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Quake Injector Alpha2
A new version of:
The Quake Injector is a tool to download, install and play Quake singleplayer maps from the archive. Ever been annoyed by an excruciating installation process? Could not figure out how to install a certain map? Well, this tool makes it a piece of cake. Simply pick the map and click Install.

-Scan your Quake directory for already existing maps -and mods
-More stable and safe, less bugs
-Icon by the graphical genius Starbuck
-Rating is shown with golden stars
-Progressbars for anything downloading
-Better engine config dialog
-Window that shows you the engine output
-Links open in browser
-Downloads are stored locally
-Uses a custom user-agent when downloading
-Conflict handling

Quaddicted Spam:
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Thank you for your great work, fine gentlemen. 
i can't use it. :S

i'm on windows 7, and when i select the quake directory, it says "Cannot be written to!" which i'm assuming is a permissions thing.

this usually isn't a problem but because this is a .jar file and not an executable, i don't get any tabs in the file properties to run as administrator, not does that option appear in the right click menu.

you'll have to fix permissions or find a work around i suppose.

too bad, actually. i'm a lazy bum when it comes to downloading maps and i was looking forward to trying this out. 
Quake Injector = Patman++ 
necros always log (W7)as administrator :)that way always work! 
my account is the administrator, but w7 isn't as simple as that. the programs themselves have certain permissions which they can't break unless specified by the user.
this is usually done by selecting 'Run as Administrator' from the right click menu. unfortunately, you can't do that with a .jar file because it's not an executable itself, because it has to run through java before it actually executes. (or at least, that's as much as i understand about that whole java thing)
maybe there's a way to get java to run with administration privileges for only that specific .jar file, but i don't know it. :( 
i guess this might be more a java thing actually? i never had problems with the 3 vb programs i've made and 2 of them were before i was working with windows 7. (the doom3 gui editor and the doom3 .ase material replacer) and i didn't do anything special to write files with the quake compiler. maybe java has even more safety measures? 
Great Tool! 
I always wanted to give this tool a try, the post of alpha2 here reminded me to finally do that!

I love this thing, it is just what I needed and there's so many maps to play (especially for me since I'm a Quake 1 noob)!

@necros: I don't run Windows Vista or 7 but you could try to create a shortcut to your Java executable instead and edit the command line to something like "path\to\java.exe -jar \path\to\quakeinjector.jar". Then run that as Admin. 
that actually did work and gave me the option to elevate the shortcut, but it still says "Cannot be written to!". there must be more to it than i thought. 
Couple of questions!

Does it always download the package list from somewhere when you start Quake Injector, or is the list cached locally?

What's the process for getting new releases onto the list? Are you toiling away as the lone list maintainer or is there a way for others to help update? 
It always downloads the database from Quaddicted (about 100 Kilobytes I think). Not sure if it caches the file locally but you can download it manually and use it offline that way (I have to write a guide).

Currently I have to add new things. And I am terrible at it. Making it easier for others to help will be a summer project. 
W7/Vista Problems 
We had problems on Vista like that before, but I don't have a Vista machine, so I can't check myself. I recently got a W7 Starter machine though...

That check is a simple File.canWrite() (or something similar) check to the java api. Either I'm doing something stupid, the api is doing something weird, or Vista/W7 is fucked.

On my W7 laptop (where I disabled that weird service that controls file access), I can select my home dir fine, but NOT the Desktop (cannot be written to). What path do you try to set as Quake dir?

Johnny Law: Yeah, atm it's always downloading the list, caching is a planned feature.
And yeah, Spirit's the only one with access to the list, but we've been talking about this. A submission page for map authors would be nice. The problem is that some authority needs to double-check the files, because there could be malicious files in the zips. 
Submission Page? 
Not really worth the effort for the small number of new releases each year. Just stop slothing away all the time, Spirit! >:) 
The JavaDoc says that File#canWrite() "Tests whether the application can modify the file denoted by this abstract pathname."

Since you're trying this on a directory, I think that the behavior may simply be nondeterministic because it is not specified. 
Read a bit more, it seems to be ok to call canWrite on a directory, but it seems to have problems in Windows with NTFS ACLs and stuff. Maybe you can work around that shit by just trying to create a file in the Quake dir and catch any exceptions if it fails. 
yeah, maybe that check is stupid. But then, it's perfectly plausible (and important?) to do it on unix.

Although that first bug has fix-delivered status?! 
the fact that it plays nicely with an existing maps directory makes this something i will now use constantly.

Some notes:

- console output might be nice as a panel on the main window rather than a modal dialog?

- i launched "rubicon" and it went straight to the main map; mods that contain a start map should load the start map instead.

- instead of user specifying "rogue" and "hipnotic" packs, could you detect them automatically? 
found a bug... it did not detect that i had chaos.bsp already installed.

BUT... i realized now, this is actually becuase i have version 1.1 installed and the quaddicted file is the original release.

So it's not a bug, it handled the file mismatch pretty gracefully i think (asked me if i wanted to overwrite those files) 
necros if isn't w7 administrator is the windows firewall... for me no problems at all 
The Rubicon start map issue is actually an issue with the information in the database. rubicon has no start map defined, if it had it would start the start map. Spirit! :D

The Bug: yeah, it's crc checking the files.

rogue/hipnotic: of course, that's a good idea ;-) 
Windows 7/Java Problem 
You can either set the ACL on your Quake directory to allow writing (use the "Everyone" security principal) or else configure C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\javaw.exe (or C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin\javaw.exe) to use elevation and this should work. 
That bug was fixed before Vista came out I think, so it may have popped up again. Also, the bug was for a specific directory, maybe that directory still works, but others don't. It seems plausible that File#canCheck() should work for what you want, but since there's a simple workaround (create file, catch exception, finally delete file) I wouldn't waste too much time on this nonsense ;-). 
It's annoying but with Vista (I don't have W7 but it is likely the same) Quake doesn't write files in Program Files\Quake\id1 and such but rather the operating system transparently redirects it to say ... c:\Users\Main\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Quake\id1 
Baker Vista and W7 dont have nothing to do...

Vista = mister big bug
W7 = almost perfect system 
well, i've tried a whole bunch of different ways to get around it but no luck.

quake is in c:\games\quake.
i don't understand why, but ONLY the quake directory has this problem. i can select every other folder without problems. i tried messing around with security permissions for the quake folder, i tried different ways of elevating java when running the jar file and nothing worked. 
Do You 
have a custom icon / custom folder settings for that dir? 
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