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Coagula Pack #3
After literally days of procrastination and delays, the 3rd Coagula Pack has been released.

And it just so happened that on the third of the second in the twothousandandninths he who calls himself Trinca proposed the gathering of mappers to thereby form a conglomerate of maps.

Those maps - which as He suggested to be of the Coagula style - would be floating in the void. The peons were interested and so it was decided that delivery day was to be the last of March. Rules came and went, people joined and dropped. De-Quothed it was and to be started within Idone Vanilla.

There were screams of pain and moans of happiness to be heard all across Funcia.

Pack contains 6 maps and a start map.

Screenshots: : ericw : gb : RickyT23 : spy : Trinca : Willem : Start Map


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i'm impressed with your start map, for me its the best map from the pak 
This pack is plain amazing. One map nicer than the other. Wow!

I still have to finish Willem's map without dying in that lift though. :P 
looks great guys - nice variety in themes/build styles. 
"I still have to finish Willem's map without dying in that lift though. :P"

There's a pretty easy trick to it but I won't spoil it unless everyone gets stuck there. 
I Agree With Spy! 
Be-ea-eaut-ifulll start map! Good job nonentity :D

I will play through these maps as soon as I get the time, more later! 
Great Pack 
I'm very pleased to see this many entries, more than I'd expected. Good job, guys. Boring skill 1 firstrun demos with lots of dying and drunken laming:
And a superficial ranking since this was meant to be a contest:

1. spy
2. ericw
3. RickyT23
4/5. Willem/Trinca (tied -can't decide)
6. gb

spy: Small, but solid layout and style. A bit tricky in places but very enjoyable overall. Probably comes closest to what I had in mind for my map (besides the brown brick theme).

ericw: Most Coagula contest-like of the pack for some reason. Pretty hard in the beginning, but then it worked out fine. Expect more Shub deco in the future. ;)

RickyT23: Basically good, also given the short time you made it in (?). Somehow felt something was missing, though - a certain ingredient. Still fun. Colored lighting looked weird, especially with that brick texture.

Willem: Good theme (original Coagula) and I liked the blocky geometry in places. The monster jumping was neat, though their void behavior looked kind of strange and there was always the risk of Fiend superjumps. Gameplay was fine until the elevator. I obiviously didn't get the idea or whatever method you intended for the player, so it ended up being a very frustrating ending for an otherwise potentially nice map.

Trinca: Clean construction that could have used more slopes and less boxy walls. Reminded me a lot of one of your speedmaps (a sequel probably). There were too few medkits for my taste and too many Hellknights.
I found the frustration level in Willem's and your map to be quite equal, that's why your tied for the 4th spot.

gb: Unfortunately, the map looks very basic and rushed - hardly any details and good lighting. I understand it's because of the deadline and all, so that's ok. The fiend pit/lift thing was cool, though it could have done with different monsters (kind of reminded me of that one Doom map - e2m2?). Could be called truely oldschoolish if playing with sunglasses, I guess. Would have been nice with more polish.

nonentity: Nice start map, especially as I expected something way simpler. Its style reminded me of qtfin. Also yay for the negke exit. The ladders are a bit odd, I would have prefered narrow half-spiral staircases or something like that (to fit better with the theme). I'm a sucker for broken bricks and loose stones.

I played all the maps without the skyboxes, by the way. Shame on those of you who used that pseudo-space sky texture. None of the maps had proper 'void lighting' which made some of the Scrag encounters challenging and some kind of annoying, but never mind. Anyway, thanks for these maps - it was about time such a pack was released again. 
Negk3's Was The Best 
then the start map 
OK, before anyone else gets too irritated ... the message at the beginning is meant to imply that bad shit is about to happen. Hide in a corner of the elevator and kill only what you must. It's the best way to get through it... 
An evening of RQ for this, but was well worth it - and to finish all maps will cost me another.

Don't read too much into gameplay comments - modified progs.

These will all sound like negative comments, but hopefully they're constructive.

ericw: This looked great until I got a bit higher up and the platforms got thinner, then just good. Still above average visually but it seemed a bit odd. Also died more from falling than the monsters, though that's probably just my clumsiness. Was tough at the start because of all the Ogres but got alot easier towards the end - Id've preferred kill 16 Vores as opposed to 4 Shamblers, who I could just back away from. Very solid map on all fronts and seemed to keep the DM format well.

Trinca: Clean looks, if a bit bland. Gameplay was good although a bit more mix would have been nice - a few more in your face enemies just for shits and giggles, like Spawn and Fiends. Strong Trinca theme.

Start map - looks great. Only annoyance is having to bunny hop the rocks every time or play on an easier skill start2 or some spawn trigger hack could have solved.

Ok so I played less than a third. Getting old. 
ricky - another very good map, not as detailed as usual but they style is still great and fresh for both quake and coagula. I liked the colored lighting again, you definitely know how to use it. Would have preferred slightly more broken up texturing.

ericw - nice visuals but the gameplay was terrible IMHO. It's pretty much a selaex box arena and the horde combat didnt work for me. Nice shub use and skybox though.

trinca - solid build style but repetitive and flat. Gameplay is 2d only which is a shame. Developed well enoguh from the speedmap but might have been better to keep the speedmap style but build from scratch.

nonentity - brilliant start map!

havent played the others yet. 
screenshots look great. I'll have to try and find some time to play the pack. 
I Know What I'm Gonna Do This Evening 
Play this pack: the shots look good.... more feedback later :) 
Great Pak,congrats To All Guys 
ricky's map is fucking brilliant, highlight of the pak, here's skill3 demo 
One can finish Ricky's map quite fast, I accidentaly did so on my first attempt. 0:35, beat me!

