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Q1SP: Much Obliged
While searching for new editors to try out, I came across this one new awesome map program. It works like a breeze and I ended up with a full-blown single player episode in no time!

Seven maps of progressive size and difficulty, following a psychedelic texture theme (you might have to play through the first couple of maps until you've picked up on the vibe). Should be cool for speedrunning too.

Download (Run as a mod, then load "e1m1" and have fun)

Thanks to Andrew Apted, leileilol, QMD, MadFox, Brian J. Peppers and all others I forgot.

I think I've outdone myself this time.
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Lol, I Made It To E1m6 
Generation X 
So I played through them all, nobody has been wrong about the quality so far. But I was trying to see what I could glean about the exciting new editor.

The first conclusion I reached pretty early on was that it is some kind of doom/duke3d/dark forces editor because all of the layouts are strictly 2.5D type things - the windows, the arches with roofs that stretch to the sky, the tiered flooring.

Now, you'd have to be kind of crazy to not consider some kind of randomisation going on in the level design here. The alternative theory was that this was some kind of "blood vampirism and sadism" gag with 2 or 3 more hours put into it. But as I was playing, I found a sort of pattern about the way to navigate these maps. Each time you hit a dead end you just had to back-track to the previous junction and take the next path instead.

Somewhere in map 6(I know...) a flash of memory came back to me, it was just like all the random maps from that old mapgen mod I wrote a few years back. The layout had that backtracking property because it was a tree! Random trees are of course the easiest things to generate, it's creating loops which requires vision and planning and everything a random algorithm struggles with.

So I'm guessing this is a random doom map generator which has somehow been coaxed into creating a bsp instead? I'm assuming that you get some degree of control as to what is spawned in the map. If so, then what you pulled with the ammo/weapons in the map was a dickish move - giving us only the gl for the first few maps and then giving us no rockets for the last 3. Then again, that was kind of the point of the whole thing I guess... 
i curious how there is hard shadows in those maps... is that just a byproduct of the map 'editor'? 
Thanks, Negke 
you should definitely stick with this editor, these are a major step up from your other maps, my favourite is the first map, after that I stopped playing, but if that 1st map is any indicator this pack will be great! 
Dear Mr� Negke I�ve played all the maps and they are awesome, the look like my first Quake map sm109_trinca that took me one week to make and sucked like shit!

This maps are a major step up from others maps of you.

U rock I love you :) 
Nice... Nice! 
This was indeed nice, and certainly up to your high standards neg!ke! I'm impressed, although, I must say, the lighting felt a bit bland in places and there seemed to be a few leaks.

I did get some terrible packet overflow on the later maps, and the last one didn't even seem vised at all.

I recorded a demo on easy skill, my first run through the episode, actually finishing it. The demo came out at 125 MB. Applying demtool "fov compression" which removes updates for entities out of view got it down to 82 MB. I extracted the separate demos from the big marathon demo using the "compile" suite. The collection dzipped to 2.39 MB. Where can I upload this? 
I've been reading through the "Quake Gameplay Potential..." thread recently and I believe that this pack is exceptional in the way it manages to include and in several places surpass so many of the excellent ideas laid forth in that thread. 
No-one here reads i3d... 
Anyone Else Try The Map Editor Yet? 
I love it, there's even a "Full game" option which generates 4 episodes :D

To be honest I was fooled in to thinking negke made as a joke until I opened the pak file after playing. 
i read it right after i posted here but figured i'd let things play out... 
Everybody open of course and read :p 
Necros Wins. 
Tho I still think it's hella tight! 
Oh I Get The Joke 
"much obliged" haha 
Played It... 
... and as others said, it is very very old school... The maps remind me more some Doom level rather than Quake...
Anyway, the "crash-test" is achieved ;) 
this episode is god fun! 
The Almighty Himself Approves 
Feels Unvised 
Chunkomatic framerate. There were also a few invisible obstructions including one that stopped me from backtracking up a staircase without noclip. All in fullbright. This takes me back to around 1997 when I'd play any user map because any Quake was good Quake.

I finished the whole thing but I added my own gameplay element of seeing how much of the killing could be done by the monsters for me. I had over 100 infight kills in the last map. 
The download link
doesn't work. 
Yes- Deleted Already Two Months Ago 
This thing was only a joke release. You know, to get people take off on expectations just to crashland even harder. For the maps were randomly generated by the Oblige level maker and, as such, were an extreme crapfest. Check out the Quake screenshots at the bottom of the Oblige website (and they reveal only half of the horror). 
isn't there another link from someone who has the original file?
Seems like a killing joke to me. 
Not A Big Loss 
I think it's not a big deal to create a new episode or even full game like this. We all know how to use Oblige. Besides, this was even done with an outdated version. Latest Oblige can create much better maps. However, compared to manual creations, they are still bad. 
Killing Joke 
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