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SM150: 150
3 speedmaps by Eric, NahkahiiR (wooot, yet ANOTHER new face) and Spirit more or less for theme "150".


Download: (500 Kilobytes)
I really like Eric's (nice texturing!) and NahkahiiR's maps. Imaginative and fun small SP.

Mine was supposed to become some terrain-ish something with 150 brushes done in Blender but then I lost my motivation and could not even be bother to fix the leaks... 
Best map ever.

The others were okay too. Fun gameplay. 
I Almost Did One Yknow 
but it was shit. i invested all of 10 minutes in it. And trying to get my current map into alpha is taking longer than I expected, mainly due to work and play related exhaustion.

Congrats dudes! 
My Excuse... 
I wanted to do something for this, I really did, but I'm in the middle of a rather large code refactoring and ... well, the editor sprung so many leaks during this voyage that I lost too much time stopping to plug them all up.

Hopefully next time! 
I started one too, but then gave up because I wasn't feeling like mapping. Seeing how slopply Spirit is at taking screenshots as of late, I don't regret it.

Eric: 150 brushes? I liked how I got the secret Quad, gibbed some monsters on my drop down and could see them bounding around on the intermission screen.

NahkahiiR: Reminds me of some other (kind of similar) speedrun map I once played for Quaddicted. Can you beat my 0:46 run???? I think so. :P

Spirit: Hooray for science. 
"Seeing how slopply Spirit is at taking screenshots as of late, I don't regret it."

A little gamma correction would go a long ways as well. I see mostly black when I click these shots. 
Oh Oh Oh !!! 
Well, decent pack.

Eric: Cool gameplay, nice architecture...

NahkahiiR: Same textures used too much.. but quite good for a first SM (??)

Spirit: For the sake of the blender ;) I have to test it now on QuArK... shit.. but no monsters :P

Keep it up guys !! 
negke: I let other people do runs on my map, I got a 32 for the Easy Run though.

JPL: I didn't want to waste time for choosing different textures, it's just a speedmap, alright? Most of the time went to playing with brushes, I messed up connecting rooms quite a bit.

I'm now thinking what kind of map I'll do next... there'll be better textures for sure. 
NahkahiiR - weird map, not bad for the beginning though. The ending was almost overkill - but you have planned it this way right? The steps were irritating.

Spirit - I guess the map had it's reasons but I just can't find'em. Can't find any monsters also :P

Eric - very nice map, i liked playing it a lot. It was interesting and fun. I couldn't shoot the button at the beginning. Was it planned this way or was it just a limitation of the engine I use (joequake)?

Here are my first play demos: 
Yeah, I planned that skills 2 and 3 would be difficult in the end. I watched your demo and wondered why you didn't take the rocket launcher.

Actually I made this map to receive feedback/criticism from experienced mappers. Testing stuff, you know. I blame the theme for a weird map idea. 
nice maps!!!

Spirit please monsters... at least one! chif :(

Ericw nice map the trigger at start was very hard!!! now i go find the secret quad!

nahkaiir fun map as hell, very nice map! :) you just forgot to add some extra rockets, :\ i wanted to wasted those hell_nights and i did�t had ammo... that sucked ;)

first runs ladies!!! 
Why am I sloppy at taking screenshots? I always try to catch the mood of the map in a somewhat interesting place without spoiling.

If they are too dark for you then excuse me for taking shots in Quake's normal brightness. They look fine for me.

Ankh: In normal Quake you cannot aim straight up and down. Some custom engines removed that. I had to cheat too. :) 
Spirit - I didn't have to cheat to get the trigger. I have found a way :)

Nahk - was there a RL?? I must be blind! 
I meant the darkness. Since you're running THE Quake screenshot site, you know that even if a map looks ok in-game, the screenshots are almost always too dark for website use without additional work. Hence I called you sloppy (or lazy for that matter). 
He's organizing the packs, and I can just download them in the course of 5 seconds, so to me the screenshots are totally fine. But whatever - I love you all, so lets make 151 a peace and harmony and love theme part 2! Or fullbright, so everyone can see whats happening in the screenshots! Or totally dark so that they don't need to be taken at all.

Still haven't played - too much real life... tis the season, right? 
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