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Coagula Pack #3
After literally days of procrastination and delays, the 3rd Coagula Pack has been released.

And it just so happened that on the third of the second in the twothousandandninths he who calls himself Trinca proposed the gathering of mappers to thereby form a conglomerate of maps.

Those maps - which as He suggested to be of the Coagula style - would be floating in the void. The peons were interested and so it was decided that delivery day was to be the last of March. Rules came and went, people joined and dropped. De-Quothed it was and to be started within Idone Vanilla.

There were screams of pain and moans of happiness to be heard all across Funcia.

Pack contains 6 maps and a start map.

Screenshots: : ericw : gb : RickyT23 : spy : Trinca : Willem : Start Map


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Use Fitzquake 0.85.
And the yellow stuff might be a missing -bpp 32 (yay for HackNeyed! 
Oh, gl_texturemode without any argument does nothing, does it? And the gl_texsort and gl_detail would need a + to be actually used.

I'd suggest putting all the stuff into an autoexec.cfg 
I Think Someone Said It Exceeds Lightmaps Limit 
I would need to confirm this. But if thats that case then DP, AGlQuake and Fitz 0.85 should all run it fine. :)

Not sure about the yellow smudges thing, im guessing you have an ATI card in your computer..... 
Just Checked... 
yeah, gb's map exceeds the lightmap limit, so you need an engine that has expanded that limit. 
im guessing you have an ATI card in your computer

Not True 
I am no NVidia fanboi, ATI's graphics card features intruigue me. The thing is that on this forum time and time again ATI cards/drivers seem to cause all sorts of problems with engines and editors. And weird yellow smudges sounds like the sort of thing.

I just dont think that they are very software backwards-compatible. 
Or maybe the glquake codebase is just shit?
I've never had any problems running Quake on my ATI cards. 
Elevator To Hell... 
Pretty much fails as a gameplay idea. The potential is there but not well executed.

Easy grenade jump out of it, wait 2 mins, drop down Quad kill exit.

Rest of that map is cool tho. 
Or hide in the corner. Grenade jumping is way too much work. :) 
I Agree With Shambler. 
I got fried about 5 times on the elevator to hell before I finally made it through - other than that section, which was creative and just too challenging, best map by far! Great atmosphere and the fiends were fun and kind of hilarious.
Awesome pack! haven't played quake in like, weeks and this was just what I needed. Thanks to everyone involved! 
thanks, fitquake085 really can run the map, but it is very laggy at the start area, horrible r_speeds. and yes, I got ATI card. 
Good to have sass on the board, yes. Nice beatdown, errr no.

Bloody obviously flawed argument. Can't be arsed to demonstrate why, yet. 
1. Ricky23T

some considerable distance

2. The start map.

3=. Everyone else. 
For GB Atheist route. I dick around, ignore monsters, and all sorts of knobbery. 
Half-played The Pack So Far... 
random comments:

1. willem's lift was pretty tough, even hiding in the corner seemed like a bad tactic because it failed me the first couple times i tried it... i think there's a specific corner that probably works better.

2. willem's monsterjump-in-the-void idea was hilarous and effective, the random fiend suprises kept things pretty tense and interesting in that outside section -- and added a freshness to the generic "fight guys on open walkways" gameplay.

3. the start map was good, and I disagree with the idea that start maps should just "get out of the way" -- part of the purpose of a start map is to set the mood for the map(s) to come. It's not just a glorified map menu. It's possible that the various entrances could be more identifyable from a distance, and maybe they should look different so you can remember which ones you've used. Also, there's a spawnflag to skip the intermission screen which would have been good to use here. But overall, I thinkl it was a nice start map.

4. gb, I think the only thing that was really needed in your map was an initial centerprint message saying something like "choose a god before you continue" and then for the altars to say "touch this altar to choose the protection of Cthulhu" etc. 
Half Played Too 
The start looks very cool. Nice theme.

Ricky: don't really like the skybox, looks a bit too colorful. Highlights for me were the moving cross stuff and the end looks really cool. Overall very good map.

Ericw: Not too fond of the skybox again, kills a lot of atmosphere. Was a nice blast, my favourite map so far.

Willem: Like the metal theme, those fiends jumping around were cool. Elevator was a bit too hard for me. Very nice too. 
How does one get the Quad secret near to the start on ericw's map? Darkplaces likes to drop it randomly (yay, proof that this engine is not good for playing Quake). 
nice to play some non-base maps finally! void maps are my favourite. Shame it got de-quothed though, as I love the lovecraftian feel of that. 
Start Map 
I didn�t mean before that a start map should get out of the way - I reckon alot of the recent releases suffer from lack of start maps.

Instead that skill should have been selected only once, at the beggining of the pack, and then have a loop back if the player wants to change skill after finishing a map for some reason.

that�s all. 
yeah, that would have been good... too bad info_player_start2 works only in maps named "start.bsp" right? Or would it have worked here? 
No, But 
The player needs to be holding a rune for it to work. Digs04 uses this trick. 
This Pack Is Layed Out As If 
each individual map was an episode.

I like the abstract way in the past Remix Mapping Challenge pack where the pack had 1 or 2 maps from each episode all inked together in a hub. It was strange because it only had 1 or two maps from each episode, and it told you which when you were at the teleporter.

As did this start map. I guess :)

I dont think there was anything wrong with it, but i can see how the immersiveness is slightly removed because of this, because it makes the experience a lot less epic-feeling.
Less connectivity >:o 
The secret in Kadath is reached by means of jumping into the void at a very specific spot in front of a column (indicated by buttons) which is across from a set of stairs, which teleports one to where the Quad Damage should be; the teleporter works even if the Quad ended up on the floor. 
Start Map Does Not Launch 
writes some backpacktouch error under quakespasm, pls help 
Start Map Does Not Launch 
ah, incompatible with bastion/marcher games by Kinn I guess, ok 
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