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Q1SP - Runic Recycling
A medium-sized metal/runic style level for SP and DM. Classic gameplay, obligatory hacks.

It's a combination of two heavily touched-up DM maps from 1998/99 and two semi-recent map scraps.

As before, the level features an built-in game options room where the player can change the skill settings or switch to the alternative "Berzerk" game mode, in which he has to (quad)axe his way through the map.



Have fun.
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Here are some before/after shots comparing the original areas and the new ones. You may find some of the older ones actually look better - let this be a reminder that sunlight is almost as bad as minlight. I shall never use it again...

ps. Thanks Von. 
this map is awesome. i give you 37 fiends. 
3rd Pic Is Awesome 
Yay, a new Quake map!

On the sunlight: the 'after' screenshots look way better imo.

It's 1 am here and I need to get up early tomorrow so ima play this tomorrow when I have time and can enjoy it. Looking forward to it! 
Good map negke, blows what I'm workin on out of the water. -_-;;

Kind of confusing, found 0 secrets, ran out of ammo a couple times, but never died. The final generator thing was tricky to figure out (although it was pretty obvious in retrospect.) Good bit of .prog tricks near the end.

More plz! 
oh my oh my 2� and 3rd shoot are to much for me...(to sexy)

can't wait to get home and play it! 
negke maps are where it's at atm. 
Had A Play Last Ngiht 
TBH I was distracted by all of the hires trimmings in Darkplaces. I was playing with Reforged monster skins, QRP textures with normals, reliefemapping and rtlights ON. <30fps :O
Unfortunately the widely used floor texture and the 64deep metal wall texture have no hi-res versions. Still looked awesome though! :D :D :D

I think I need to run through it in Fitz TBF, or Quakespasm.

I will have a proper look at this later on :)

Shambler-dodging is fun! 
Very Good. 
1. I still hate lava.

2. I'm starting to like Spawns a bit less now. I died once at a Spawn.

Like someone said, I ended up running out of ammo and somehow surviving. I also ran out of health but that was me being a dick. I liked the gameplay a lot overall, varied and interesting. The ending was nicely balanced for a change, yay!! I got 3/6 secrets, I think secrets were awkward in this map because of the varied styles and trims and details so it's hard to know what might be a trigger.

Architecture was good often great although it did show it's disparate origins. Some of the details and designs were proper negke awesomeness, although not always consistent. Good stuff neggers! 
Quad Damage Enpowering My Fist 
Yay a new Q1SP, and a very good one too!

This map certainly had me on my toes throughout pretty much the entire run. I'd say I stood a good chance of making it through without dying, except I managed to screw up a jump above lava... oh, and the Shambler Surprise at the very end got me. I never ran completely out of ammo, although it was pretty close. All in all, a good, challenging map!

[URL=]Skill3 Demo[/URL] for you! 
God Damn It 
Nicely Done. 
Keep at it Bernsten... 
If you wish!

No really, last time I posted a demo it worked perfectly. One more time:

If it still doesn't work, it's "" under the "demos" folder.

Should've been an edit post function... 
There is a preview function and you can see how the tags work on 
Thanks. I feel stupid now, should've thought about checking out the FAQ... or at the very least notice the preview button. Oh well, live and learn I guess! 
Great Map 
Great architecture and fun gameplay. Some good ideas like the cable thingie. I love the architecture of the small elevator room that leads to the boss room. Many other places were impressive as well, e.g. some of the areas with those spikes.

And it is the first map in quite a while that I'll replay on a harder skill than 'easy'. (It was easy on easy, which is great.)

18:26, 2/6, 76/76 (The secrets I found were SNG and LG.)

Thanks for this release, Negke!

(I could see parts of the map through the lava near silver key but that may be my messed up config.) 
Floating Key Model? 
nice a detailed map. got killed by a flying key model with lighting attack near quad... is it o.k. or it's some model mismatch bug? 
Hey hey ! This is a great map. Another one in my permanent collection. Thanks a lot negke !!

I played the map today in a classroom full of students doing their final physics exam for this semester. I was running Quake without sound, on a MacBook Pro while watching the students, LOL !

Cheers ! 
By "ran out of ammo" do you mean you were down to the axe, or just low on shells and refused to use the RL? And on which skill?
Pretty strange, some people run low while other walz through with more ammo than they can use. I assume you all did NOT use the quad RL?

Nicely done, Berntsen (the demo, not the link). Though your mouse sensitivity made me dizzy.

dfsp_spirit: Cool, great to hear that. Did you find the LG the proper way? The lava thing might be because you're playing with r_wateralpha <1 - this map isn't compiled for transparent liquids.

Zwiffle: No more until you've done your part! ;) 
Duh, play on ID1! 
i did. stock q1/id1/maps + darkplaces 
The wrong models suggest you're running some kind of mod. Check your shortcuts. Start DP and type "gamedir id1", then it should work. 
no mod.. i use command line in total commander - darkplaces.exe +map xxxx. it's easier than creating shortcut. i'm one of the old dos people used to command line :-) it's probably some kind of conflict with my pk3 hires stuff. 
Refusing to use Quad RL against Shamblers. Hmmm.... 
RL vs shambler: 11 rockets
Quad RL vs shambler: 3 rockets
Quad RL vs negke's shambler: 2 rockets
RL vs Shambler: rape. 
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