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This is a thread about a project currently underway to remake Quake one.

It involves upgrading what exists already in order to play and look better or at least differently in all probable situations and enhance what is already there in this great game.

So we're remixing all the maps, monsters, and the player.

A specific engine in order to solve long-standing issues isn't out of the question, the main concerns being cross-OS support for features that should be common, like entity alpha and multiplayer. These things exist in various forms, but there's still no standard, at least today.

There's a great wealth of resource on this board - the one thing that doesn't exist here is apathy.

So, we're fishing for contributors. If you can make a map, animate or code and want to see this monster through to its conception then you're on the team.

Over the next few days I'll post info on what currently exists, and where it's headed.
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Weapon Models 
I have some that I made quite a while ago that I never quite finished. Might as well uv/texture them up. I tried to make them as faithful as possible.. I've put the original weapons in there for reference. Compare the shadows to see the silouettes.

I don't really check this board, just msg me in #terrafusion or email me (email is on my website). 
GoldenBoy answered most of the stuff there, so there's not alot to say without a 'proper' update.

Electro, I'll check your models tommorow. We have Orion's versions in atm, but the slow firing of the DBS could do with a reloading anim, and a few other things would be nice.

Using some of the current remakes would be easy, but if it means losing something of the project in order to save ourselves time then no.

The spider was a nice little enemy, it's poison was done and everything running well, but then I realised it wasn't necessary so killed it. Kudos to Dr ShadowBorg for his help, and it might even stay in the project in case future mappers want to use it.

I've no use for it in my portion of the maps and it's a map driven project. If anything ups the gameplay then it's in. If it's even a little bit iffy then it's taken into the back yard and shot in the head.

And, this is not a failing project. 
looks good electro 
Second That 
those are pretty solid. 
In case anyone didn't get this yet, this isn't Base Pack II. 
Yeah, I like the models! Nice work there.

Looking forward to seeing what you guys do with this project. I would help but I have a fairly large project that I'm doing myself. Good luck! And post lots of screen shots! :) 
Those look great, but there's a problem. If we included them then we'd have to replace all models in the game, so they'd all be at the same standard.

Which would also mean redoing all animations and textures. Since 8-bit anim with properly done models would look broken, I think.

They'll probably work well in DM, but we're mostly singleplayer.

I wouldn't want things looking patched.

Finish them anyway, since they'd work as a plugin pack on their own, I think. 
Will Post Some Shots And Stuff Today 
I Wouldn't Like 
reusing the available remake maps. Granted that, say, E2M5RMX is great, but I think it would stand out like a sore thumb amongst the other RMQs. Unless you're willing to retexture thousands of brushes :P

/me awaits the screenshots :) 
I could help - my current map is a true monstrosity which I am trying to wind up.

After that I would happily make myself available, but I would prefer it if you just set me off doing one map at a time. The rate I am mapping at the moment it could take 3-4 months to do a map. 
3-4 months to do a map.<q/>

roulfff i take one year :) dawn u�re fast ;) 
I think you've got a very good attitude about how you're approaching this project, obviously based in a real love for the spirit of Quake. I also think this project has really good chances of success - you're organised and you've got some very talented people on board.

I also like that your emphasis is on respecting the original game, but not treating everything as canon.

But I also VERY strongly agree with:

If you're gonna remake it, remake it for today, not for [yesterday (presumably)]. I'd love to see what the quake approach would look and feel like if done for a moderately modern platform.

And you clearly realise (based on your last post) that improving one aspect of graphics requires replacing everything. I think we're in agreement that coherence is THE most important thing in a quake remake.

Here's a quick offer: If you do decide to upgrade the models, I'll happily step up and do the same for all the 2d art needed. Textures, skins, particles, whatever. 
if u need something from my noobist i�m glad to help in anything needed! 
I think upgrading all of the graphics is a quick way to make this project fail. There are a LOT of graphics in the game.

Just my opinion, of course, but I don't think the game needs a face lift. I never did and I could never understand the newer engines and their desire to add normal maps and specular and everything else to Quake. Quake is beautiful. Leave it alone. 
I always thought that we'd be redoing the 2d art to some degree, even if in such a limited way as a new conback.

As to remaking for today, it's a tricky prospect. High resolution GUI, for example, might be the same as including high-poly weapon models. We have to see how the engine problem is going to pan out.

Baker, we'll be in touch :) 
To some degree, yeah. So far this includes:

2D art:
Skin variations
Skins for new monsters (vomitus etc)
Skins for new models
Probably female marine skin needed for the model we have - something like this would be a good point to help with
NPC/actor/Insane type monster, skin (planned)
Conback (so far QTest)
Modified textures (using the Quake palette - we're too far into it to change to HL bsp format or anything, and I think the original palette works fine for us, given our goal)

Most of this we can do ourselves, but everything we have to do costs us time and energy, logically, that could be used for mapping etc.

Model wise:
Orion's debug models, because they fit the bill pretty well - higher poly ones would probably stand out too much, and remodelling etc. the entire game is probably out of the scope atm, but could be done later - in a couple years...
Like ijed said, *good* reloading animation for DBS
I'd not be opposed to nicer skins or something, see above, but must be in .mdl format
Items like stimpacks, armor shards, .MDL health packs, probably worldtype dependant (some done already), and some new monster gear (small MDLs)
Animations added to some models, for new attacks etc (this we really need help with), fine tuning of existing anims (berserk ogre etc)
Taunt anims

There's more of course. So there are many little things to help with, which seem very doable on their own, but add up to a giant pile of stuff when viewed from our side.

I'd think that high resolution HUD (like Moondrunk's), conback, remodels (Ruohis etc) and textures and all that stuff should be done later, and released as add-on packs or modules to be plugged into it. A graphics-upgrade pakX.pak perhaps.

Willem is right that it would be too much atm.

I'd really like a couple engines and us getting into talks with each other. MAX_SOUNDS, MAX_MODELS and alpha might need to be squished. FTE and ezq are already doing this stuff (DP, too) and Proquake 4 seems to be on the way there.

The rest of our engine wishlist includes rockets emitting sound like in Q2 and a dedicated underwater ambient (sky and standard water ambient blended out while diving) - we'd supply the new sound required.

We have CD quality sound, no more woof woof boomstick. 
3-4 months to do a map

same here, now figure in the rest of the stuff.

Very welcome. 
It Seems A Shame 
to me to think that so much time and talent should go in to a remake rather than a set of all new episodes with new challenges and surprises.

Remakes are nice, but everybody seems to have gone a little remake crazy over the past couple of years and I can't help but feel that by the time a project of this scale is complete even more Quakers will be longing for a surge of original content. 
But it's definately not carbon-copy stuff.

All of the maps have enitely new sections to them, and whilst the original texture themes are a guideline they're not gospel.

To demonstrate, here's some shots of e3m3rq. I probably won't post shots like this again to avoid spoilers, but this should give you some idea of what's happening. Try replaying e3m3 again after looking at them.

I basically took one of the original metal textures as a base and expanded it into a set. Don't rely on the shots too much, alot is set to change. 
Missing Texture 
Damn, don't know how that happened. It's done and in, but for some reason omitted in the current build. 
ijed please install joequake or qrack for proper shots :) 
Unless I have a better engine next time . . . 
you shifted the weapons, how fresh and enhancing! 
You should know. You posted the tutorial he used to do it. 
[], if you think that's exciting, wait until you see how we've enhanced the Shambler - if you thought rocket launchers were only for CyberDemons then think again. We're turning it up to 11, punching babies and leeting it r4wk, in a nu-school format. 
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