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SMQE08D: Teleporter Madness
Here are the results of the fourth QExpo 2008 speedmapping event:
6 SP maps by adamllis, HeadThump, Lunaran, Omus, Sielwolf and Spirit


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sorry forgot :)

was in temp directory :p sorry mates!!! 
2 Hours, Huh 

also: Please fullvis maps (Sielwolf.) Not all of us have X00 FPS. 
Nicely Mad 
also pretty hard. Could comment on each map, but I basically agree with what everyone else said :)

Lunaran's was fun, though with a few less monsters I might have been able to intermingle figuring out what was going on with trying to survive -- as it was, I ran around until almost everything was dead, then started looking for buttons and trying to find what they'd moved... 
Some More Goddamn Bars Have Withdrawn ... 
So, smqe08d_lun.bsp. I want to like it, and it's a really neat idea, but I spent twenty minutes trying random teles hoping to find out where the gibbering fuck I was meant to go. And then I ran out of ammo.

The basic concept is good. Perhaps with fewer random teles and more cues as to where in the multidimensional tangle a given spot might currently be (different texture theme for each dimension?), the player might stand a better chance of understanding the map layout enough to figure out where to go.

Ah well, I had fun anyway. Nice one lun. 
the player might stand a better chance of understanding the map layout enough to figure out where to go.

The theme WAS Teleporter Madness... 
Adamllis: liked it the most, pure Quake physics fun, we need more maps like that

HeadThump: the large outer area looks awesome, gameplay could be better though

1st run:

Lunaran: with that theme someone just had to make an annoying map like that; ez sauce though...

1st run:

Omus: nice, true to the theme, but a little gimmicky

Spirit: funny, just imagine the monsters could bunnyhop and move that fast by default :P

1st run:

Nice Skills! 
Sielwolf, I can tell you've played a lot of quake through your moves. The only problem you had was finding that button i think.

I had no idea that you could jump through the bars like that. You saw that on your first way through? The actual curve around jump is probably easier hehe.

Anyway, glad that there's some folks around here who appreciate the fun of quake movement. 
Sielwolf is some sort of shaolin-master of Quake. 
You never truely know someone until you fight them. 
Ijed: not even close lol

Adamllis: it wasn't a first run, more like 4th-5th (and close to ten minutes is not very fast anyway), glad you liked that demo though. SDA should make a contest on that map imo 
Burrow . . . 
They Did Once Before On A Speedmap 
They used my first speedmap as mini contest! It was quite fun to watch the demos. Even some of the grandfathers of speedrunning came out and laid down some demos.

The theme was tricks for that pack, i made two maps and negke made 1. If you like tricks you might enjoy those three maps as well.

Hm I can't find the contest on their site, only the records that remain from it. 
Have you made any non-speed maps?

I still haven't played the ones you posted before and this pack neither; no time as yet. 
No :( 
I am still new to mapping. The only other thing I've made is a quakeworld ffa dm map with Drako a canadian qwer called frontier.bsp.

it's the one in the opening sequence of this qw frag movie: 
That's QW? QUAKEworld?

My arse. Q3Aworld more like. 
yup standard quakeworld dm action with some newer maps thrown in. beautiful isn't it? :) 
Blargh Custom Engine Puke 
Some of the maps look good from what I can see behind the spangly explosions and glitzy coloured lights.. 
that config is really quite conservative compared to what is available. amazing all what people can do with the quake engine. but there is nothing wrong with the classic quake look. still looks good. 
You can see the demos etc by searching for "ftw" on

I'm sure the tables didn't look _that_ bad when I wrote that update... 
Ahhh Nice! 
Wow cool. Don't no why I couldn't find it. Yeah that was a lot of fun to watch, and the demos turned out sweet. 
adamllis i finish it!!! but i�m having a lot of fps drops :\ even in joequake... :( i guess my computer is fuckedup :( 
It Is Probably The Map 
Good job! Maybe the map is lagging your computer, the huge sky and the fact that i no nothing about r_speeds and all that jazz. 
want the demo? :) 
Let's see what you got. 
Bump For Ionous 
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