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.RMF Broken Telephone Mapping Game
- Add your own section of brush work.
- Try not to edit exisitng brushes.*
- You do not have to texture.
- You do not have to add entities.

*Obviously, you may need to adjust a few vertices, that's cool.

.RMF game lunch'd!:

Since we're working with source files, someone could easily rip out entire chunks and compile a map.
By uploading an .rmf, you're pretty much agreeing to give away your work free of credit.
If you want to use whatever you find uploaded in this thread, feel free, just don't be a douche and claim its all your work.
also you couldn't have picked a worse file host. 
Broken Telephone? 
double you tea eff mate? 
like speedchain mapping i guess, except without the speed part. :P 
but who still has an acoustic coupler nowadays? 
More Info Please 
Better than digital coupling. Every time I've tried that I just ended up in an on/off relationship... 
He Means: 
some of you guys seem like dicks. 
why "seem"? 
Game is it for? (Hint + Skip)

Do not have to texture means can if we want, or stuff will just be replaced - ask because although there's no textures (I have) on the brushes inside the file WC will automatically apply default tex.

It might be worth stipulating 'at least one enclosed area per submit' to keep things running smoothly.

Let me know and chances are I'll contribute something when I get some free time. 
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