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SM152: Otherworldly Color
2 speedmaps by Drew and Generic for the theme "Otherwordly Color."

1 in "Ugly" and 1 in Azure, respectively. Enjoy!


Download: (193 kb)
Nice maps by two speedmap celebrities. Hope you'll stick around now. ;) 
GG, you two. 
Seems like forever since I've seen a map from you! I like yours better - it's neat, and clean, and well lit. 
Thanks for participating! Your map rocked! I especially liked the way the combat just keeps coming at you. I spent way too long trying to set up the monster teleporters in mine - there are even two destinations for the fiend if try shooting him or taking the super shotgun first. Hopefully there will be more speedmapping and I can work on being more efficient next time...

Thanks for the posted comments/demos so far! 
I hate setting up teleports. thats the main reason I usually use quoth, and one of the reasons the end of my map was kind of crappy. 
Verrry Nice. 
Good speedmaps. Generic, short and sweet. Drew, excellent map, worthwhile in it's own right not just as a speedmap. More mappage needed, all!! 
nice maps dudes!!!

Drew map look like a id1 single player full map :) large and fun

Generic love the combat just think it was to easy on hard :) will try nightmare right away...

first demos! 
I don't think you'll find Nightmare any harder. I only used one skill setting :p

Nice footwork! 
You play exactly how I'd imagine. And I knew your kid was attacking you before you even wrote it! 
Good Stuff 
Generic: well I fell for the fiend trap ("What's this? SSG and a fiend with its back turned? It doesn't get any sweeter than this!") But I chuckled as I got violently molested from behind :)

Drew: the antithesis of ugly & uninspired. (OK, the purple water was a bit blinding). Frenetic fights, nice layout, and I liked the viewangle at the end. Good to have you back! 
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