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Q1SP: Chapter_necros2 For Quoth2
This map was originally intended for inclusion with the Lost Chapters pack. It's not great, but has some nice visuals and a bit of a unique take on the Knave theme.

Screenshot on my qexpo '08 booth:

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Good To Have Another Map, But 
why use the daikatana icon for this thread? :P

Am I allowed to use "Hey I got the first reply!" shoutings in this forum? 
i felt it was quite appropriate, considering this map was supposed to have been released like... what 2, 3 years ago? :P 
One of the most eldritch maps I've played - the teleporting monsters thing was very tense.

Clean visuals and horrifying gameplay, the map is extremely efficient and really delivers.

the teleporting monsters is really tough. I tried to telefrag them, but they didn't appear when I was standing on the spawning point. 
Awesome Architecture. 
In the last 2 areas. One of the best ever.
Lighting could have been a lot better, tho'...

Gameplay is a bit on and off, as are the items... At times you get cornered with no health and ammo, as happened to me in the room with the cage and teleporting knights. Upstairs I had 2 vores, 1 drole and 3 scrags I had ran away from, with just 25 health and no armour. Lucky me those pesky monsters are so sensible to each other's projectiles....
The last fight is quite hard on 1st try, if you don't stumble on the MH by accident.

Teleporting monsters are xtra cool, would love to see the trick in a larger environment. In cramped places can get frustrating...

Good one, not exceptional, architecturally top. 
Great Fun 
Chapters is probably my favourite Quake environment, so I had to play this right away. I agree with the_silent's points about architecture (stunning), lighting (adequate), and item placement (not so great).

I found the beginning to be rather tedious, with seemingly endless monster spawning but no real sense of danger. Once out in the open though, things picked up.

I died at the first spike trap - got pinned in front of it by ogres & vore balls. After that, I did okay although my health got dangerously low at times. Ammo & armor was plentiful (skill 2); the GL wasn't too useful. Found 1 secret (the easy nails one), and finished with 90/100 kills.

I found the boss battle very easy, but that could be cuz I just played shesp1, so I had the vermis pretty well figured out. Glad to see the Quoth monsters used sparingly. Also impressed that despite the large central "atrium", framerates were always good.

All in all, not quite as good your previous maps, but a worthy addition to the Chapters series. 
Felt a little rough in places but still a good map. I liked those red-gray wall details, the style of the outside area and the fleshy bits. Too many Hellknights ffs. The teleporting monsters were a nice touch, sort of Doom-ish, but often it was too horde-focused for my taste. I died two times - not because the map was too hard but rather because I'm trying to get used to a new config, Fitz SDL has the keyboard layout screwed and sun + non-working brightness slider did the rest. Found two secrets by accident and godmoded the Vermis. 
GL? Was There A GL? 
...where is it? I turned the map inside out, but cannot seem to find it.

I find 2 NGs instead... Some kind of bug?

Plus, I found 1 secret by accident on the 1st run through. Was not able to find any more. Nor to to re-find the one I found... 
Can't Wait For 
chapter_necros3 for Quoth3. 
Doom For Quake 
that's what this map felt like.

The huge open spaces, gang attacks, the red and white, the supposedly "evil" things everywhere... pentagrams ... the messages like "The answer lies below" etc...

I don't personally believe in the dogma of good and evil; I believe there is no "evil". I don't believe in the concept of "Hell" since I am not Christian. Because of that, this style does less for me than for others perhaps. Personally when I see a pentagram I go "mehhh".

I liked the final outdoor area. There were a lot of technically nice details in many places, too. Nice lava lighting. The lava "courtyard" didn't do too much for me thematically, I'm not a huge "lava map" fan.

Guess I'm not a huge knave.wad fan.

Good map, no doubt. Grand scale. Props for not requiring a special engine here. I died twice relatively early, the second time when a voreling fell on my head and I got somehow blocked. I wanted to see the rest of the map, so godmoded through.

It was sometimes not clear to me where to go next. I spent quite some time looking for the "glowing pentagram" before realizing that, oops, this was supposed to be it :-P From the sound of it, I expected a pentagram of light, or lava. 
chapter_necros3 for Quoth3.
hehe, don't hold your breath. :P

anyway, yeah, like i said, it's not a great map or anything, but i saw it sitting around almost completed and i figured it would be good to just finish it off.
remember, it was actually made like 3 years ago, i was still really big on the whole horde combat stuff. ;)

as for not finding the grenade launcher... it's right in front of the button you have to push to go forward, but it's possible some engines cause it to bug out and fall out of the level. 
You Mean In Front Of The Pentagram? 
If so, I tried out 3 of them on a MAC: Fruitz Of Dojo's Stock GL, Tenebrae and Fitzquake. None of them displays it. If it's somewhere else, please give me more details(maybe even a screenshot), because I might be waay dumber than I thought. ;)

it's virtually impossible to skip that weapon. :P 
It Does Not Show Up In Either Engine. 
I assure you.
I figured it was there because of the marker on the floor, but I can't get it on a mac. Strangest thing ever.... 
Looks like I enjoyed the map more than most then. The midway ammo crunch did get me, and the early tower was a bit tedious, but the gameplay in the rest made up for it all. 
Kinda Weird Map 
But rather cool in many places. Loads of ammo and generally easy apart from a couple of vore placements. Lots of good details, but some incoherency. Ummm yeah. Sorry can't think of more to write atm. 
Excellent Map 
Man what more can be said? i didn�t think it had to many hordes just to much hell nights with shotgun only ;) but easy to deal with then! Still can manage properly the fucking Quoth bosses :( i always died on then :(


