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Direct3D 8 Porting Project
Baker and mh have been working on Direct3D 8 ports of popular Quake engines. The benefit of this is that people whose video cards have poor-quality OpenGL drivers can take advantage of better Direct3D drivers (many ATI and intel cards are in this boat, apparently.)

Engines ported so far:
* AguirRe's enhanced GLQuake
* Fitzquake
* FuhQuake
* JoeQuake
* TomazQuake
* ZQuake

More info and downloads:
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I guess they're not using direct-sound / direct-input. Is there any issues about (not) using them apart from the extra coding. 
No Issues 
More or less, this is an extra level of insulation against bad drivers.

OpenGL driver bad or not installed? Windows 7 OpenGL performance is terrible? Bug X, Y, Z in the driver? No long a killer or source of aggravation.

MH's wrapper version 1 took about 6 hours for me to add to another engine.

The final one requires maybe a good 10 minutes (sounds so hard to believe, yet true), the wrapper is written that well.

Really although I think what MH did is an incredible think for Quake, I think the implications of this really go a bit beyond Quake or at least could.

I am thinking that many non-Quake games that used the OpenGL 1.1 or OpenGL 1.2 API set could be nearly insta-converted to DirectX API (Direct3D).

I mean Quake uses a large set of OpenGL 2D functions and 3D functions. 
it needs support. 
I See He Didn't Do... 
GQ! The best engine evar! >:( 
what would we do without features such as "fish spleening" and "hand" 
Nice work. Certainly makes the game run a hell of a lot faster on my laptop. (ie, I can play quake on my laptop now :)

Unfortunately it seems to cause firstly some strange hue/saturation distortion (this may be my settings, will test), and more importantly, some strange glitching of polys. Looks almost like individual polys are breaking from their verts and 'jumping' slightly. I will do some testing/footage capturing/more informed description when I'm not rushing about.

Still, at least I can run high end maps, so it's an improvement :)

(intel x4500 gma btw) 
I have a ATI 3670 video card, and this D3D8 port is slower than the original openGL. Is this normal? 
It Is 
It isn't as fast as the native OpenGL versions of the engines.

Still, they are fast enough to be playable in single player at a more than playable speed although I have noticed certain things like background flashes can drop the frame rate. 
I might add that DirectQ by MH, if you haven't tried it, is totally native Direct3D and supports FitzQuake 0.85 gigantic maps (and in fact, the FitzQuake 0.85 protocol).

DirectQ is Direct3D 9. 
They can never be as fast as native OpenGL owing to the translation layer they have to go through, but that's not the point of them. The point is to have something that works for people who can't even run the GL engines at all, owing to bad or buggy drivers or whatever.

DirectQ on the other hand *is* fast - very fast. 
What I'd really like would be a
directdraw (software) driver for quake
WinQuake actually uses DD (through the SciTech MGL layer), but completely lacks support for colour depth above 8 bit, which I guess is what you really want. 
Through MGL, yes, but MGL can also use some
direct-to-vidcard modes on win9x, too. Was not
my point though, because MGL doesn't do 64 bit,
also its development is dead, so I need a native
DD driver, at least for win64. Quake2 does have
a native DD code for windows/software renderer,
needs porting to q1/hexen2. 

I've looked at the source several times and I'm thinking it doesn't use MGL. 
Thanks, will look at it. 
Can directquake support command line options? 
Command-line Options 
These are only modifications to the renderer so if the original engine does then so do these. Why? Are you having problems? 
I am talking about running a map with a batch file such as:

glquake -nocdaudio -current -game nsoe -heapsize 120000 -id1 -nomtex -bpp 32

directq doesn't work when I use -bpp 16, for example, it stays at 32 bpp. 
That Sounds Like A Feature. 
Use the menu. It's there under Video Options. And you don't need -heapsize either; DirectQ will never run out of memory. In fact DirectQ doesn't need any command-line parameters at all (unless you really want to use them), everthing can be set while the game is running. 
still have some trouble with this. For example, I changed the game directory to SOE, but when I chose run a map, I still only see the maps from my id1 folder.

Also, is there a way to disable multitexture in directq?

Still think that command line options are easily, perhaps you can consider adding them in in the next version? 
Multitexture And Command-line Options... 
The command-line options actually are still there, and most of them still work the same way as before. The only major difference is that -heapsize is gone, but that's because DirectQ does memory fully dynamically and with no real upper limits. -bpp just doesn't seem to work is all.

No way to disable multitexture; I'm somewhat puzzled as to why you would want to (unless you have a Voodoo 1/RIVA 128/etc).

Also puzzled that you can't see the maps. What happens when you try to run one using the "map" command? 
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