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Q1SP: Lower Forecourt
Another Coagula map. Three towers and a brick base. :P

A medium-sized medieval/brick-themed space floater with two different game modes; originally started for the (not so) recent Coagula Contest #3.

Skill 0/1: regular progession mode (collecting keys, pushing buttons, that kind of stuff)
Skill 2: DMSP-like mode (sort of like a deathmatch against monsters with respawning items - try it, it's fun)

This map comes with an optional progs.dat which adds monster corpse removal (to increase the framerate on slower machines and avoid packet loss in engine ports without increased limits).
Darkplaces users must use the progs.dat to be able to play this map (as it fixes a critical incompatibility issue). Also, make sure you use a DP version dated 6-Nov-2009 or newer!



Special thanks to BJP and Preach for vital technical support.
Have fun.
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See the link the silent posted and refer to the text file for instructions on how to install and run the map.
You can record a demo from the console with 'record demoname mapname'. Type 'stop' to finish the recording. If you want to start the demo at a later point (only during the puzzles bit, for example) or plan on dying, use the demo resume trick I posted in the SM160 thread.

And in case your frustration meter hits the red, I posted a walkthrough demo in the release thread. 
Apparently you already got it to run and all. Missed your post. 
Hard to say anything that hasn't been said by anyone yet. The visuals are damned good - this map actually establishes a theme, unlike Skinny Norris which felt bland and random (sorry). Didn't care much for the tower puzzles, trying to find the secrets felt more rewarding than actually beating the level - eventually I managed to get 3/3 and the full moon (would have been nice to know that one of the "triggers" has to be touched, rather than shot...)

Liked the small hacks that were going on everywhere. In DMSP, did you make the final Vores non-solid, or am I just seeing things?

Unrelated: What I'd like to see is a map which looks like a regular map (normal textures/architecture/etc) but then throws all sorts of devious hacks at the player, and then the theme changes to something weird and messed up, etc. Starts off as normal but is deceptive. 
Yes, the Vores are nonsolid. They have to be killed with splash damage. 
I Thought 
skinny Norris was pretty amazing.
more 'cute' than lower forecourt, but fuck, it wasn't bland at all! 
Maybe Bland Wasn't The Right Word 
but I still didn't like the "use every id1 texture" theme. 
Negke is to standard Quake mapping what....I dunno, free jazz is to standard pop music (but in a good way). 
There always has to be someone to try the new stuff, and take the blame. 
I think everyone is misunderstanding my feedback, I did enjoyed the map and the experimental gameplay, but I did not know if I was doing anything right or not. The feedback from the map to me as a player felt constrained (maybe because of the Q1 engine and center text) and the visuals needed greater emphasis on what was going on.

I can understand player confusion because I ran into exactly the same problems with my own Q3 experimental map. Visual and gameplay have to be linked correctly when trying to convey something new or experimental. Visuals need to reinforce what the gameplay is trying to achieve and this is the hardest thing to do. 
(Nehahra, czg07, lunsp1 and lunsp2, apsp03, gmsp03 to name a few).

+ bastion + marcher 
Just Realised 
there's no apsp03 either, just apsp02.

rj, theres heaps, I left out many. 
Now I Went Through This Map. 
Skill 1

The towers a little confused in the beginning, but later learned to understand, seeing how they work within. I had to run from tower to tower to find a need. But it was not tedious.

When it was over, tried to fly with noclip around central tower, but it still remains for me a difficult and confusing.

Ammos were few, but almost always enough. The fact that it was necessary to recruit them after each tower, I realized at once. The only difficulty was shambler in one of the towers. I ran out of ammo and had to kill him with an ax. But it turned out.
The secret to looking after you brick a long time by the sound. So far not thought to jump up the ramp next to the brick.
Use the silver key failed - did not know how. It also did not find how to open a secret megahealth. For the latter, I found only one blue bricks somewhere near the ceiling, but others have not seen.

Recovered from the save only once, when the time was not able to kill all the zombies. But the second time was quicker, and saw that the bottom is also a Quad.

Architecture amazing, a lot of interesting ideas. Excellent work. I admire, like yours, and all other maps.

Thank you very much 
Thanks. Glad to hear you didn't find it overly frustrating in the end. Try the alternative game mode on skill 2 to get back into the right mindset with some mindless fragging if you like.

Even if you fail the zombie challenge, the map can still be finished; you'll just have to quad-axe the three end monsters - it's not that hard. The silver key secret makes the zombie run easier as well as general progression. I thought it was quite unique in this respect, but it's too difficult to find (basically a 2-in-1 secret) which I regret a lot. If you want to see how it's done, check out the walkthrough demo or video.

Lower Foucault ?! 
Ok, I Will Try 
Skill 2 
Almost passed. It was quite difficult, but interesting. Unable to go because I did not take the secret with the RL. And when I was at the top, I do not understand how to kill Vores.

But I liked the skill 2. Amazing map! Thank you again 
why is it Lower Forecourt - lower relative to what? Will we see Higher or Upper Forecourt some day? 
Most Coagula-style maps are either floaters or towers reaching up into space. This one turns it upside down, so the title was supposed to suggest the map was part of a much bigger structure, a huge palace in the void, with forecourts on several sides. I don't have plans to map that, but who knows. Cogula4 event??

Btw. sorry for the dick moves of putting SNG and RL in secret areas, especially ones that are hard to find or close so quickly. 
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