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Spirit1dm2 - "Ultima Ratio" For Quake/QW
Hi everybody,

after many beta versions and with the help of various people, spirit1dm2 has been released.


Ultima ratio is a small and brutal one-atrium tourney map. It comes in two flavors (both included in the zip below): spirit1dm2 for Quake 1 and spiritqwdm2 for Quakeworld.

Lightning_Hunter made the excellent FrikBot waypoints that come with the map, =peg= and many others helped with countless suggestions. Thanks heaps guys! The textures shown on the screenies were made by the Quake ReteXturing Project and taken using the darkplaces engine.

Check out some videos of the map (and laugh at my quake skillz):
* Running around the map:
* Gameplay (Me vs FrikBot):

Direct download link for the map:

More screenies, info and readme here

Hope you like it!

I'll Make This A News Thread When I Get Home. 
It's 1996 all over again!

Looks like it could be quite interesting play, if a bit tight and close.

Just running around aimlessly, I learnt something I never knew about Quake - if your dead body hits a switch it can still trigger it! 
So... the player community spirit now makes maps. Which the map community spirit doesn't.

I'm confused 
Vice Versa Buddy 
Just Ran Around Last Night... 
layout seems good. 
finally got a chance to play with frikbots. This level is a lot of fun to run around, tons of fun jumps to make, and you're always close to the action. About my only complaint regarding movement is it always feels really awkward to have to run into that tiny jump pad niche to get to the RL... feels like it could have had a wider opening so it's easier to hit (and so you don't rub the sides of it on the way up.) I guess it could have also been one of the "fake ladders" that people sometimes make out of really steep stairs.

The hardest jump i found is SSG -> YA. 
The Jumppad... 
...also gave me a headache in the beginning. When I first built it the way I'm used to build it from q2/q3, the lack of air control would make you bounce up and down a few times before you could reach the edge above (you can only make them push you *straight* up in q1).

I wanted a JP for the sound though, I wanted it to reveal your position when you go to RL.

So I ended up building a tiny trigger near the edge to solve the problem. Not a perfect solution. Others have made their JPs very powerful and added angled clip brushes above that would shoot you into the right direction when you crash into them. Maybe I should have done that to prevent the wall sliding impression.

Agree that the niche is a bit small, never thought about that before release though. 
The angled clip brush tends to work alot better than multiple pushes - I've got to change this setup in alot of my maps now since bots and players tend to get stuck alot.

Ladders don't work well for bots either - they tend to have alot of issues and get stuck pretty often. 
I'm talking crap - bots can use ladders, you just need to put a waypoint on the top and bottom and give both the 'blind' flag.

LightningHunter for the tip. 
Nice map...not really a dm player but a hearty hello to LH...a fellow Unreal devotee..nice to see your efforts with THE game :) 
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