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Skype UserID's
My username is "richard_trowbridge".

I just think that people on this forum could do with a face being pulled at them sometimes :D

An ACTUAL face o_@

So whats your Skype usernames?
No Webcam 
Since facebook has xmpp support i don't need skype anymore.
No webcam either, not even a mic :P 
no webcam, no skype. 
no webcam, no skype 
thank god for that. 
No Woman, No Cry 
Got no rum and no pies. 
Nor Webcam Or Skype 
Have fun on chat roulette :D

<--also no webcam, but feel free to chat me up in l4d2 or summat 
I Have A Webcam! 
...gathering dust in a box in my garage, where it's been since about 2003. 
funny thing is that when we bought the webcam they had to record Dads name and address for legal purposes. Shifty little men with their webcams. W00T!?!??! 
Have cam. Paysite only tho. 
Only in UK... 
Which I ironic given we're each filmed an average of 300 times per day by the insane amount of CCTV in this country... 
Naaah Its Definatwly International. 
And free :) 
skype is free????

sorry it's definitely NOT free 
You Can Pay For A Skype Service 
which allows you to recieve audio calls to your PC/device as well as make calls to telephones (a Skype number), but you can do live PC to PC video chat for free, and that does not require you to pay anything.

Its a good quality signal too :) 
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