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The High Brow Thread For Sophisticated Mature Adults
Counterweight to the "Drunk Thread".
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Dear Richard 
Would you be so kind as to elaborate on your "bible rape" theory, and, if possible, discuss the underlying implications as well as the practicability of the concept? 
Can you cite any sources?

I'm highly sceptical. 
Well I Think What You Do 
Is you take the worthless piece of propaganda and you take it and then you go to the pub, and then you drink lots of the 'Lords finest, then you urinate on the bible.... oh, no wait, sorry - that's how you piss on a bible.

Let me start again - you take a bible, and a sharp pair of scissors, and a penis, and then.... 
....and Then 
Bees. Bees happens. 
OMG !! 
.. repent drunk sinners, repent !! Or this thread will throw you to Hell... muhahahahhahahahha....


So, let's have a beer to celebrate this, and post in the Drunk Thread... Alleluiah !! 
Can I use lube? 
( > ' : ' ) > 
The Paper Cuts Are Gonna Be Killer.... 
Wrong messageboard. 
I'll Leave This Here Then 
It's as good a place as any. 
That Goes 
in the drunk thread I'm sure. 
hehe that guy was really drunk! 
I just love the title of this thread, it rules (it could almost be a new or at least alternate title to the whole forum!) but I suspect that this thread will open itself to snide sarcasm and even drunken simulations of the same lol. 
I'll Throw This Into The Highbrow Thread ... 
Does "normal" behavior ever lead to acts of creativity?

My current opinion: I don't believe it does.

If you look at history, most of the acts of creativity rely on some sort of mania, illogic or alcohol/drug use. 
Mine came from OCD/dissociation. Learning to channel it is not easy. 
And I drink and smoke 
Not sure what you mean by normal. If you mean "uncreative" behavior, then I would agree with you. Otherwise, I find it hard to classify anything as normal behavior, from an evolutionary stand point. 
Someone with your level of talent and sophistication sure knows what "normal" isn't. Go with what you know; I bet it that is within itself is worth several "books-worth" of philosophy. 
From Kanazawa's Wikipedia Page... 
Commenting on the War on Terror, Kanazawa claimed that "there is one resource that our enemies have in abundance but we don�t: hate. Hatred of enemies has always been a proximate emotional motive for war throughout human evolutionary history." He then offers the following thought experiment: "Imagine that, on September 11, 2001, when the Twin Towers came down, the President of the United States was not George W. Bush, but Ann Coulter. What would have happened then? On September 12, President Coulter would have ordered the US military forces to drop 35 nuclear bombs throughout the Middle East, killing all of our actual and potential enemy combatants, and their wives and children. On September 13, the war would have been over and won, without a single American life lost. Yes, we need a woman in the White House, but not the one who�s running (Hillary Clinton, ed.)".[12]

Ann Coulter as President?????? Crackpot. 
Furthermore ... 
P.Z. Myers, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Minnesota, has called Kanazawa "the great idiot of social science."[20]

I like P.Z. Myers. I think he makes sense. 
that quote is ridiculous, true - out-crazying your enemies is not the freaking solution - but the idea of evolutionary novelty expressed in that article seems to make sense.

I think P Z Myers is alright, though I also think that one of the more useful aspects of the 'New Atheism' is challenging traditional liberal notions that ideals alone will solve problems. 
Might Be Some Interesting Stuff In The Original Research 
But ugh, just reading that in isolation it just reeks of crappy science reporting with too many unsupported statements and loose definitions for it to really mean anything.

As to the original question I guess maybe the answer is already in it, simply that acts of creativity doesn't count as normal behaviour :)

I'd say it's about being able to think "outside the box" freeing yourself from established thought frameworks and wider than usual associativity. Mania and drug abuse really isn't needed but it might help some people break out of their squareness. 
President Coulter 
Should Zwiffle's statement be true, should be shot. So you kill say 50 Million people in retalliation to loosing 5000. Well I say that kill 1 crazy genocidal bitch in order to save 50 million.

Genocide, Nuclear Weapons = NOT OK!!!! 
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