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Q1SP: Lower Forecourt
Another Coagula map. Three towers and a brick base. :P

A medium-sized medieval/brick-themed space floater with two different game modes; originally started for the (not so) recent Coagula Contest #3.

Skill 0/1: regular progession mode (collecting keys, pushing buttons, that kind of stuff)
Skill 2: DMSP-like mode (sort of like a deathmatch against monsters with respawning items - try it, it's fun)

This map comes with an optional progs.dat which adds monster corpse removal (to increase the framerate on slower machines and avoid packet loss in engine ports without increased limits).
Darkplaces users must use the progs.dat to be able to play this map (as it fixes a critical incompatibility issue). Also, make sure you use a DP version dated 6-Nov-2009 or newer!



Special thanks to BJP and Preach for vital technical support.
Have fun.
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Yeah Right. 
Gameplay Tip 
A hint: instead of running straight for the key buttons, go explore the map first in order to gear up and get an idea of the layout (so you don't end up being lost and out of weapons/ammo right away).

There are more hints (spoilers) in the text file, in case you get stuck. 
...adding a hint to the 2nd post now, bitch. 

Cunting fucking dongle. 
Ahahahaha @ 3 And 4 
i'll have to get back to you later on this map. i haven't even got a chance to try out tronyn's yet. :S 
this looks damn cool you've got a gift for original designs with id textures. Like the shub usage. 
Skill 0/1: regular progession mode (collecting keys, pushing buttons, that kind of stuff)

This is about as far from "regular progression" as Quake gets.

Very impressive map. It's about as far from standard Coagula as Quake gets too. It will probably give me nightmares tonight. The gameplay is....interesting. Perhaps too interesting... 
I Was Browsing Quaddicted Looking For A Map To Replay... 
...and you pop up with this!

I wanna be your dog. 
Have to be face to face for that, and standing in a different place. 
2nd Screenshot Looks Great 
cant wait to get back and play this. 
Gave Up After 35 Minutes. 1 Secret+ (Secret) Key? 
Failed to kill all zombies. :( Decided to quit Quake before they finished me.

Went on to read the spoilers.

Found out I did the exact opposite of everything I was supposed to do.

This is a GREAT map, Negke, and you're a genius. Unfortunately I'm not half as smart as you...

Let's see if a nightful sleep does something positive to my grey matter.
I somehow doubt it. 
so pumped to finally play this

and yet oddly scared by everyones comments! 
A Very Fine Map 
Right from the start, I could tell this was going to be interesting. I especially applaud its non-linearity, and its respawning items. Combat was challenging on skill 2, but not to the point where it would be overly difficult. Pretty balanced.

Its easy to get lost though. Trying to find your way around the map when a lot of the areas look very similar is tough. I spent at least a minute just trying to find the palace elevator.

The final battle with the vores was very clever, I liked that.

Unfortunately, I could not find the exit to the map, and ultimately gave up on it, which left a rather bad impression on me. Still, I managed to kill every monster.

This is a very fine map. It's not one of your better works negke, but it no doubt was enjoyable.

First run demo for your convenience. 
Died ! 
started a demo - will upload soon. 
Perhaps Some More Tips Are In Order 
Each tower has a different color on its side (red, yellow, blue) and its Shub disappears after the tower has been cleared. This might help for better orientation. Apart from that, the layout is basically simple: left path goes up, right one goes down (or vice versa). Yeah, I'm somewhat biased here...

The zombie fight takes place in the central building, i.e. not the towers. Keep this in mind when looking for them. Finding the barriers secret is very helpful here.

The palace elevator is at the very top of the map. After the boss fight, you have to press the button again and step on the platform.

Orl, you did quite well - didn't seem to be really lost until the end. I think skill 2 kind of assumes prior knowledge of the map (from skill 0 or 1). 
New Start Level For Coagula Contest III 
nice level. i hope that nonentity will release an updated version of his start level for coaugula contest 3 to enable playing this level together with rest of the cc3 pack. 
Great Map!!! 
Very Hard But... 
... I loved the architecture layout and details, the lightning effect are also well done.. :)
But, the gameplay makes this map very hard... I still havent't found a way to finish it without "godmoding"... or it is myself being a weak SP player... :/

Anyway, I still have to try the DM mode :)

Thanks for this great map ;) 
Negke Salutes You :) 
After 44 minutes, and a slough of quick-saves, I finally made it through!

This map proved to be more than just a little bit interesting...


>Architecture and layout -- albeit confusing at first -- was AWESOME!

>Off-beat stuff like the Shambler columns and the light-kegs.

>A variety of gameplay pieces with puzzles, timed events, and modified monsters.


>Ammo was very scarce at times.

>Pressing the loose brick but not finding the secret it opened.

>God-moding through the Shambler tele-frag puzzle.

>Finding the silver key but not being able to reach the lock.

>The undead keeping my weapons. :(

2nd Run Through. Most Frustrating... 
...But somehow sexy as hell. This map is like that girl in high school that you thought you had in the sack many times over, but still managed to escape the final retribution... ;)
Did no better this time. Did not even get to the zombie chopping bit. Still skill 1. Aw.

It's strange, how I got utterly bored at Arcanum demo for being overly frustrating but got the urge to finish this one, albeit being even MORE frustrating, at least for me... Hmmm... On to the 3rd.

Oh, btw, I love the monster with a different attack, wonder how Negke pulled that off... 
Oh, btw, I love the monster with a different attack, wonder how Negke pulled that off...

hmm... actually didn't notice any difference of the monsters attack... 
Not Even One? 
I saw one. Don't want to spoil the whole thing for people that have not played it yet, but I saw it after having got the gold key in the small alcove above a passageway.

BTW, 3rd attempt. Skill 1. Killed a lot of zombies. But not enough. Got fried by a stray Ogre on a ramp of stairs on my way back to the quad. Are some of them Zombies behind the secret closed doors?

:( To the 4th. 
Zombie Run 
You can still finish the map even if you fail to kill all zombies within the timelimit. I added a mercy Quad for that case - it'll be tricky though (use infighting).

It's not a bad idea to kill all regular monsters first before starting the zombie run.
There are two Quads, one at the top, another at the bottom.

The barriers don't block off any area completely. They just restrict the map's connectivity. That's why I said "explore first" - the area you mean is accessible in two (actually three) ways, and quite valuable in terms of supplies. Speaking of which, the ammo situation depends on how impatient you are - restock after each tower before proceeding to the next.

Btw. the tower monsters can also be killed by shooting, though it'll eat up a considerable amount of ammo. 
does not really matter because no-one manages to do the zombies anyways. 
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