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Speedmap Pack 153 Reased!
The theme was "Caught Between Slipgates", and we have 2 maps. Have fun! (Requires Quoth to play.)

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Cool maps. Thanks. 
That, in fact, did NOT suck Drew.
It was pretty dang tasty. 
yours is seriously fucking awesome. I love it, and the gameplay. brutal. tuff. awesome demon/ shambler placement. 
nice! ima download 
Well the level which is all like crumbling away was sweet, recorded a demo, will post later. Enjoyed the cramped gameplay, very much panic driven, which is good :D
The other level was nice because there was time at the start to roll a fag. I went through the teleporter and found myself on a ledge with a death knight. Killed the knight, and I could see that there were more ledges above me, but any attempt to progress resulted in death! Still, it looked pretty cool. Anyone care to divulge some key tactics here......? 
"The other level was nice because there was time at the start to roll a fag."

Ahh cultural differences, how I love you... 
Aah Sweet Deadly White Stick 
How you slowly kill me....... 

You should see the crap I hack up on a morning... 
very cool levels
zwiffle's particularly, sorta coagula pak outtake 
Look Down 
Nice Maps 
omg, Drew u so epic 
Not sure, I went through Drews teleporter and was at the bottom of a large black box with the level above me. Is that supposed to happen? I couldn't see a way back up... 
From the first Gay Hack At You From Miles Away Quoth Knight, hunt around the island, there's a teleporter just below, then it all kicks off.

Good maps. 
Oh, Quoth. Forgot about is needing Quoth, that would probably help... 
I Wanted To Be More Epic. 
but I couldnt cram it all in there.

totally didn't work out like I wanted. 
Well R(el)eased! 
Good pack!!!

Drew throws waves and waves of baddies at you but makes you suffer -- and sometimes die -- on an early, extended elevator ride. Skyboxed and all, it could have been a bit more forgiving for those of us who wander over the edges.

Zwiffle gives Quoth de-construction a try and succeeds. Again, maybe some forgiveness for the not-so-fleet-of-foot, and the in-your-face ending Shalrath was just plain mean.


Lt. Dan 
"Drew throws waves and waves of baddies at you but makes you suffer -- and sometimes die -- on an early, extended elevator ride."

Yeah, was that intentional or was it that "you have a long lift" bug? I had that in 'White Room' as well. Sometimes you'd just start taking damage while riding the lift for no apparent reason. 
not intentional. If I want to hurt the player I'll use monsters instead.
Does anyone know why that happens? 
I Figured 
that I somehow got stuck against some brush or something one the decent. Once I moved out of the way I stopped taking damage. Not sure though.

Generic, if you problems, just use noclip. I did when I got knocked off the egyptian pillar part of Drew's map (I was not going to go through all that again, so whatever.) 
"Does anyone know why that happens?"

I dunno, I had to work around it in my coagula map as well. I just shorten the lift until it stop happening, basically. Must be some engine bug. 
Keep Moving. 
I managed to get to the bottom without taking any damage.

You have to keep moving, but not in wide movements. That worked for me.

Maybe I'm just one lucky bastard, though... 
Outstanding Pack!!! 
Nice maps with cool combats... cheated in drew�s map :| died lots of times... very fun the part before end but kind of hard!

First and second demos!

drew demo complete maybe later alligator! 
I Know To Keep Moving. 
I just don't understand why that happens. seems so arbitrary and unrelated to anything else... 
Very good maps. Zwiffle's was great looking and the fights were also very nice.
In Drew's map I liked the first part better. I had to cheat to get to the end. Did anyone manage to finish it without dying? 
I finished it first time without dying. I strongly suspect this is due to luck, as I haven't managed to do it again! 
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