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Help Plz!
Hey i am new here, i was redircted from to ask you guys about a map collection known as Q2 for quake. its plays fine but there are no slipgate or level exits during play. These are solo maps therefore monsters are present during play, any help would greatly appreciated. =]
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somebody was doing a Travail prequel map

That 'somebody' would be distrans, and the prequels would be pdbq_sp1 and 
Yes, distrans was working on one. Although the map was already completed, he decided to hold it back and redo the end battle, but didn't get to it yet due to being busy with other things. It's a good map and I hope he can find some time to finish it soon. 
As To This Q2 Collection 
I looked at some of the maps. It's really a big fucking lol.
All maps look like this - the layout slightly different in each one and each uses a different texture (on every surface). There seem to be two kinds of prefabs used for all of them, the one above and one with rectangular passages. No brush models, only monsters and items (hence no exit). The deathmatch maps are the same, just without monsters.
This looks like someone just used a simple 'map creator' script. The thought that this was being sold (and bought) is absurd - so if something really deserves the term 'rip-off', then this "collection." 
Speedmapping Theme: 
Take the template in the picture and make it fun. 
Without Changing The Layout 
Does anyone know where i can download the full version of Dark Hour For Quake? i have been looking for it for a while now... i don't care if the maps ain't great i mean they look better then Q2 thats for sure! XD 
Dark Hours is a waste of time. Just play everything mark nice and excellent @ Quaddicted. 
fair point i have been browsing quaddicted pages and added blue hell to my collection, i mean i guess i really just wanted to add Dark Hour's maps to my collection. i mean is it a free collection? or do ya have ta pay for it? if so i won't touch it. i mean from the screenshots it looks slightly better then Q2, or i guess i just enjoy playing crappy maps! (a bit sad i guess) but whatever i guess thats how i role. 
You have to pay for them. 
yeh i guess it is best left alone then. thank you for helping me out though. 
Don't pay for Dark Hour! It too is utter crap. It seems that I lost my copy, gonna have to bug a certain someone again some day, heh.

Here is a list of files you can get in (append them to the url):
Aftershock Deluxe.7z
Aftershock Toolbox.7z
Eternal Darkness (german).7z
Level Master V.7z
Power Tools for Quake.7z
Quake It (german).7z

For some reviews check

If you want a decent brainfuck go for Tremor. 
some of these i havn't heard of but nevertheless i will definately give em a play through. yeh tremor has over 1000 levels right? 
Why do you like crappy maps that much? 
hmmm? nah its not soo much that i like wasting my time. i just like the simplity sometimes, i mean i am not saying i would play em all the time. cause from time to time i do like a challenge in the maps i play. i was just interested in these map packs after hearing lots of things about em. i mean you know some people like em some don't, it is really down to personal taste i guess. but i like inventive maps too. so yeh i guess it depends on how i feel when i wanna play a game. and also i find you get more varied styles of gameplay if you have some maps that are not on par with say professionally made maps. but i also do appreciate the effort that professional maps offer and they are usually more crisp thus problems with the mapping is less likely. so as i said it depends on what mood i am in really. 
I guess my browser does not like those 'dots' in filenames for QED and QED2. Would you check them for me please? 
I was mistaken, they were not uploaded. I think I did not even check the files yet.
They both will be available with above filenames in 30 minutes after this post. 
Much appreciated, Spirit. Even though the file sizes are different, it seems that the contents of both archives are the same. q.e.d1+2 is corrupted however - q.e.d on the other hand, is password protected. 
On Second Thought.. may forget about it. They don't include any levels apart from a few deathmatch maps for QII. 
And Now For Something Completely Different.... 
Is it possible to run 2 or more mods on Winquake? I am trying to play contract revoked with a weapon mod, BTW. 
darkplaces can though. 
well, it still won't really work though, afaik. DP probably just uses the last mod's progs.dat and doesn't combine them or anything crazy like that. 
DP probably just uses the last mod's progs.dat and doesn't combine them or anything crazy like that.

It should work with contract + $WEAPON_MOD though (contract doesnt have a progs.dat) 
Good Point 
If you just copy and paste the progs.dat in then it should work - you'll need to paste in whatever models and sounds the weapons mod uses as well though.

Then it'll work in any engine. 
Oh Ok 
i knew it had a pak file, i figured it had a progs for some small thing 
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