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Deleted News Item.
Edited due to copyright controversy and lack of actual mapping.
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Oh God 
also, illegal. Unless id tolerates qn textures in qn+m games. 
Now that is one fugly map. Well, the links are not meant to live long anyways, eh? 
Sure The Deal Was Rotten, Soon I Will Be Pickin' Carmack's Cotton! 
that was the plan, but whatever.
i dont think id will go for ql custom maps anyway, maybe for the cellphone ports of quake or doom they make a deal with jamba, where you can buy wads with great never seen before content for some fixed price for a whole month long and if you forget to send the cancel message even for a year [:

sadly atm id is kinda acting like the metallica fags - first you make some awesome cool stuff and let your fans taperecord the live shows back in the 80s and if you have become some rich douche you cut your hair and become the first band to sue napster.

and they also said wolf would in no way be like bullshit cod! 
Metallica Fags LMAO Great Post 
Seriously though. Did you really, really think this was a good idea? Really?

Was definitely worth to invest 5 minutes time to convert it.

Nothing was mapped
You don't say. 
My Eyes 
they burn orange. 
The mistake you made was to post a ripped off map on a forum frequented by people whose hobby it is to create original maps, so not only is what you've done unimpressive by their standards, it's also mildly disrespectful.

Wolfenstein is in no way like CoD. To claim otherwise would be to liken Inglourious Basterds to Saving Private Ryan. 
Inertia's Poo Is Orange Too! 
(Agent Orange) 
Dont Be Stuck Up Idiots 
This is actually one of the most played maps in q2, and since plenty of others from previous games have been converted to ql, perhaps you could cut the guy some slack.

he didn't say it was original work. hence the remake part.

get the hell over yourselves, and if you want respect (or others to treat you with it) you can earn it by not being mouthy pieces of shit and belittling someone for converting more content to a form usable in a newer game.

I guess the guys who made the generations mod were just all a bunch of rippoff artists by your "standards". 
Read up on copyright law. 
its not like he's making a profit off of this...

or releasing it under the pretense that it's his original work. 
"its not like he's making a profit off of this... "

Irrelevant. Read up on copyright law.

"or releasing it under the pretense that it's his original work."

Irrelevant. Read up on copyright law. 
Read It... 
some popular maps here admit they rip content directly from other sources yet you didn't comment there. Double standard looks like. 
No offense, Willem, but you're a fucking cunt. 

You aren't id software, and I dont see them taking up a lawsuit over a 10+ year old resource from a game that is open source now.

The map comes with the free patch of the game up to v 3.20.

Which you can apply over the free demo of q2 to make a fully working multiplayer game.


id doesn't give a shit, so why should you, and why should you be so vocal about it?

perhaps you have a bit too much free time.. 
I'm not saying that anyone is innocent or that past violations are fine and dandy - I'm simply trying to stamp out ignorance on this subject. The argument that "he isn't making money off of this" is so fucking tired at this point, I can't believe still try it. 
As is the argument that "the game is 10 years old". It's not a valid argument, and no number of "ha"s typed into a web browser will change that.

Anyway, I know better than to argue copyright laws with anonymous internet twats. 
I Still Think The Whole Thing Is Rock And Roll 
The man

Sticking it to him! 
I approved this as news, I only skimmed it and thought he'd remade the map and that was enough. I didn't realise it was a rip and didn't realise it would attract a load of anonymous abuse on the forum. Now edited. 
I am sure a proper mapped remake of Q2DM1 or indeed any other map - preferably using all the mapping quality available in QuakeLive - although of course much more preferably using original content, will be very welcome here. 
Freedom Of Speech! 
"I thought that first, im gonna sue you!"
"That was my idea, im gonna SUE YOU"

ok you can delete it 
<- For Willem 
Who invited the kindergarten? 
There's a whole shitload of not realizing going on here.

Like people not realizing that nobody gives a flying fuck about some random on the net who thinks he knows every in and out of "copyright law" and proceeds to inform everyone without ever stating a single bit of the "laws" he is supposedly drawing such conclusions from.

Who's law?

Is there some magical internet wide copyright law we should all know about now? 
Well, you obviously DO give a flying carpet fuck about it. Welcome to Func btw. 
the caring would be about him or her, not "it"

I don't care about his/her non-points and non-evidence.

I do care that he's acting like a douche for no apparent reason other than he's sick and tired of people thinking they know better than he does.

couple that with the bashing of a guy's contribution who probably had no idea that he'd generate such a "legit modder" backlash for releasing some content ripped from another game, on a board where people regularly post content that is ripped from other games, and you'll get why I'm posting.

Mappers don't all start out making their own shit from scratch. They often try converting something they like from one game to another just to learn how mapping works for a certain game.

If they all got crapped on at this point over some copyright non-issues, based on intellectual property laws in one country that are completely ludicrous, none of them would get beyond that point and make original content.

they'd probably just think modders are stuck up.

I am sure a proper mapped remake of Q2DM1

Funny you should mention that . . .

Mappers don't all start out making their own shit from scratch.

Most do? Very few mappers will convert something as their first attempt at mapping because it means having knowledge of both games as well as the more complex tools needed to make the conversion.

Word to the wise - when you're spouting transparent bullshit remember that there are people who know what you're talking about who will call you out on it. 
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