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This is a thread about a project currently underway to remake Quake one.

It involves upgrading what exists already in order to play and look better or at least differently in all probable situations and enhance what is already there in this great game.

So we're remixing all the maps, monsters, and the player.

A specific engine in order to solve long-standing issues isn't out of the question, the main concerns being cross-OS support for features that should be common, like entity alpha and multiplayer. These things exist in various forms, but there's still no standard, at least today.

There's a great wealth of resource on this board - the one thing that doesn't exist here is apathy.

So, we're fishing for contributors. If you can make a map, animate or code and want to see this monster through to its conception then you're on the team.

Over the next few days I'll post info on what currently exists, and where it's headed.
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Great Shots 
E3M3RMQ = koohoo meets zer1m6? 
Both the screenshots, and your description of the new Shambler reminded me of this: 
That Would Make An Excellent Desktop Background! 
Is there a more high-rez version? 
No Idea 
Probably not. 
That looks great.

There is no RL Shambler - I was being sarky.

Currently there's nothing planned for the Shambler, although he has some other features that are in most monsters, AI tweaks and some other stuff.

There's a vague plan to have him able to use electricity in a more versatile way, or cause thunderbolt type water blasts no purpose when firing into a liquid volume. 
Oh Well 
its now been stretched by windows! 
e3m3 is awesome. your shots look good. some of it a little flat in detail though. do you plan on using any custom textures? even just the odd custom here and there? 
Like I say, the whole set is adapted from that one green cubes of metal texture, though its so similar and can see how you'd have trouble seeing it.

The floor is 'new' as well - but basically a recoloured version of the famous copper semicircles floor, made into a bigger tile to eliminate repetitions.

The runes are mostly new - although I included the classic patterns as well.

The flatness is caused by the lighting and not all areas being properly completed - I'm working on six other maps and some code at the same time ;)

But e3m3 will feature alot more of those orange windows and rely heavily on the 32x32 cubes theme. Maybe some more complex static modelsto augment the candles, but for now the map is on pause.

Thanks for the interest. 
Overreacted again in post #50 :| 
In my opinion, I don't think shifting the models should be done in the model itself.

One thing nice and unique about Quake is that the straight forward view is very good for aim.

As an alternative, I would recommend using an autoexec.cfg to setting a r_viewmodeloffset cvar.

I wrote up a tutorial on how to add this into any given engine. 
That's Better 
Alpha Support To Any Glquake Engine 
Engine Features 
Are there any engine features that are particularly wanted?

A shiny new rotating system is on the cards, as well as the stuff mentioned above.

Multiplayer gets a facelift as well.

Although weather or not anyone will play the thing if its not in their engine is another matter. 
Er..... A Fully Functional OSX Port? 
Well just as long as it works in Windows, er Macs and er..... Linux?

Just to stop the raving and ranting, or even minor whinging about not being able to play...?

Lit file support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also external texure support. 
My Favourites: 
Ogg Vorbis support (for the soundtrack)
decent console tab completion
centerprint logging to console 
You mean mod support?

Multiple OS is a must because we've already got members of the team working on the big 3.

Fullbrights / overbrights . . . yeah. 
I Think He Means The Option Of Typing: 
-quoth -game moddir

(like -hipnotic -game quoth)

Multiply OS - Yey!!! :D 
AguirReQuake optional directory ordering then.

I think that was only included for the Nehahra DP engine variant, so that it wouldn't load in Nehahra default.

Suffice to say we won't block the engine to anything, though it's default folder will be that of RQ having other mod folders accessible is a must. 
and snow. 
Already In 
Well, emissions at least. 
Can I Have Some Smoke Please Ijed. 
Have you got any smoke?
And a spark. I need a spark.

I mean we've got fire! And you know what they say.... 
I saw the thing about fullbrights and centerprint logging.

This tutorial does fullbrights fairly ok for a GLQuake that doesn't have the feature (TyrQuake maybe?):

Centerprint logging which is probably the most joyous single player feature ever, I wrote up a quicky tutorial on that: 
I dont think that Quake would benefit from locational damage, or anything like that, but I do think we should have three-increment pain-skins. Or even two-increment. Just for effect. i.e. if the monster's health drops below 50% then they should have some blood on them, a few wounds maybe... follow that with the normal giblets - beautiful! 
Pain Skins... 
i always thought that was the genius thing about quake's skins -- everyone's bloody to begin with, so you never question the absence of pain skins. 
DarkPlaces Sv_progs 
I think DarkPlaces sv_progs capability is rather nice. One progs.dat per gamedir is rather wasteful.

sv_progs is "progs.dat" ["progs.dat"] selects which quakec progs.dat file to run

With being able to have multiple "progs.dat" per folder, a mod could include a "multiplayer.dat" and a "frikbot.dat" ... one optimized for multiplayer and one for playing the mod with bots or what not.

Since it is my understanding that ezQuake now supports NQ progs.dat (Tonik's ZQuake Travail capability stuff), a normal Quake mod now has a lot of additional potential uses in addition to single player capability as it will run in everything from FitzQuake to DarkPlaces to ezQuake.


.ent external entity file support; be able to tweak the entities around without recompiling ... just edit a text file. Although it would be more useful if somehow the .ent file could be reversed back into .map format somehow. 
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