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Dark Mod: The Tears Of Saint Lucia
The Dark Mod is a high quality Thief-themed TC for Doom3. The Tears of Saint Lucia is a new, complete, and fully-packaged Dark Mod mission (and quite a lengthy one.)

All info:
D/L mirrors:
i'll d/l it ASAP 
This actually looks potentially quite good in the shots - the engine suits the style well. 
please tell me this doesn't require RoE? 
i doubt it does. if it does, then i'll doubt with fury and cry in the depths of the doubting sea through the eye of the doubting universe.

why cant i find my doom3 disc when i want it!! :'( 
this is really impressive stuff, the team have a lot to be proud of. In a way, i feel it's a shame that this isn't a completely original standalone project. I mean, you could sell this mod, but when you see it's technically a 'remake', that cheapens all the hard work.

I get it though; I could see this community remaking Quake, even though that'd probably get far less attention and downloads than some similar but original IP!

Thief is fucking great though. I think that needs to be said. 
Remaking Quake? 
Some of us already are. 
Cool Beans 
got any screenies? 
Old Ones

That are too dark.

If you feel like lending a hand then let me know. 
Mean to play this mod - I missed thief, so this'll be a good opportunity to see what all the fuss was about. 
Good work! Thief 1 is great. 
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