper speedmaps to mine. I don't even know what the actual time limit WAS. An hour? 
Sielwolf - you made a map?

nah it's just a pos that miraculously compiled into a bsp using rune magic and the QuArK pipe in czg's basement. 
On the road with a laptop and mine and Lunaran's maps are the only ones I can complete using the touchpad. 
how ya doin? 
And, CZG 
Are you even able to produce a non-shitty map without a time limit?

can you take a minute to understand a goddamn point without having a kneejerk reaction? 
And To Your Question, 
the answer is a definite yes. 
Lunaran's map is hard :( 
Thanks To All Involved For The Maps 
First play demos for those that want them. I had a problem with DZip when trying to package all demos together, so there are two archives. The first file is demos for all maps except Lunaran's. The second file is all Lunaran, all the time (including a skill 3 completion). (2.0 MB) (3.5 MB)

Finally a map that lets me kill monsters and do slope jumps and air control instead of that being an either-or proposition. Thanks for not making falling result in instant death. I would have liked unlockable teleports to the later buildings to save on travel time after mistakes, but you can't ask the world from a speedmap. Very entertaining. Please make more maps.

It would be easy to hate on this map, but I like shipwrecks and nautical themes too much and I especially liked the ship skeleton/hallway leading to the final room. However, I will suggest that you try to cut more corners while speedmapping. Since the player teleports around, you could have cloned the ship interiors in another corner of the .map so you could slap down a single huge waterbrush in the ocean instead of trying to assemble the ocean drop by drop around the ships. :(

Comments for this map are available in another dimension. (You might try the demos if you want a running commentary. Otherwise, assume that I liked it well enough to attempt a nightmare playthrough.)

Clearly, a map that is asking for time trial. My best is 22 seconds. Unfortunately, I had already uploaded the first play demos before attaining said 22 seconds.

Was I supposed to exit via rocketjump? I hadn't anticipated this and ended up using all of my rockets in combat. Great (and ambitious!) for a first map ever. My first was an X-shaped hallway with an elevator in the middle (made for Unreal).

Very amusing map. It's nice to see that Quake still has a few more jokes up its sleeve. 
Since the player teleports around, you could have cloned the ship interiors in another corner of the .map so you could slap down a single huge waterbrush in the ocean instead of trying to assemble the ocean drop by drop around the ships. :(

I wished I had thought of that while making it. It would have saved a lot of time! 
I do so not care about what people might expect when speedmapping. Hell, if there is a mapping process that is all about enjoying yourself, then it is speedmapping.
I mean, how crappy is my map? I had no idea what to build, I just started (after deciding to play with Kell's Fury textures). So it evolved into a weird goatse monster enema or something with no gameplay whatsoever in the ~80 minutes I gave it. I had so much fun building the architecture.

I found all the maps to hard btw. Could not finish any of them without constantly dying.
But they are fun to look at. :P

I'd love to see more tricking requirements in maps too, but those would need to be carefully introduced so players a) know how to do them and b) know they are "allowed" to use them in the map. 
Got Right Into It@skill 3. 
SW: Doable, pretty hard, got bored&godmoded. Rocketjumping to the exit sucks. For RJimpaired people like me, I mean.

ht:already played it as standalone. I personally love huge underwater spaces, so I kinda liked it. Did not like the shard teleports, though.

Spirit: Maybe cool. Maybe I did not catch the Spirit?

Adamllis: Got bored and dried up ammo. Jumped to the next one. Would love to see a full one, though. Shows potential. Will replay.

Omus: OhMahgoddUS!!! Nice. Frustrating. But, greatest idea of them all.

Lun: Best of the pack. Had me running round like a rabbit generating infighting. One of my favourite hobbies. Thumbs up!!!

Negke: Where the fuck is Negke? I can't even begin to imagine what he would've come up with... 
Most of them: frustrating to average with some humour.

Lunaran: Absolutely amazing, both in the execution of the theme and the effect on the gameplay and what it felt like to be a player in the map. 
Bla Blooh 
adamllis: Trickjumper and speedrunner should love it. I was too clumsy for some of the jumps. Construction served its purpose well, lighting could have been less bland. Glad to have you submit a map again.

HeadThump: Weird theme/construction. I like it. That Vore was nasty. Running a fullvis wasn't really necessary.

Lunaran: So, is that your revenge for difficulty/hordes in recent maps? Looks nice and the dimension zwiffle fits the theme, but gameplay is hard. After barely surving 110 monsters including large numbers of my beloved Hellknights, I got lost and confused and started noclipping around and got even more confused. There were elevators? duh

Omus: Tricky, but nice idea. Takes a few attempts to get a working strategy. Most original use of teleporters in this pack.

Sielwolf: And so it begins... Good to see you give mapping a try, though I'm afraid what might come out of it (this map is pretty hard already). I guess you should have tried to seal the leak.

Spirit: Heh. At first I didn't catch the triggers and headed straight for the exit wondering why the monsters only teleported in afterwards. The reason many teleporters look like Goatse? The sense of mystery! 
Interesting Pack 
I enjoyed Omus the most because of the arcade game style and execution of a neat idea.

It took me a few runs through Spirit's to get it because it goes by so fast. Kind of neat.

SielW -- good first speed map. Had the feel of a complete map in a Spirit of '97 since.

admalis -- I sux at the trick jumps.

Lunaran -- Pretty sweet. The theme reminded me of Permutations of the Rotten some how. It is so hard though that I have yet to complete, so I'll be back at this map later tonight. 
was good enough that if I hadn't known it's a speedmap, it would have fooled me. At first I didn't catch the subtle changes in objects through the dimensions and assumed that respawning monsters were used, until I was told that the bars open in another dimension. Even then, I supposed there was only one alternate dimension :(

Second best was Omus' slipgate rush (I was expecting much less from the screenshots to be honest, so it's a definite plus).

Now I'm left to wonder what would ijed/ionous have done if they hadn't slipped out... 
I think I decided that the 'madness' part of teleporter madness was going to be on the part of the player. I had a really evil and intentionally confusing idea and said "what the hell, it's a speedmap," but the progression of buttons and bars and teleporters had ME confused, then I lost track of time making nice arches and shit so I just cloned a ton of monsters all over and called it done. so it looks deceptively like a non-speedmap but plays like a speedmap.

and if you play adamllis' map in netquake (ie fitzquake) you don't get air control and the map can't be finished. 
netquake has aircontrol and I just finished that map in Fitzquake. 
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