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Q1SP - Runic Recycling
A medium-sized metal/runic style level for SP and DM. Classic gameplay, obligatory hacks.

It's a combination of two heavily touched-up DM maps from 1998/99 and two semi-recent map scraps.

As before, the level features an built-in game options room where the player can change the skill settings or switch to the alternative "Berzerk" game mode, in which he has to (quad)axe his way through the map.



Have fun.
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Level design would be a lot better without players to screw up all the cool ideas. 
^ Heh 
NahkahiiR: wb. Be sure to also play mappi1 if you haven't. Speedrun plz?
The crash on Berzerk mode is the good ol' sv_touchlinks error. Thanks for brining this to my attention, I didn't test that mode in all engines. Feel free to download the map again for a fixed version. 
The before and after shots are a great idea. They really make me believe YOU should be working on a Quake remake project of your own ;-) 
another excellent map from a spectacular mapper, this time you managed to unite the brushwork perfectly with the gameplay ... at least in hard works perfect!

the layout is really really good, in my oppinion is the map from you that I like the most!

The gameplay was so dawn fun...

I got my 1st demo... nearly died but survive :)

P.s-> will replay for sure some more times!!! 
WTF !? I just discovered the Berzerk mode of that map. This is a innovation, AFAIK. Man, this is great. Cheers ! 
I Made A "drunk" Try... 
... yesterday evening... and after the GL secret, I died... my reflex are not that good when drunk...
I will try it when sober..

But from I "saw", it looks already promising ;) 
This is a solid map. I'm just loving what you're doing with the standard progs. Fun gameplay as well. The feeling I got was quite similar to that from mappi and that's a good thing.

Attached is a first play through (2 secrets found, some kills missing because I never took the quad), and something of a speedrun ignoring all the keys. 
Better Route 
found a way to skip the shub fight as well. 55 seconds!

And hi NahkahiiR! 
a good way through it, and my computer exploded. So no demo yet.
But soon, I'll do a 2nd run demo and maybe a berzerk run, if my computer will allow it.

From what I've seen this is great, obviously. I don't know if I would consider this map to have a new theme, but it's definitely one of the best examples of the industrial/metal concept, and the fact that it's all done using stock resources is, as always, very very awesome.

Agree with Trinca re gameplay - this is the level that I think, in hard at least, has the best gameplay you've done yet.
Less cerebral. simplified, but not simplistic.

again though - only played 2/3rds or so.
it's been a blast so far - will upload demos at some point. 
> Less cerebral.

This is true. It pays off. 
Trinca: Nice.
Please upgrade to DirectQ 1.8.666b. I noticed you switched to the GL when fighting the shamblers despite having the RL (which made it harder to hit them) - not sure if you're aware of this, but rocket and grenade damage is treated the same way for shamblers.

Mandel: Very nice! That second run is pure class. And it looks like there's even potental for shaving off another few seconds.

Drew: In case you're refering to the "runic industrial" thing I mentioned when posting the screenshot - this map doesn't follow that theme. It's only what those two beams made me think of. Glad to hear you enjoyed it, not so glad about the explosion. 
Yet another pure jewel ! Hats off

Solid map, coherent architecture and layout, awesome texturing and lightning, outstanding gameplay..

As usual a really pure Quake fun moment... and even when lost in the map, it is still a good a moment just looking at the architecture asking myself "how did he do that ?"

No I have to try out the berzek mode :E

We want more !! Go map negke !!! 
and remember to deliver your episode, too. 
Very good. 
What might be worth trying is to slip by the spikes that block off the generator balcony before they close by a grenade-propelled speedjump. They have a speed of 300 (but also dmg 500) - if it worked, it would cut down the time considerably. I tried jumping over them, but they are slightly too high for the player to fit through. 
: ) 
negke I didn't know about the new version of directQ... already downloaded thanks!

never played a map so many times in such a small time from other guys then me(mine were beta testing of course)

really loved the map 
Thanks Shambler!

negke: of course, I tried that in the weekend but couldn't do it - I thought it wasn't possible, until today.

You gotta fly high through the arc, then the spikes won't even close. It's doable but it requires precision I don't seem to be able to muster these days. Your head has to almost hit the highest point of the arc for it to work. Oh if only there was a rocket launcher :)

You can go through the spikes as well before they close but it requires a speed of around 800 somethings per something and I don't know if that's possible with a single grenade, and it also requires you to go in the absolute center! 
...please go do a run of Negke's low-gravity / normal-gravity-with-RLs map from ages ago... 
Splendid Christmas Present 
Okay, I know I'm a little late to the party, but I did play this map when it came out, I'm just commenting on it now.

I knew from the start that there was going to be unique and memorable gameplay and monster moments, and thats exactly what happened, pure negke style :)

The lighting and brushwork detail, it doesn't matter in this map. I was having too much fun to notice either of them, so I'll just assume they are both satisfactory.

And of course like any negke map, it has large replayability, as I found myself replaying the map in each difficulty mode, never a dull moment in any of them.

My first run demo on hard difficulty, I died towards the end because I slipped and fell in the lava lake, that was totally my fault.

Great stuff Negke, but then again thats to be expected from you :) 
One of the best levels i ever played!
Nice oldskool metal theme. Original gameplay. I met shubby once again!
Awesome job, Negke!
Here's my clumsy first run demo:
I died shortly before meeting shubby due to lack of health ;) 
Thanks Everybody For Playing And Demos 
Vondur: It seems you uploaded the wrong demo. 
ok i'll check when at home 
Awesome Map. 
Just ran through it on hard, a very classic quake feel. I love what you did with the generator, and shub. It's amazing what you can do with only a level. I feel like the ending in this level was better then the ending to quake, heh. Overall a very nice map, I have been wanting to make a runic map for quite some time now, but waiting until i finish my base map first. This level gave me some inspiration.

All and all, awesome map, really enjoyed it. 
100% Demos

As usual some demos to see where the secrets are. Regular mode on hard, berzerk mode on normal (I tried to finish it on skill 2 but died too many times to make it worth watching - there should have been an additional Quad on the bridge...). What's nice about the berzerker mode is that it offers a number of possible routes, especially when knowing the secrets. I don't seem to have found the optimal route for skill 2, yet. 
very quakey, good tricks and nice gameplay. visuals are quite clean and impressive too. 
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