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SM149: Finish Some Scrap
2 quasi-Speedmaps by Drew and Hrimfaxi for the "finish some scrap" theme (that was the theme, right?). Drew's is for Quoth again.


Download: (1,6 Megabytes)
Oh Oh 
Shots look nice. Will play this evening... ouba ! 
Ah Crap! 
Sorry Willem, I forgot to set the right folder for the screenshots. (Of course totally intentional to test your file moving capabilities! *cough*) 
the theme is 'finish some scrap'. My was brain was exploding upside down with the thought that these (specifically Drew's) was done in anything approaching speedmap time.

Drew - Looks fantastic, great theme. Liked the mix of inside and outside areas, and the voidy bit at the end. You are a cruel heartless bastard though, and I eventually had to godmode the ending. Thought the Mechwarrior 2 Ogres spoilt the medieval theme a bit, as did the pipes section. You should definitely give this a final polish and call it a full release, if only so more people play it!

Hrimfaxi - Great use of Quake 2. I love those efdm12 tex. I was a little cranky playing this because I had just been repeatedly savagely raped by the ending of drews map. OH MY GOD THE TELEPORTING BEAMS. Can't say I enjoyed the gameplay hugely, but was very impressed by the detailing, and there were some nice new ideas. Even the red and blue beams were good, as long as you don't touch them. Which I did. 
Look at these pieces of scrap! 
Kinda nicey non-speedmaps, dudes!

Both annoying in some way, though...

Hrim: gameplay on and off, boring as using base monsters can be. I did not avoid the death beams as well. Would have been perfectly fitting SM148 theme... Teleporting beams are a nice, if annoying, idea, worth expanding...

Drew: Though combat, sadistic, pointless use of slime pits you cannot escape from. A map to curse by. Unsurvivable at 1st go. Not sure if this is good. Easy secrets, though...

(played both on skill 3, this may have affected negatively impressions on gameplay).

Me loves this kind of (s)crap!!! 
...transcending the speedmap concept.

Both good, apart from the end of Drews. More comments....whenever. 
Hrm Hrm. 

nice maps dudes. 
great maps!!! love then both...

Drew was very hard... took me 4 times to finish arghhhh

Hrim much easy and relaxing map, gameplay very fun and with a real nice layout!

first demos and first after death :\

they should have bether place to rest becouse were fun maps and not much will play then like in normal maps! 
Yeah, I made it easier too... shit. 
And Hrims map was fucking awesome. 
I Knew It!!! 
Finally came around to play these maps.
As I suspected Drews map was just plain exelent!
Once again he shows who is the master of small maps!

Damn good map Drew lets have some more of that kind! 
Played Them A While Ago 
Hrim's map was ok, but nothing special and the gameplay felt a bit tedious.

Drew' map was good, but nothing special and the lighting felt a minlighty and when do you start checking your maps for items falling out.

What ? A Speedmap Pack ?? 
Well, those maps are so good I doubt it is a speedmap pack... though...

Anyway, I loved both of them, and both could have been released in the news thread separately ;) ...

Keep it up ! 
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