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The Delectable SM155_pack Released!
FOUR brand new maps by the ANGRY Ankh, the NEFARIOUS Negke, the TERRIBLE Trinca and yours truly, the lovable, huggable Zwiffle!

Download: sm155_pack_01.rar
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trinca and negke's maps looked really good. i'd like to see those as full sized maps.

negke's map's gameplay was totally doom with the timed lifts and doors. :P really not used to seeing that in quake.

trinca's was fun. it's really only 2 fights, but i like the constant movement fights and the one with all the hks and shambler is fun with the gl.
GL vs shambler is really fun because the damage is high (50% damage is only for rockets) but scoring hits on a fast moving target with grenades is tough, esp when dodging a swarm of hks.

zwiffle's map had good but slow gameplay. dunno if forcing RL on shambler was intended or not, but it was different.

ankh's map's gameplay was good at the start, with all the monsters from every angle, but it slows down near the end when everything starts to be dead. 
Never Realised 
gls caused full damage on blers.
... huh... 
Best Weapon In Id1 

and also,
agreed. ankhs ending was too easy. 
i thought all explosives caused half damage on shamblers, including voreballs, exploding boxes, etc. 
yes and no.

the 50% only applies to radius damage.
since explosives are coded to do T_Damage to other and then do the radius damage, ignoring other, rockets had to have the 50% built into their touch function, but grenades don't (they forgot to put it in?). also, grenades are technically more efficient because they do a flat 120 damage per 'nade while rockets do 100-120 damage. 
good to know. 
Yeah, that's news to me. Nice. I'll keep 'nades in mind for dealing with shamblers then... 
i always knew that grenades have more efect on shamby then rocket but i never knew why :|

no i know, thanks :) 
I Disagreed 
just checked, 12-13 grens to kill the sham, directly (ie direct hit), in his face 
You sure about that? I tried and the grenade damage appears halved: 
I.e. What Spy Said 
without checking I think that grenades don't like shamblers.
Anyway the GL is still the best weapon in quake. 
Is It The Splash Damage Then? 
Because with direct hits, grenades are even less effective than rockets (12 vs 11). It also takes 11 SSG hits btw. 
Please Re-read Combat.qc And Weapons.qc 
Shamblers will take half damage in all cases of grenade and rocket.

T_Damage (combat.qc) never checks if the monster is a shambler, as it was assumed that these checks would already have been performed. This is the function in Quake that is intended to perform all final damage calculations. Putting the shambler checks in here would mean the shambler takes half damage all the time. :)

T_RadiusDamage (combat.qc) does check if an entity is a shambler and halves the damage in that case. It then calls T_Damage to apply this halved damage.

Whether a grenade explodes on its own or hits a target, GrenadeExplode (weapons.qc) is the function that will set the damage dealt. It calls T_RadiusDamage in all cases, never T_Damage. Given the information above, this means that grenades will always do half damage to shamblers.

Exploding barrels, ogre grenades, voreballs, spawn/tarbaby explosions, and underwater lightning gun explosions all only call T_RadiusDamage, so half damage for shamblers is already taken care of without extra code.

Rockets are a bit more complicated because their T_MissileTouch (weapons.qc) gives a special case for direct hits.
In the case that a rocket hits a shambler directly, damage is halved and T_Damage is called. Since T_Damage never checks if the monster involved is a shambler, this is necessary.

In the case that a rocket hits a shambler by splash damage, T_RadiusDamage is called. Making a special case for the shambler before calling T_RadiusDamage is unnecessary because that function will already halve the damage. 
That's Wild 
i have no idea why i misread the grenade touch function. o.o 
Don't Worry About It 
I forgive you. 
SDA Contest 
This is the reason why I didn't post any demos to this thread - a new contest on Trinca's map takes place now!

Have a look at it here - 
nice! will try to make better then 14� place...

:( was very bad... i need to improve my skill a bit 
Be glad that I didn't send mine in. You would be 15th :P 
SM155_pack Added To The SDA Archives 
Nice Pack 
What's the cheap way in my map? Slope jump up the roof right after the start door? 
The new demos have been posted, so go to SDA and have look :-) 
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