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<cariu27rws6yqig> QMD Made A New Level
<cariu27rws6yqig> plase put it in the topic

#3722 posted by QMD [] on 2010/10/02 09:44:06

Welcome to CITY514, sister of city17.
After a good lunch at your favorite restaurant on the main, you
and your friends decide to cross the street and have a beer at
the stripclub. You can easily see the mood of the staff that aren't
satisfied to work there by hearing what they're saying. Feel all
the action of a real stripclub by yourself! Oh by the way, if you
see Nancy can you say hi to her for me? ;)

get it here:

QMD Mon Amour 
Je n'ai pas eu la chance de jouer votre cr�ation certainement agr�able, mais la seule pens�e que vous �tes toujours l�-bas dans le monde, la cr�ation de l'amour pour ceux qui vous entourent, qui me rend incroyablement heureux.
Les �treintes et de baisers, de votre ami Christian. 
Hang On A Minute 
those screenshots aren't half bad :O

I hope none of the strippers are having a blood bash party in their pants 
Czg / #1 
Where did you find this ? Is it issued from google translate ? This sounds so artificial :P 
I Miss QMD 
on a serious note it seems his style is much more suited to HL2 than quake. from the screenshots anyway 
the first shot of the street looks especially nice. very moody. 
Screenies Look Good 
Don't have HL2 installed anymore and I never played the MP part, but those screenshots look good.

I like the street best, too. (And maybe it's just some default HL2 model but the tree is great.)

The map reminds me of Duke Nukem btw. 
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