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Help Plz!
Hey i am new here, i was redircted from to ask you guys about a map collection known as Q2 for quake. its plays fine but there are no slipgate or level exits during play. These are solo maps therefore monsters are present during play, any help would greatly appreciated. =]
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here was where i was redirected from.

And Q2's infromation is here

plus some screenshots taken in game here.

just wandering if anyone else has this collection, so they could tell me what the problem was. 
ah, I thought it was a Quake2 - in - Quake1 conversion or something :)

Can't help with that, sorry. Someone else might. 
I'd like you to provide the bsp file please, it might help to find what's going wrong there... Maybe there is a an trigger_change_level teleport, and you didn't find it yet... though... 
no worries thankz for the reply though. 
Please do not open threads for questions like this, this forum does not work like that. Read before you post.

Those third-party CDs are crap. Don't waste any more money on them. The official mission packs (Scourge of Armagon, Dissolution of Eternity), Malice and Abyss of Pandemonium (now free) are good. Nothing else is worth a dime.

It is perfectly possible that those levels have no exits because they are just a rip-off.

Just download high rated levels from Quaddicted and you will get better than ANY of the commercial addons. :)

Don't use winquake, use Fitzquake:
Then just follow the instructions in each maps' readme. Or use the Quake Injector to get hooked. 
Wtf Lol 
Looking at the screenshots, I wonder how anyone would want to get hold of this collection. Even the "poor"-rated maps at Quaddicted look better than those. erc's review says it all.

There was another crap bootleg pack with retextured early custom maps - Tremor. Try this one instead. 
lol don't try getting the maps from my last link i don't know how to zip em properly. lolol but what ever.. so i guess these maps are basically rubbish oh well. i actually have abyss of pandemonium, scourge and dissolution so i will try those ones! thankz for all your help everyone i guess i will just hang on to it and play em without an exit lolol 
Go Play 
Operation Urth Magik
Castle of Koohoo
Zerstorer Testament of the Destroyer
Soul of Evil
Lost Chapters
Warp Spasm (uh, mine)

Seriously, you're wasting your time with that pack. All of the above are episodes that anyone the least interested in FPS should play.

Looking at the shots I can see why you'd want to leave the maps - but I assume the exit would lead to another bad map X( 
What's Missing 
For episodes from that list? 
I am still looking for people to review those CDs by the way. Haven't got around of making a nice page with all of them. Here is the Q2 one for everyone masochistic: 
yeh i have downloaded rapture and insomnia but i will definately check out of the rest of those maps! cheerz i will give em a try 
The Tremor links are dead btw. 
Haha Omg 
erc's comments. XD 
This map has no trigger_change_level teleporter. I think it is much more a test map embedded in your pack, rather than a real map to play... or it is yet another czg's unfinished crap ;)

Anyway, as others said, you should definitely try some high level pack rather than wasting your time with this one. I don't even want to know where you find it, but for the sake of Quake, please delete it :P 
whoops, thanks. I removed them from the archive a while ago but forgot about the spmaps.html. 
Lost Chapters
The Marcher Fortress
Penumbra of Domination
Thankz Everyone! 
lolol yeh i think that is probably the best thing to do XD. anywayz again cheerz for everyone's input and help. i am gonna go play good old quake I lolol! 
Yeah, just looked at the screenshots. This entire pack must have taken a weekend to put together. :) 
What's missing for episodes from that list?

RemakeQua... yeah. 
I think he meant "now", not "2016". 
Hence why I didn't finish that thought :) 
A Question 
I read somewhere that somebody was doing a Travail prequel map? does anybody have more info on that? 
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