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New Q1SP: "Dry Sorrow" By Tronyn
Tronyn has released a new map, a small Egyptian/industrial Q1SP based on an old DM map.

Screenshots: 1 2
Download map: here (2.8 MB)
Drake mod (required): here. (16.3 MB)

Tronyn says:
If you play this map, I'd recommend going through the first door you encounter in the map the first time it opens, since that will be the only time it does (thanks to Spirit for pointing out this large flaw). Thankfully if you get trapped and have to hit kill you'll be no worse off given that the door is right by the spawnspot.

I guess I could have addressed this and delayed the release more, but not releasing anything at all during 2010 pissed me off, and this release is not much that said. PM is on hiatus at the moment and I've decided to finish the maps I have with the resources I have. This one map is only the first of several which will appear in the next month or two using this mod.
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sorry for being unclear, this map does require Drake - and my only requirement for a 3mb map requiring a 17 mb mod, is that more maps are coming. 
updated post 
Awesome. haven't played yet, but was this originally supposed to be part of a single release episode? how come your releasing them all individually now? 
Still Cant Play Quake Yet 
so can I ask what this Drake mod is? 
I think the explanation your looking for is that my forthcoming (aka the vis should be done in a week or two) episode UNFORGIVEN, was something me and you originally started (it's fucking awesome that ur still around for me to say this to btw). BUT that episode is still vising (gimme 2 weeks). THIS map was originally a DM sequel to the DM map crocodile tears, but I have always been shit at Q1SP and I realized that in time to not even bother with this map... thus a decade later is a Q1SP ;) 
Re: Nitin 
It's the mod that was included with (earlier versions) Soul Of Evil Indian Summer and A Roman Wilderness of Pain. It's just PM's giant single player compilation mod. It's just a single player mod with a lot of extra features, I'm the only mapper that really uses it, all of my maps post-Masque use it, and ther are a few to come. I don't know if PM is coming back, but in the meantime I'm releasing everything I can with this version of the mod. I have always wanted to make a Quoth map but I won't do that until I finish what I have, with no discipline you end up with nothing more than 20 scraps and no maps. 
in post #5... by "you" I'm referring to [Kona], and by the first occurence of the term "Q1SP" I mean "Q1DM."
Bah. Hopefully y'all will forgive me when I release something decent. 
i shall have to get to this tomorow... it was much to late to start in on q1sp. :( 
oooooh unforgiven, that's probably my most anticipated release for quake for the last few years, since it was a kona-tronyn project. will be good to see how cool it ended up.

what's awesome is your still mapping tronyn! i gave up 10 yrs ago now. its good that your using your own mod as well. 
well it worked out that PM (who wanted someone to finally use the mod he'd been making for 10+ years) and me (who wanted someone to make a mod for the style of map I'd been doing for 10+ years) were all right place right time. Unforgiven iirc started as me you necros and tyrann... you released autumn haunting forever ago, necros and tyrann gave me their scraps, and I decided it'd take me so long to make those scraps a map that that map is not even part of unforgiven anymore. I'll release the map of their scraps after unforgiven.

My main motivation is just the fallacy of sunken costs. But once I finish all these little shit maps, I have more ambitious ideas, although given the state of my personal life for the last 8 years I should probably leave those ideas alone. 
This Is An Awesome Map 
This is the first time I've seen a slaughtermap for Quake. They're quite popular for Doom, but I haven't seen the same design sensibilities used in a Quake map yet. Until now. Please make more. Many Releases ! 
Where will I find the time to play them all !

Am I the only madman who has created a giant dvd (8gb) with all Q1 sp stuff ever and still not played any ?!

eheh soon I'll start playing.. and goodbye real life :) 
Hi there, thanks for this and i enjoyed it. Its nice to know there will be a new quake episode this year - thats great news, theres been very little episodes released in the past few years iv noticed - so I appreciate your work! 
Nice Map! 
The gameplay was good -- despite the broken first door -- forcing you to use the chainsaw on several occasions. Your typical Tronyn hordes were usually manageable thanks to nearby mega-healths.

