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Some New Q2 DM Shizzle Yo. By Dfsp_spirit.
I don't know how many people here care but...

I recently finished spirit2dm5 and spirit2dm6 for Quake II. Both are tourney maps designed with vanilla Quake 2 in mind.

spirit2dm5 -- Oceans apart

direct download link:

spirit2dm6 -- Totality

direct download link:

Both maps were made for the 2010 Quake II mapping contest at the Quake 2 Caf�. Thanks to Hipshot for the skies, Henneck for playtesting the maps against me and the people who made the contest possible.
Nice maps, Shambler, I did not know you were a Q2 mapper!

Ok, it was actually me who made those. Obviously!

Spirit is such a dumb nick name. I should call myself Gnarfellatong.

I wish I was half as map-happy (and good!) as my namesake. :) 
Clearly biased reporting there Sham... :p 
I guess I should have posted it as a news item myself but I'm pretty new here and didn't know whether people here care much for Quake 2 MP.

Thanks for posting it, Shambler.

Btw: if you don't have Q2 but are interested in the map you can see more screenies and even short youtube videos of the maps at my website: 
No Worries. 
I've edited your name too ;).

I dunno how many ppl play Q2 here, but I'm sure some do, and we all respect quality mapping for FPS and especially Q-series games.

I find the second pair of screenies too dark. Oceans looks pretty cool tho. 
Q2 FTW! 
Lovely. Add the Lithium II Mod into the equation and it just gets better. 
Shambler In Level Design Shocker!! 
I didn't know you had it in you buddy. 
while most of the stuff here is q1 related, you'll notice that there are icons for many games available below. :)

we could probably do with a q4 icon, but that'd just look like the q1 icon except green. :P 
Where{s The Minecraft Icon* 
�nd the language bar is windows7 is a piece of shit. 
I kinda missed out on Quake2 (online) but these maps look nice and very playable! 
And Congrats.... 
on 2nd and 3rd place in the contest :) 
I've never got into Q2 enough, maybe some day I'll get enamored by the game.

But I am certainly a fan of your work; congrats on winning 2nd + 3rd place! 
Quake 2 is a great game, you should really give it a try. I love the stock textures and the architecture style of the SP maps, those 1000 lb door frames alone are so cool.

The weapons are also great (the only downside is that both weapon switching and the rocket speed are really slow) and MP is fun. :) 
Q2 Is A Great Game Indeed. 
Loved it at the time, played loads, and still have a lot of respect for it.

Well balanced in MP too, well until everyone got good at the RG... 
I Mapped For It For A While 
But found it too slow in terms of player movement - Q1 has that just hewn from the rock movement mechanic that lets you play as fast as you want.

More modern games introduce head bobbing and all that crap, which defeats the purpose of a game IMO.

Interesting use of textures - Q2's style is pretty limited by the stock set but you've not allowed the maps to be so.

I get flashbacks to Daz'Q2 towers map :) 
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