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The Delectable SM155_pack Released!
FOUR brand new maps by the ANGRY Ankh, the NEFARIOUS Negke, the TERRIBLE Trinca and yours truly, the lovable, huggable Zwiffle!

Download: sm155_pack_01.rar
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the ZWAIFABLE Zwiffle? 
I Believe It Was 
the HUNGRY Ankh, the FURIOUS Negke, the TERRIBLE Trinca and yours truly, the lovable, GIBBABLE Zwiffle
Oh, My....'s 1965 all over again!
Gotta love allitterations!

Guess it's clobberin' time.... 
The Zany Zwiffle 
Zealous, Zwiffle... 
...the lighting in the final jumping puzzle, though, was a little misleading, I supposed you could get back up by rocket jumping, but got fucked by a void floor?

Trinca, thorough.

Ankh, approachable.

Negke, nifty. 
Deceving Demos, Anyone? 
...This allitteration thing is a drug... 
Zetetic Zwiffle 
I originally went with Zygotoan Zwiffle. But that doesn't sum up my personality as well as huggable does. :D 
nice pack girls!

my favorit was Ankh map :) look like a small id1 map ;)

first and second demos and my extra fast run in my map :p 
Yeah, good pack, I guess. Ankh's was the most 'solid'. Trinca's too dark and too much reminiscent of hiscoag map and the other one, Zwiffle's bland as usual but his aura of huggability and awesomeness let it shine anyhow. 
negke use a proper client and with the use ofgl_gamma and gl_contrast with proper configuration it look normaly dark and evil... 
Ankhs Was Best 
but pretty much tied with negke, since his had an adorable not quite throwback style. 
The Affable Ankh For The Win! 
Nice pack of good clean fun ;) 
teaser screenshotZ? 
Yes Pls 
yay a doom map! awesome 
Negke's was neat, textured ala Doom with an interesting entrance/exit trick.

Trinca's was a tease, reminiscent of his coagula map but much shorter.

Zwiffle's was a zip, but I never found the end :(

I can hardly wait for the next installment! 
They Are All Good 
I like them all! Very cool! No demos this time, there is a reason for that... stay tuned. 
Good Release 
What others said: I want more SM pack of this quality ! Go map ! 
Good Work :) 
nice small map. good quality. relaxing. the secret was also very good.

cool map. really enjoyed the gameplay. I have died by my own miserable play. map was also good looking and moody

again. very good gameplay with a lot of surprises. also the layout and jumping was nice.

I needed about 6 hours to make my map. I just can't imagine how to squeeze brushwork, sealing of the leaks, gameplay, lightning and testing into one hour.

All in all I have to say it is a very good pack :)

My demos: 
trinca and negke's maps looked really good. i'd like to see those as full sized maps.

negke's map's gameplay was totally doom with the timed lifts and doors. :P really not used to seeing that in quake.

trinca's was fun. it's really only 2 fights, but i like the constant movement fights and the one with all the hks and shambler is fun with the gl.
GL vs shambler is really fun because the damage is high (50% damage is only for rockets) but scoring hits on a fast moving target with grenades is tough, esp when dodging a swarm of hks.

zwiffle's map had good but slow gameplay. dunno if forcing RL on shambler was intended or not, but it was different.

ankh's map's gameplay was good at the start, with all the monsters from every angle, but it slows down near the end when everything starts to be dead. 
Never Realised 
gls caused full damage on blers.
... huh... 
Best Weapon In Id1 

and also,
agreed. ankhs ending was too easy. 
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