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Q1SP: The Death Lair By Trinca
Trinca released a new map!


Download: (1MB)
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Not Bad. 
Felt pretty easy to me, especially since I haven't played Quake in months. Some good monster traps but plenty of room to move so it's a fun blast rather than a hardcore one. Maybe a bit less armour would have kept things fruitier?? Nice tho, I like the SNG bit too. Rather plain design but neatly built. More structures and less boxy rooms would have been prefered. 
OMG A New Map.... 
Just a small comment of me:

Is not the best map I�ve made so far, but is something that worth playing for sure!

Last year I had lots of work at my job and my two small kids at home made task to high. So this is the best I can offer to you guys, hope everyone likes it. I thought many times to delete this map but I wanted something for Quake Birthday and there it is a small and easy map to have a fun blast!

cheers :) 
Yeah It's Cool. 
It's not spectacular but it is more good Quake fun :). So thanks for that! 
this is a good map. solid theme and very consistent texture use.
it offers multiple routes while still being linear but there's a good sense of place and it was very easy to remember where the key doors were-- i never got lost.
gameplay isn't over the top and very enjoyable.
i really liked getting a quad as part of the map. it's only recently, after playing some older q1 maps, that i realized how much i miss getting power ups. hopefully this is a trend that will be revived.
good amount of ammo and health, first and second armours were spot-on (i was just running out when i got the second), although i think the first armour could have been green instead of yellow.

as shambler said, a lot of rooms are pretty boxy, but it's offset by the good use of trim and texture use. keeps everything looking interesting, even if they are still boxes.

good job, over all; definitely a map worth playing. 
forgot to CnP the link to the demo: 
Very good styling throughout. One thing I like doing these days is waking monsters and getting them into an area so they fight each other. Then finishing them off. This map was real good for that. I think the interesting layout fit well with the brushwork, also. The blue dragon textures laying down and brush trim actually look good (screenshots didn't do that justice). That's what happens when there's too much beer going round. 
First demo:

More comments when I feel like it. But overall it's a nice compact q1 romp with nice textures. Hopefully it starts a trend of smaller, not-trying-too-hard-to-be-epic maps (how's ne_cath going Necros?). 
Good Job Trinca 
Very nice. I enjoyed playing the map a lot. The final fight was a fun blast also the ambushes were manageable. There was plenty of room to move and ammo/weapon distribution was also ok. I also liked how the level looked: clean architecture with good textures.
This was a kind of map I was waiting for. It was short, not over difficult, easy to navigate. Should be good addition to SDA I think. 
Thank You, Trinca... 
For another Quake gem!!!

The layout and texturing were nice and neat -- I enjoyed the gallery of bizarre art that you created -- and the gameplay was straightforward, albeit a bit easier than your other maps.

Hopefully real life will afford you enough time to make another map of this size sometime soon ;)

Great stuff, my friend!!! 
Leapin Lizards-Holy Cow And Shazam 
An honest to God sp Quake map. Maps are scarce and this is a welcome site. Going to dl it right now. Screens look good. Old time classic textures. Thanks 
Nice map Trinca...we don't see too much nowadays. And I'm quite happy that it was very balanced for a (terrible) player like me..good stuff! 
Worthy Of Releasing 
Glad you didn't throw it away.

This is a nice, id-textured, old skule Quake map that is very cleanly built and nicely lit and textured. I found all three secrets and some are clever. To add some challenge, I tried to get the monsters to help out by killing each other.

The only nit are the odd sticky at the top of some of the ramps. I thought this was a compiler glitch of some sort (the player sticks at the apex).

So good fun, not too hard but pleasant and welcome in this era of infrequent releases. 
I Like It 
Clean architecture, lighting and texturing. I died before I could finish it yesterday night (because I suck) but I'll try again when I get back from the library. :)

The ambushes were fun and the gameplay somehow reminded me of Doom II, which is great.

(It also struck me that you seem to get stuck in mid-air at the top of some ramps btw, really strange. I used FitzQuake 0.85 to play it.) 
Nice map. Indeed doomlike feeling, probably partly due to the merry mixture of monsters, and the relative lack of details / structures.

Not enough health IMO. In the arena with the zombies, there weren't enough grenades - I made the "mistake" of using some grenades on the other monsters, and couldn't kill the last two zombies as a result.

I got slightly lost after picking up the silver key, not finding the SK door. The corridors all look the same, which makes it easier to get lost. I found it eventually, though.

Lots of backtracking between the gold key and the GK door, more respawning monsters or something would have made the trip back up more interesting. Some mappers also put the GK right opposite the GK door, or something, which is always nice.

For the environment itself, it's clear that there could be a little more details, and it would be good if different areas of the map also used different textures. The yellow floor lights could have been part of the trim texture (using Wally or something) and thus flush with the floor, instead of being little bricks. The repeated rows of spotlights work, and make the walls a little more interesting, but breaking the walls up more with different textures and some details would be even better.

There wasn't a lot of interaction - some button pressing could have been added. As it is, the gameplay revolves entirely around combat, and getting the usual keys.

Bottom line, it is cool, and fun to play, but would have needed more variation in texturing and lighting and a couple eye-catching structures (evil altars would have worked well, and maybe broken floors etc).

The use of tarbabies had me going "please, no" in the beginning, but it turned out they were relatively easy to kill and it was not overused, so that was a nice bit of spice.

I rate this map "Nice", the criticism is really only to give you some ideas for your next map :)

Thanks man! 
1st Run, Skill3 Demo(shitty As Usual) 
very nice map, and very trinca's map :)

congrats on this 
Good simple map in proper oldskool way.
My firstrun (could be boring as hell especially where i was trying to find silver door) 
1997 All Over Again... 
That is a GOOD thing.
Good work, brother Trinca... Thanks!!! 
aside from stock texture use this definitely didn't seem like a 1997 map..

i enjoyed it. 13 mins on normal, no deaths, pretty straightforward. fun

felt like a converted DM map. could easily work with DM-compatible ents 
texture application is way too clean and methodical to be a 97 map. ^_^ 
You, Picky B*s*a*ds... 
...It was just another way to say "Good, old school map".
I did not give the textures application half a thought... I was talking atmosphere, here...

Still Need To Play Release Version 
But this map reminds me of a pint of beer.

Trinca, You're A God ! 
Hey ! Very nie map. I liked it very much, and it's now part of my permanent collection. Thanks a lot, Trinca. Cheers ! :-) 
...It was just another way to say "Good, old school map".
I did not give the textures application half a thought... I was talking atmosphere, here...

yeah i got that much, but to me it didn't feel oldskool at all 
It�s not oldschool for sure, is the use of only Id textures that make map look like oldschool.

Map is far from a good map, is just a fun one :) 
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