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Q2Episode1 For Quake4
The whole Quake 2 Episode 1 done for Quake 4. Flashback anyone?

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Super annoying music. Why oh why. Did Q2 have this kind of stupid music?

Mapping wise it is nice. Also quite faithful.

Enemies are very annoying compared to Q2. Weapons weak. Walking is slow and water/swimming a bad joke.

Still it is fun to revisit this place. 
bild nicht gefunden! 
the original URLs in the news post wouldn't work unless you cut and pasted the URL. I replaced it with a link to the news item, now. 
i see, tnank you and HNY 
Tnank == Thank 
Finished it after I got bored of it first. It's alright but suffers from modern shooter disease. 
Quake 2 had no episodes. 
Quake 2 had no episodes.

but it has Units. 
@ Spirit 
Just for exploration's sake, I would like your personal definition of "modern shooter disease".

Or not just yours, but any of the func_msgboard long times.

I like very few modern games, but I can't quite explain why or where the train went off the tracks. 
too slow really, thats my main beef. There's an aim for realism, even in fantasy/sci-f modern games and the easiest way to achieve that, rather than tweak ai or weapon load or enemy design, is to slow the player down.

Look back to the earlier games and the focus on realism is less,, probably because the graphics werent advanced enough to replicate that anyway. Now with the ability to do photorealistic environments comes the empahsis on world realism too. Pity's its generally done the easy way by reducing speed. 
I Think My Main Problems Are 
too slow and too constrained (invisible walls, you must not jump on that crate, etc), weapons spreading everywhere, "realism" instead of arcade. 
My Beef 
Is how console traditions pass back to the PC - like limiting the ability to look up. 
I like that you can't run very fast in Q4 before you're Strogg. After that, it was fast enough for me.

I've grown to like Q4 a little better. The only beef that remains is the linearity, and I wish there were some more traps and a couple puzzles. (Oh, and the mandatory use of vehicles - those should have been optional).

These issues could be remedied by having new levels, in theory.

Some things about Q4 are pretty nifty, like the weapons' secondary fire modes which are often pretty fun to use (nailgun, railgun). The Strogg marines still look like '80s hair rockers without hair, but I can live with that since the models are pretty well done otherwise.

For a brainless candy-colored shooter full of crappy US marine antics (I still find soldiers shouting "Go! Go! Go!" rather unbelievably American), Q4 isn't so bad.

Will have to give this unit a try. ;-) 
Modern Shooters are often far too 'story driven'. I wouldn't mind so much if the stories were any good, but to be honest, when all you want is to run around shooting baddies you don't need a ten minute scripted scene between each battle to justify it.

Mission objectives also tend to be rubbish these days, as their gameplay element generally consists of simply navigating to the correct point in a level and then watching a cut-scene/scripted sequence of the mission objective 'happening'. I wish somebody had the guts to bring back the good old colour-coded key 'puzzles'.

As has previously been mentioned, 'realism' is the catalyst for most of these problems. It's also the reason monsters and weapons are a lot less imaginative than they used to be.

And that's Modern Shooter Disease... 
P.S. The screenshots of this unit look like somebody just ran the Q2 BSP's through a converter for Q4 and shoehorned in a few railings [why the fuck would the strogg have railings on the side of ledges anyway!? Did they fail their last health and safety inspection?]. If the developer can't be bothered putting any effort in, I can't be bothered downloading and playing it. 
Modern shooter disease is the games not being defined by nerds and geeks anymore.

Instead they're defined by a boardroom, filled with soft game executives with nerves of tissue paper.

Most film execs would laugh at these pretend 'power players' - all the bullshit generated at big launches is a form of overcompensation.

Basically, if they smell certain things, like creativity or uniqueness, then their arseholes clench shut so fast it's like an implosion. Project cancelled, onto the next one.

The ones that get through have five hundred opinions thrown in, whose only effect is to weaken the whole. If someone's not on the dev team then they shouldn't try to be.

But the dev team typically gets paid peanuts in comparison so keeps their collective mouth shut when retarded ideas filter in from on high.

Sigh. I try to be cynical, I really do. But I still care about the games I make. 
Modern shooter disease is the games not being defined by nerds and geeks anymore.
I might add ".. doing it for fun". Did anyone miss the photo of Broussard that's up at
Modern Shooter Disease. 
In one easy summation: Too slow and on rails. 
About "modern" Shooters 
At the moment I'm replaying FEAR.
I like it, it's dark and you can kill a lot of stuff. But the pursuit of realism is just daft at times. It is just not possible in games. Here you have this He-man type guy who killed over 200 enemies, but he can't move a fucking crate or barrel. Neither can he climb fences or do other things that I, with my limited murdering skills, can do in real life. Realism in games sucks because it's still very much unreal.

The games I truly love are Quake, Unreal, Half-Life and DooM. And there babies like Painkiller and Serious Sam, who brought the same gameplay with much better graphics. But of the first four I mentioned, I think Half Life has done it best. The sequels are very much like the original.

Quake 2 was decent, but has fuck all to do with Quake. DooM 3 was fun (sort of), but it didn't feel for one moment like DooM. Unreal II was one of the saddest releases ever, it should have been done by EA, that's how bad that was ;) !

At the moment I've stopped playing new games.
I'm sick of having to buy a new video card for every game that comes out. I don't understand it either, how come I can play Half-Life 2 very well, when other games stutter like hell ?
Are these gaming companies taking the piss or what ?

I'm very happy that some of you manage to give me something new to play every now and then. I think I must have played all the mods that there are by now. And I replay them too, sometimes. No, I don't think I'll ever get bored with playing Quake ... 
You guys ever get the feeling that you've fallen into a rip in time or something? :) Seriously, there are TONS of great games available today - shit, I barely have time to keep up with all the kick ass games I have on my 360. 
It's why we're all still here. 
EEK !!! 
360 ! Console Alert !!! 
Whine, whine, whine. 
Crysis Warhead 
I keep going back to this when I want a shooter fix. The GFX are AWESOME!!! And once you have reduced all of the GFX details to a point where you get >30fps, the gameplay is pretty good! It is "on a rail" in a leteral sense, but you do get a lot of freedom as to how to tackle each scenario, and the scripted sequences are good also.

(Note - detail levels are low(?), "mainstream", "gamer" and "enthusiast". Switching all of the details to "mainstream" but putting the sound and objects to gamer and the shaders to enthusiast looks very very cool, and runs nice on my mediocre PC)

Interesting debate though - I will be upgrading to an ATI Radeon 5850 so that I can play Aliens vs Predator in February :D (as long as it doesnt get axed) DirectX 11 dude - yes please!

This Quake4 episode - I havent tried it yet, but I will, but bare in mind that the Berzerker Quake2 mod kinda does a similar thing to the whole of Quake 2, via just being a mod.......

Will be interesting to see how this plays with Quake4 strogg though :D 
I like a lot of modern shooters too, for different reasons that I like older ones - variety, graphics, spectacle, themes, story.

Any modern shooter that combined those with exploration, solid control feel, and visceral action would be ace. 
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