The level design was good, too, with some great gate models, curvy architecture and slotted spiral metal walkways. The Egyptian theme felt a little forced, though I did like the giant obelisk in the corner. There were also a lot of texture misalignments and odd combinations. I would try to simplify your texture set in the future. BTW, wm1_1 from the ultimate metal wad can be your friend ;)

All in all, the map was a pleasant diversion -- but I still can't wait for the ones to come!

This Is Something 
From the screenshots, I'd expected difficulty that of nsoe levels, but this was surprisingly bearable. It was a very fun, little blast, like the first map of an episode.

The shotgun mod definitely helped (holy shit, otp approves of a weapon rebalance??) - I'm guessing that the DBS's power was doubled, while the SG became the old DBS? I'm curious what was exactly changed. The new DBS sound was way too weak though - RMQ has a very good sound for the new DBS.

As for the map itself: very good theme and atmosphere. As again, I loved the mashup of textures - could use less Egypt and more inexplicable runes, though, IMO. Wouldn't mind if there were more dark shadows, too. The skybox was great.

The highlight was getting bombarded by three Shamblers simultaneously and then getting to kill them with an LG before they had a chance to react. I also liked the ambush that was entirely optional for the player (no spoilers).

This map has a lot of 'casual replayability' - much more than the average Tronyn release :P I'd say it's about as replayable as Kell's I Pity Thee Not (which I run through on skill 3 every once in a while when bored)... which is pretty damn good. 
Is there going to be a broken door fix? 
you mean, so that coop is supported?
yeah, I guess I could do that... on a day that I'm less hungover, heh. tomorrow. 
Nice One! 
All said, ...uhmm dont hesitate at the first door. 
delor how could you have 8gb of q1sp? i've got every worthwhile release dating back to sep 1996, and even that only adds up to 1.8gb. even both the mission packs only add up to 35mb.

unless you've got absolutely everything from 
Sssh, you don't ask if someone talks about his size.

That being said my quake collection is approximately 75 inches, err ... gigabytes. 
Kinda Cool... 
...kinda not in places. New sounds / weapon upgrades without new models detracted from it. Totally unbalanced with the first foray into the big room being waaaay too hard, and then generally being reasonably easy - and much more fun after that. But once you're through the ground floor of that room, it's pretty cool. Useful layout for a tiny man, some good combat (especially the optional ambush) and decent secrets. Just needed to fix the balance really. 
I have everything excellent and nice from quaddicted unzipped, comes out to about 4.22gb 
Sweet little map, a quick blast. The MH in the tunnel was wasted, I didn't pick it up till the end, assuming the end was a teleport which would bring me to the last 20 monsters. Instead it spawned them all around me, and there wasn't really an end battle afterall. Only used ssg and gl the whole way through, didn't use the the sng or lg at all.

Pretty fun, albeit easy. 
Sweet little map, a quick blast. The MH in the tunnel was wasted, I didn't pick it up till the end, assuming the end was a teleport which would bring me to the last 20 monsters. Instead it spawned them all around me, and there wasn't really an end battle afterall. Only used ssg and gl the whole way through, didn't use the the sng or lg at all.

Pretty fun, albeit easy. 
Fun, infuriating map on hard mode. Twisted layout, somewhat confusing with all the areas that are right next to each other but with a door that opens from one side.

Also, with the subtle weapon changes and monster alterations the combat was awkward - not bad, just awkward. Like it feels like Quake, but I had to change my normal 'feel' of how Quake played, which was harder than expected. My normal Shambler Shuffle tactic didn't work which threw me off, etc etc.

Pretty fun map, tons of monsters in a tight space. Kind of weird rail things though, looked off to me, and the room with the pentagram was pretty bad - I had framerate slowdowns and I don't think it was clipped properly.

Can't wait for your next releases around the end of February ;) 
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