First demo! thks ;)

Will play again to kill that fucking Vermis 
Nice Quoth Map 
Except for the hellknights, and i had no hammer to smash those vorelings, was pretty cool map. Interesting architecture, and not too linear. Linux Fitz SDL no probs, but no ammo left to kill boss. Loved the pentagram platform and those toothed gateways ;> 
The start of the map was no indication of what was to come. I liked the little ambush of Knights but it would have been good to lock the player in the sloped corridor by then, to make him panic and want to run ahead (only to bump into the worse).

I kind of got lost trying to get the lower of the two buttons, looking where to fall down before realising there's a hugeass ledge just on the right (I'm that awesome). Then I tried to get the second button and got headshot by the Fiend :( I found the teleporting floors to be fairly fresh, even though they needed to be used more often.

I also felt that the use of enemies was slightly inadequate at times. Some of the Vores should have been Droles (or Death Lords), some of the Droles should have been Shamblers, etc. The Ogres standing on the pillars rising out of the lava could benefit from being Flak Ogres, too, I think.

I did love the small details this map had. The pentagram platform with the Death Knight was cool, and so was the pentagram lift in the corner opposite. The flesh closet with the Drole was just perfect, it gives you the feel that Droles are totally fucking otherworldly even to what you've seen before - a Fiend/Vore/Shambler in that closet wouldn't have had nearly as much impact.

Probably the best out of all Lost Chapters :P

PS. Whatever happened to this map? 
that map....

yeah... it was basically like painkiller. :P
just a bunch of huge, wierd outdoor rooms that lock and spawn hundreds of monsters. i think the map had a final count of nearly 1000. 9_9

it was just too open and even with full vising would run with an avg wpoly of about 8000. coupled with the monstrous number of enemies you face at once, it would bring even my machine to it's knees.

i've thought of going back to it, but tbh, the whole huge room + "over 9000" monsters doesn't appeal to me as much anymore. :(

besides, i have maps with much better brushwork that i want to finish instead. ;) 
Architecture was great as always. I wasn't that happy with the layout. I think I got lost but managed to get to the end somehow. The gameplay being mostly horde combat was a bit boring. I still don't know how to deal with the vermis also :/. This map wasn't as good as The Living End but it still was ok. Here are my skill 2 demos recorded in joequake. I have died in the void and vermis was impossible. 
Tho i'm back from sea, i live not in my home city and do not have a proper internet access. I hope i'll find a way to solve this problem soon cuz i want to download all those new maps released since march. Posting from mobile atm 
One of the most bizarrely evil maps I've played in a while. Firstly, the architecture is totally weird and otherworldly, with lots of spikes and what lovecraft might call "unwholesome proportions" or somesuch. There are little details in this that I found particularly unsettling, like... "that bookcase is way too high up on the wall for a human to reach... who, or what, was reading there?" Then a drole in the next room answers the question. Also, hints that our laws of physics and gravity do not apply here: bricks from a smashed column just stay there floating.

The gameplay broke a lot of expectations too. Monster-only teleports kept me on my feet, as I kept expecting guys to appear behind me. The drole-in-the-closet made me yelp in terror, I was seriously not expecting that. ^_-

I agree somewhat with other posters that there could have been more monster variety, especially in the pre-climax right before getting to the vermis. I was hoping for some shamblers, not more droles. As an aside, Quoth 2.1 made droles a lot weaker and this may have contributed to the anticlimactic feeling. But all in all that's pretty minor. 
I Really Like Monster-teleports 
it's something that was in doom but was dropped from quake. it adds a certain element of chaos to fights, especially with regards to fiends. it's something i want to implement more fully in the future.

there was a map, i believe blacktwr.wad where at one point you fight about 10 pinkies in a dim room with all these flickering lights and monster only teleports. the room is fairly wide open, and pinkies aren't really a threat in a wide open area, but those teleports meant they'd sometimes appear right in melee range of you-- it was great and very jarring :) 
Nice Solid Map 
with some good architectural set pieces, but you can also tell the rest is put together without really polishing it up to the same level as those set pieces.

Combat wise, quite fun, loved the teleporting monster use. Is the teleporting destination random or is it scripted? 
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