Unfortunately it runs not so great for me, I died some because of laggyness (no VIS?) & jump over the void. 
Just Did It 
0:31, sorry no demo, i'm sure it's possible to run it even less time 
willem - nice build style, very clean, very pleasing. Nice use of the jump void too, clever. Gameplay was fine but I do think the elevator was a misstep. I worked out what to do quick enough, but then it just becomes a boring ride down :)

gb - um, quite plain and the gameplay is ridiculous. where's the ammo?

spy - very nice looking and playing map. one of my favorites from the pack along with ricky's. 
Here's My Shitty Demo 
cant open the demo spy in joequake and fitzquake085 
Try Aguirre Quake 
Haha, you totally kick my ass on the route. I walked way further because I did not realise I was passing above that platform. Duh!

And now I'm gonna beat your time. :P 
Nice, Trinca 
but, try the skill 3 instead, that shitty vore is blocking the way, (mine031 is skill3 run) 
gb - um, quite plain and the gameplay is ridiculous. where's the ammo?

Did you go atheist? If so, replay and pick a god. Try several, too. That's kinda the point of this map. Atheists are expected to cope on their own ;-)

I suggest Yogg-Sothoth, Shub is more geared towards the RMQ shotguns and if you pick her, you'll have to save ammo until you get the SNG, which is doable since you can kill most monsters there when coming back. I made killing monsters in this map completely optional, you can even exit without any kills by just jumping off at the start.

Otherwise, you can't really miss the ammo in this map unless something is still (or again) broken. Map was tested in Tyrquake, so I dunno if items fall out in DP or something (which would be the only explanation if you really can't find enough ammo).

It's interesting how people actually expect to "finish" a map after the first playthrough, typically by killing all monsters. Don't you people ever get tired of that? There is no law saying that you have to kill each and every damn scrag on the spot. Again, sorry, wrong map to expect that from. If you run out of ammo, 1) blame yourself and 2) simply ignore monsters. Don't waste ammo on scrags just in order to be fried by shalraths later.

You guys take far too many things for granted (like killing all monsters in the order in which they appear - if you have no ammo, continue further into the map to find some, yes?). Then you get grumpy when you aren't given those things on a silver tablet. Wake up, Quake doesn't have to be that way all the time.

Negke: Well, here, have your money back. I like almost abstract maps with fast gameplay and a couple new ideas, you like painstakingly broken up floor and other stuff like that (which is why your maps don't make the deadline). Sorry, not going to see that from me - wrong person to ask.

Pope and others: Rating a map without gameplay (but with broken up floor and chopped off columns) at the top, second only to a nonexistant map, is sadly typical for this "community". I don't believe it was a joke actually, which is sad.

I hope one or two ppl will have fun with my map, which is the point.

I'm pretty aware I map for the wrong game at this point. Although I still think Quake doesn't have to end there.

Finally, I also played a couple maps!

Spy: Like I said earlier, this is a typical Quake map in many ways, which is why people will like it. The best word to describe the map is "solid". I really don't get why some people here and on that abominable IRC channel say that the startmap is the best map of the pack, you must be kidding. Spy's map should pretty much satisfy even the most conservative players.

Ricky: Neat map, I thought the "dark powers" stuff has been done to death though, same as breaking bricks out of the walls, but I liked the gameplay. The SNG jump thing was nice. The final stretch with the SK and across the roof was a bit tacked on, I think there should have been a boss fight in the church instead. :)

ericw: Hard arena style combat made me run like a rabbit here, and die, and die again, which I liked. The upper parts of the map, ie the walkways, felt a bit less satisfying. Some nice looks in part of the map. The four shambler bit again felt somewhat unnecessary and tacked on. But I liked the map overall. Probably OK in deathmatch, too.

Trinca: Looks like this was your speedmap with some new layers, so many of the same comments apply. Gosh, that's a lot of monsters in the same place. My crappy skills can't cope with this, sadly. My fault though.

Willem: The map kept segfaulting so hard it froze my X server in Tyrquake .59. It seems to do something unusual. I'll have to try this in another engine still.

Nonentity: The start map is adequate, but I think it misses the bus on being a start map somewhat. Top priority for a start map should be giving the player easy access to all the other maps, and to the skill selection, and otherwise stay out of the way. Ijed said it best.

In general, jumping puzzles over void/lava should be avoided IMO, since the punishment (instakill) is out of proportion to missing a jump. It creates frustration and not much more.

Thanks to all the other guys for a fun pack and lack of flamewars over deadlines. Overall a pretty mature thing. It was fun, see you guys around. 
ricky's map on easy in 26 seconds:

Do use the SDA demo progs for accurate times.

I hope NahkahiiR does not start running. ;) 
I was down to 27.5x for Nightmare, but now I lost my mojo and knights always get in my way (or I bump into the geometry just above the exit). Damn fun though. :) 
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