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SM151: Bookworm Bitches From The Ether Space
3 speedmaps by NahkahiiR, Spirit and Trinca for the theme "Bookworm Bitches from the Ether Space".


Download: (800 Kilobytes)
Speedmapping For The Win 
Trinca: Fun map, finding the secret took a while (not on the first attempt) and speedrunning it is awesome. Fitting textures and nice lights.

Spirit: Hmm... weird. I could not get up from the red water thingie. After like 5 attempts of that I had to stop trying to get all kills. Acid experience.

In my map you are returning some books to the Triton4 outpost space library. Unfortunately the library doors are closed so you have to ask nicely from the runekeepers to open the door. 
Is there a rune in nahkis' map? Not common in speedmaps. In fact, have there ever been any before? 
Trinca: Nice one, bro! I loved it.

Nahk: Quit after 6th attempt dying on the 1st jump. The start message was always hidden by the "curtain" effect of the console. Took me 3 restarts to read it. To no avail, anyway...

Spirit: Fell into the red. Unable to get out. Quit. 
Don't fall into the red. :(
That damn bug occured 5 minutes before my timelimit. Earlier it was only projectiles passing through and dogs jumping like crazy.

the silent: Fitzquake logs centerprints to the console, so you can always check there what it said. 
The Silent 
Hmm, never even thought about the console effect. In joequake the console goes away instantly so there is no problem reading the text. Now I know, thanks. If you ever try the map again, I wish you good luck on jumping around. :) 
Here, Guys... 
some nm demos.

Spirit, nice idea... You'll see I got a bit lucky, though...

Nahk... Well, sorry pal, I just can't do it. I hate jumping puzzles... Maybe if the floor was a teleporter instead of an instant killer...

Thanks for the effort to everybody, it's always nice to have some new map awaiting to be played! 
Trinca, errr good yes.

Spirit, lol.

Nahk, fun with r_fullbright 1. 
Hi Spurty 
Ok, That Was A Self-own 
At least the shot was always pitch black on my monitor.

As for the maps: Trinca's looked best, gameplay was nothing special, locking the Hellknight horde out was good.
NahkahiiR's was too dark even for a space map, low gravity was nice twist but ultimately, I couldn't be bothered trying to finish it properly.
Spirit's was well experimental and pointless, how did you manage to get the clipping error work so nicely? The only true void color. 
Trinca: Good but too hard imo.

Nahkahiir: Clearly a speedrunner's map.

Spirit: Enjoyed it. Cool bug. 
Nice maps dudes!!!

Spirit i�m not that mad :(

Naka zomggg to hard for me... :| i tried several times but not my kind of game play, the concept was pretty good but i think the platforms were to dark!

my first demos were fast deaths... so no demos! 
Some Demos 
Pretty mad!

None impossible I guess, but spirits was too buggy for me to do first try

NahkahiiR - Nice idea, I never really played that much low gravity stuff, got quite far... (not 1st run hehe)

Trinca - Good fun, like getting vores to start big fights :)

Almost made it.... 
Oh Yeah: 
gb, it's difficult for me to map without speedrunning/tricks in mind because my quake "career" started when I saw the Qdqwav video and then wanted to do the same tricks. So I have to admit my map is too hard for some people. I try to make easier one next time. :)

"Swimming" in the air is the key to this map although it can be finished without that. And yes... teleporter in the bottom would have been a better idea...

One first run demo, 3 speedruns - 
gb did get the secret quad?

is peace of cake with it :) 
Looks Interesting 
I'll play it soon... 
Trinca: very nice, great balancing (missed the secret), superB atmosphere.

will play the rest soon. 
Nahkahiir: Well, it's probably just that I suck :-P

Trinca: Heh. Now I'll have to play it again. :) 
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