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Here's a specific thread to stop spamming mind-numbing details into the Other PC Games thread.

Discussion to the level of mind-numbing detail of the game, Minecraft.
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it feels like it would look better if the cube resolution was smaller. 
someone should make a minecraft mod for sauerbraten. 
I guess 'work' might be not the best word. 'Fit' seems a bit better. It just seems like the way Sauerbraten is set up that Minecraft would be an obvious kind of game to make using Sauerbraten. (And yes i would be prettier.) 
You're Already Pretty Zwif 
Don't let anyone tell you different. 
Reached the maximum height... 
damn. you'll just have to go back to WC now instead :P 
Update Teaser! 
So That's The Hell World 
The idea reminds me of the SNES Zelda. 
alright, now it's becoming a detriment to my life. But as my real life social life declines, construction of my Minecraft pub begins!

Now I just need to find some records for my jukebox. 
Next To Impossible 
To get from infighting. Treasure chests are your best bet.

Be sure to make two jukeboxes, with a block of metal in-between to serve as a mixer. 
Quake / Doom Skins: 
Can't. Stop. Playing. Minecraft. Send. Help. 
Oh Shit 
It's version 1, its out.

Not beta anymore.

Thar be dragons. 
Anyone Here Still Playing? 
Got back into Minecraft and am hosting a server for the Shacknews community. Been thinking about posting the server info here. If there is interest I'll do it.

Server is Vanilla Survival, Griefing is very much frowned upon. The server has been active since July 2012 and has a large number of active users.

World Render: 
I play occasionally, will check it out. 
For Miners 
Dead End Thrills Shows Off Minecraft 
MC Porn 
Its 2018 
this game has gone to shit over the years, but I fixed it with my server: 
Someone tell me if that's spam 
I'm... not... sure... 
It's Bullshit Non-contribution. 
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