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Here's a specific thread to stop spamming mind-numbing details into the Other PC Games thread.

Discussion to the level of mind-numbing detail of the game, Minecraft.
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To Be Fair. 
The entire game ~looks~ utterly awful. I doubt that's changing any time soon... 
They all look awful. Where's the Quake texture pack?
that would be pretty damn badass, honestly...

are the textures 64x64? you could do a straight port of quake textures in most cases as long as you didn't do idbase. 
Shambler: the game looks shit but it has charm. It somewhat reminds me of Quake thanks to the lack of filtering, low texture resolution and feel of the lighting and torches... not to mention the utterly shit simple but fun monster ai. Finding Shamblers and Vores lurking in the caves would be truly terrifying though :)

I've become kind of obsessed with building and maintaining my castle, at the back of which I am digging an enormous hole so that I can grow a tree from the bottom of the world to the top. However, due to the bugs that stop a lot of the game from working correctly in multiplayer, I am getting a little bored. I want to go exploring and feel in danger. When I get lost at night I want to have to hunker down in a cave somewhere.

At the moment players are invincible in multiplayer survival games, which means you have to like building stuff to enjoy it. I do enjoy that side, but I think I might take a little breather from the game until monsters and damage are working properly.

This is the server I am playing on with friends from work: (4mb)

The big grey castle is mine. Someone who joined recently built two really fucking ugly towers and kind of spoiled the area a bit. Kind of want to chizzle them away when he is not playing. 
thats neat, how did you take that pic? Or is it a server generated thing?

Loving the Japanese style building going on as well as the castle =) 
does the world go on forever or is there eventually an impassible barrier? 
It just keeps making it up as you go. 
It's infinite horizontally - it just keeps generating until it fills your entire harddisk - if you just keep going.

There's a limit for below, don't know about above.

For the no-dying in MP, the same for me. Half the game is broken right now, which just leaves the building stuff. 
that screen shot makes me want to play roller coaster tycoon for some reason 
They all look awful. Where's the Quake texture pack?

Haha, I was thinking the same thing yesterday! Looks like you only really need to edit one big PNG file too, so it wouldn't be too hard... 
World Size 
It isn't infinite actually, he said in a recent interview that after a while it loops, but he also said it should normally take a few weeks to walk all the way around, so good luck proving that. 
There Are 
several tools that allow users to take screenshots of the world. I didn't take that pic, my friend did, so I'm not sure which tool he used, but there is a list of tools on minepedia here:

The world is generated as users move around. I don't know how it is saved exactly, but I have a feeling that it gets saved once it has been generated, so the large expanse of untouched green areas in the shot I posted are probably a result of me going for a walk and getting lost.

Apparently Roller Coaster Tycoon was one of the games that inspired the developer. Reminds me of Sim City 2000 also. 
Ah Fuck I'm Getting Sucked In 
so much that my immediate reaction to this:
Was 'COOL!', not 'you have wasted your life.' 
Ah Fuck I'm Getting Sucked In 
so much that my immediate reaction to this:
Was 'COOL!', not 'you have wasted your life.' 
Not Only That. 
You've wasted more of your life double posting :P 
Kick Me While I'm Down Why Don't You 
After all I do love crying. Shambler, you need to get on the Minecraft train, mate. It's imperative I take you down with me. 
After all my trials and tribulations, I am on the other 'craft train. God help me. 
Was 'COOL!', not 'you have wasted your life.'

i too thought it was cool... i'm leaning more and more towards getting this stupid thing. :P 
I did it.

They don't tile and I couldn't be bothered to shrink them properly, and just worked over the top of the Doku pack.

I need to get a PC so I can finish RMQ.

((to use it, paste it into the minecraft.jar file inside .minecraft, but good luck finding that...)) 
Windows are broken, and I hope you like green brick. 
Just realised I missed the opportunity to replace the moon and sun with Q's.

And do a decent job of it, of course. 
Halloween Update Incoming
Looks like a TF2 update, some of those features sound fun. :) 
Looking At That 
It seems like minecraft would work better in Sauerbraten or whatever it's called now. 
What do you mean by work better? Works fine as it is really... 
By Work You Mean Look? 
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